News Release 029

Department of Natural Resources awarded $216,133 grant to study older rural landfills

Volume 39-029 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, FEB. 22, 2011- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has been awarded a one-year, $216,133 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to assess the condition of some of Missouri's older closed rural landfills.

The goal of the project is to assess the condition of some of the state's older closed rural landfills that operated under less stringent standards than modern landfills are required to meet. Also, many of the state's early landfills did not have sufficient resources to close properly. The landfill assessments began in November and will continue into early summer 2011.

Following these landfill assessments, the department will provide technical assistance and training to counties, municipalities and individuals throughout the state who own these disposal areas. This guidance and training will address landfill maintenance, upkeep activities, buying and selling properties containing landfills and future use of the landfills to ensure surrounding water resources are protected.

The grant, entitled the Missouri Closed Landfill Technical Assistance Project and funded through USDA's Rural Development Utilities Program, will be managed by the department's Solid Waste Management Program.

Missouri's Solid Waste Management Law governs the operation and care of landfills in the state and exists to protect public and environmental health. The department is responsible for enforcing this law and its regulations.

For more information, contact the department's Solid Waste Management Program at 573-751-5401 or call toll-free at 800-361-4827.