News Release 156

Department receives application for Jackson County solid waste processing facility

Volume 39-156 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has received an application for the construction of a solvent processing facility in Kansas City.

William Conkling has submitted an application to the department to construct the Solvent Recovery LLC facility at 716 Mulberry Street, which is also the site of an existing permitted hazardous waste storage, treatment and recovery facility. The proposed facility will accept non-hazardous solid waste that is shipped along with hazardous waste.

The non-hazardous liquid waste will undergo a solidification process and will be properly stored in bulk containers at the facility until the waste is transferred for further treatment at an approved solid waste processing facility or solid waste disposal area.

The department reviews all applications submitted by cities, counties and private owners to ensure that solid waste processing facilities are properly designed and constructed. Other technical factors that protect Missouri’s environment are also examined.

A copy of the permit application package has been placed in the Kansas City Public Library, 14 W. 10th St., Kansas City, for public review.

Questions and comments regarding the proposed transfer station or the department's role in regulating solid waste processing facilities may be sent to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Solid Waste Management Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176 or by phone to Darrell Hartley, P.E., at 800-361-4827 or 573-526-3940.