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Peter Price named October 2010 Employee of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, OCT. 14, 2010 --- Peter Price, a geologist and chief of the environmental geology section with the Department’s Division of Geology and Land Survey, Rolla, has been selected as the October 2010 Employee of the Month by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. He is being recognized for recently receiving the “Outstanding Geologic Service to Missourians” award from the Missouri Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists, and his exemplary public service in government for more than three decades.

In nominating Price, Jerry Prewett, DGLS’ geological survey program director, said, “Peter’s employment has given him broad exposure to environmental and engineering geology investigations where he has excelled in problem solving across the state. He has labored in constructing common-sense regulations in concert with members of the public and the regulated community to assure that the public is protected, fairly and efficiently. His ethical conduct is above reproach.”

As chief of the environmental geology section, Price supervises 14 staff members in the waste management, environmental assistance and subsurface investigations units. Among the duties of this team are evaluating proposed landfill sites, investigating the sudden appearance of sinkholes and documenting Missouri’s underground features.

Price graduated from the University of Missouri at Rolla – now the Missouri University of Science and Technology – in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. In 1996, he became a registered geologist as a member of the first group of professionals registered by the State of Missouri. His commitment to professionalism is evidenced by his participation and leadership in geological organizations for the past quarter century.

His membership in the Association of Missouri Geologists has been continuous since 1984 where he served as audit committee chair in 1988. He has been a member of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists since 1987 and has served as director and chair of the St. Louis Section. He has been a member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists, AIPG, since 2003 and has served as president of the Missouri Section.

Recently, Price was instrumental in planning and constructing a low-cost storage facility for the division’s drill equipment. In addition, he supervised staff involved in the remediation of accidental office flooding at the DGLS offices caused by a failed storm drain and pump malfunction

“Peter rolled up his sleeves and provided physical labor and a crew of staff in both of these instances to assure the work was completed quickly and efficiently,” said Prewett. Those who have worked with Peter know of his tireless efforts throughout his career to protect public health and the environment.”

AIPG is an advocate for the geology profession and communicates regularly to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters pertaining to the geosciences. Price uses personal time to travel with representatives of AIPG to promote geosciences to the state legislature.

Price began working with DNR in April 1979 and resides in Rolla.


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