News Release 157

Department accepting applications for Energize Missouri Schools and Local Government Loans

Volume 39-157 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, MAY 19, 2010 -- Saving energy means saving money, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources wants to help Missouri school districts, local governments, public colleges and universities do both.

The department is providing up to $10 million in low-interest loans for energy efficiency projects though its Energize Missouri Schools and Local Governments program.

"The energy savings achieved through these projects will save taxpayers money, and will allow schools, local governments, and colleges and universities to redirect the energy savings to continue investment into other essential services and capital improvement projects," said Sara Parker Pauley, director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. "The projects implemented as a result of these loans will help schools and local governments improve their facilities and follows Gov. Nixon’s initiatives to use green innovative technology to improve the environment, help create jobs and stimulate Missouri’s economy."

The department is accepting applications for the Energize Missouri Schools and Local Government program. Loan recipients will repay the loans from the energy savings they experience after their projects are completed. Examples of eligible projects include: heating and air conditioning upgrades, lighting improvements, boilers, chillers, insulation and window replacements.

Loan applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis. Those with the quickest payback in years, based on project cost versus anticipated energy cost savings, will be most competitive.

Applications and additional information are available on the department's website: The department will review applications as they are received. Early applications are encouraged. Applications will be processed and awarded on a monthly basis until funding is exhausted.

All applications must be submitted to the department by Sept. 30, 2011. For more information about the program call 573-751-7466 or email

The department has made Energize Missouri Schools and Local Government loans available through funding received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The department is administering more than $200 million in Recovery Act funding to support Energize Missouri projects to create jobs and improve energy efficiencies and renewable energy for Missouri.