News Release 651

Local agencies to receive more than $1.8 million in subgrants for air pollution efforts

Volume 38-651 (For Immediate Release)
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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, NOV. 16, 2010 -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded four subgrants to fund operation of air programs across the state. The grant award total of $1,827,394 is a combination of federal and state dollars. This infusion of grant funding will help local agencies protect its citizens and the environment by performing various air pollution tasks.

The department will award the subgrants to local agencies in St. Louis County, St. Louis city, Kansas City and Springfield to fund the day to day operation of air pollution control commitments in the state. This includes personnel costs, travel, supplies and equipment associated with performing air pollution control functions at the local level.

The local agencies will also provide match dollars to supplement these awards.

Local air agencies allow another way for those affected by air quality to have a say in air quality decisions that may affect their area. For the local agencies that issue permits, it provides a nearby location for businesses to apply for certain types of air permits. As the department prepares for upcoming changes to federal air quality standards, like a lower ozone standard, the department will work with local agencies and other interested parties to develop air quality plans.

Federal funds are passed through to the local agencies to perform commitments outlined in the State Local Agreement and the department's agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These grants will fund local operation through September 2011.

The department is committed to working closely with communities to assist with funding efforts that support air quality projects as well as provide a financial savings.

For more information concerning these subgrants or other air pollution issues, please contact the Air Pollution Control Program at 800-361-4827 or online at