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Jolon Wickern and Renee Williams-Wright named December 2010 Employees of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, DEC. 28, 2010 ---  The team of Jolon Wickern, a training technician with the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Administrative Support and Renee Williams-Wright, a Web maintainer and information technologist with the Missouri State Office of Administration, assigned to DNR, have been named the December 2010 Employees of the Month by the department.

Wickern and Williams-Wright created a training database for the department’s Professional Development and Training Unit. The database is available to all employees and shows the training records of individuals and supervisory staff, including training acquired outside of the department’s curriculum. The system is estimated to save the department more than $500,000, when compared to the cost other agencies have encountered when purchasing similar computer software.

“All of the features in this system would not have been possible without the vision, go-to attitude and creative thinking of these two team members,” said Suzi Middaugh, the Human Resources manager who nominated them. “Both employees kept their eye on the end result of developing the system and knew that it would save the department a lot of money, save the training unit a lot of time and be easy for employees to use.”

As the project was envisioned, it was expected that it would take several months, perhaps years, to enter and assign competency to the training records for more than 1,800 employees. As a team, Wickern and Williams-Wright were able to develop a full training tracking system within five months. In addition to their regular duties, they spent at least three hours per day in development, testing and writing procedures.

The system allows department staff to sign up for training electronically, cancel a class or update their training record. Supervisors have all training records in one place and the training unit has improved ability to assign training to different levels of management while maintaining individual training plans.

Wickern has worked for the department since July 2008 and lives in Jefferson City. Williams-Wright has worked for OA since April 2008 and lives in Rosebud.


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