News Release 157

Student Exhibit on Birds Point Levee on display in Missouri State Museum

Volume 39-157 (For Immediate Release)
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A student prize-winning exhibit on the Birds Point levee is on display during July in the Missouri State Museum in the Capitol. The exhibit, “Levee Blasted: Saving the City by Swamping the Farmland,” won the Missouri History Prize from Missouri’s National History Day. The exhibit will be display in the museum’s History Hall in the east wing of the Capitol.

The Missouri State Museum established the Missouri History Prize, which is awarded annually to encourage students to research Missouri history for their projects. Columbia Catholic School students Casey Hulshof and Elizabeth Meyer, under the guidance of their teacher Widget Ewing, competed in the junior group exhibit category. The theme for History Day 2012 was "Revolution, Reaction, and Reform." The students conducted extensive research for their exhibit, which compares the recent deliberate breach of the Birds Point levee to the 1937 levee breach in Mississippi County, Mo.

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