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Robert Voss named February 2011 Employee of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, Feb. 25, 2011 --- Robert Voss, an Environmental Specialist II with the Department of Natural Resources' Division of Environmental Quality, has been selected as the February 2011 Employee of the Month. Voss was nominated for his exceptional work in the Water Protection Program's Monitoring and Assessment Unit.

During Voss's three years in the unit, he has quickly expanded his job skills while completing a wide variety of new assignments with little supervision. He has learned water quality monitoring skills, including aquatic species identification, and management and analysis of environmental data, including the use of several statistical tests. For the past 18 months, Voss has been the program's lead person on the use of its new Water Quality Assessment system.

“Robert's ability to absorb and work with the hundreds of technical details necessary to develop the Water Quality Assessment system while still working at all aspects of his regular job required exceptional effort on his part,” said John Ford, the unit's chief and Voss's supervisor.

Ford's nomination for Voss documented numerous achievements, such as completing a four-month water quality monitoring program of northern Missouri streams and reviewing water quality data and assessing federal compliance for more than 200 streams and lakes. Voss also handled several Sunshine requests and other data requests for the unit.

While Voss was immersed in his technical work, he took the lead role for the

Water Protection Program in working with contractors to design and develop the new Water Quality Assessment system. In order to avoid down time for the contractors and information technology staff, Voss often anticipated their needs and always responded quickly to their requests or questions. The Water Quality Assessment project finished on time and the new system is now in use. The project contractor stated that the communications and assistance they received from Voss was the best they had encountered with the department. Once the system was up and running, Voss became its primary manager and is responsible for training others in its use.

“The fact that the Water Quality Assessment system is now performing very well and has virtually no design flaws is a testament to Robert's commitment,” said Ford. He fully understands every detail of our business process and made sure it was accurately incorporated into the new system.”

Voss's strong work ethic and ability to meet deadlines is further illuminated by his technically accurate, high-quality work.

Voss began working for the department in November 2008 and resides in Columbia.


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