News Release 643

Hazardous waste site to be cleaned up, State of Missouri to receive $75,000 in penalties from St. Joseph-area company

Volume 38-643 (For Immediate Release)
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JEFFERSON CITY, MO., NOV. 15, 2010 -- The State of Missouri will receive $62,500 in penalties from HPI Products, of St. Joseph, for violations of the state’s water and hazardous waste rules.  The State will also receive $12,500 in penalties from HPI’s president, William Garvey. 

HPI, which manufactures and re-formulates herbicides and pesticides, improperly disposed of hazardous wastes and dumped pesticide-containing wastewater in the St. Joseph sewer system.

Under the terms of a consent decree signed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Department of Justice, HPI will:

HPI’s president, William Garvey, will have to pay a civil penalty of $25,000, of which half will go to the federal government and half will go to the county school fund. Garvey will also have to sell his antique car and boat collection, with 45 percent of the proceeds going to the state and 45 percent going to the federal government.

Prior to the lodging of this consent decree, criminal indictments had been filed against HPI and Garvey.  As a result, HPI was ordered to pay a criminal monetary penalty of $300,000, in monthly installments of $5,000, with the provision that the fine could be modified if there was a demonstrated inability to pay.  Garvey was sentenced to six months imprisonment (with work release during the day) and a $100,000 fine.