News Release 545

University City will receive Land and Water Conservation Fund grant for park improvements

Volume 38-545 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Sue Holst

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. SEPT. 20,  2010 -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources today announced the University City has been approved by the National Park Service for a $75,000 grant to help renovate playground equipment at Mooney Park and make it accessible.

“This is an exciting opportunity for University City to make some renovations.  It is important to make the park more accessible to people with disabilities so we can all enjoy the outdoors,” said Bill Bryan, Department of Natural Resources deputy director.    

The grant is one of 11 FY 2010 Land and Water Conservation Fund grants for Missouri recommended to the National Park Service by the State Inter-Agency Council for Outdoor Recreation. The LWCF program provides federal grants to assist with park and recreation needs. Land developed with these funds is protected in perpetuity by the National Park Service and must be used for outdoor recreation.

The grants are available to all local governments and public school districts and can be used for development or renovation of outdoor recreation facilities or acquisition of park land. All projects require a 55 percent match. In Missouri, the program is administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

For more information on the Land and Water Conservation Fund grants, contact the Department of Natural Resources at 573-751-5374 or visit the website at