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David Stinson named March 2011 Employee of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, March 16, 2011 – David Stinson, an Engineering Supervisor with the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Environmental Quality, has been selected as the March 2011 Employee of the Month. Stinson was selected for his initiative and leadership while filling in for the Southeast Regional Office director, who was recovering from injuries sustained in November 2010.

Stinson assumed many of the duties of Regional Director Gary Gaines for seven weeks while Gaines was recovering. Besides the normal meetings and office management that go with the position, Stinson coordinated the regional office’s activities while still performing his regular duties as supervisor of the engineering unit at SERO. Stinson’s initiative, leadership and extra effort garnered praise by department management, as well as Gaines, who nominated him for the award.

“David’s extra effort above and beyond the normal call of duty exemplifies the outstanding character and dedication the department values,” said Gaines, who has since resumed his duties as the SERO director.

Supervising the regional office’s engineering unit is a demanding, full-time position. Assuming the regional director’s duties in addition to his own required extra work reviewing and approving permits, notices of violation, director’s correspondence and response to department management. Stinson juggled these duties, but also never lost sight of the main function of a regional office – responding to citizen inquiries and concerns.

“David had to assume responsibilities in areas that he was not experienced in, which took courage, initiative and leadership,” said Gaines. “Our office performed very well while David was acting on my behalf.”

Stepping up during adversity and doing extra duty to help the team is the hallmark of an outstanding employee. Stinson did so voluntarily and with a positive spirit and attitude. During his seven-week emergency tenure, the Southeast Regional Office met all work-plan obligations, management requests and citizen expectations.

Stinson resides in Poplar Bluff and began working for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in 2004.


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