News Release 511

Hog farm wastewater flows off Macon County field, into local creek

Volume 38-511 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Larry Archer

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, AUG. 31, 2010 – Wastewater from a Macon County hog farm was discovered in a local creek today after flowing off a field where it had been applied, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Investigators from the department’s Northeast Regional Office in Macon discovered waste from Clear Creek Swine Operation, Highway 3, Macon County, in Sweezer Creek while investigating an environmental concern that had been reported to the department. The amount of wastewater that left the field and entered the creek is not known.

Employees of the company today began pumping the wastewater from the creek back into the lagoon from where it had originated. The department has notified state and local health officials so that any appropriate health advisories can be issued.

Land applying wastewater from agricultural lagoons is allowed, but that wastewater is not allowed to leave the site or enter waters of the state.

To report an environmental emergency, including after-hour sewage overflows, please contact the DNR spill line at 573-634-2436. To report sewage overflows during regular business hours, contact the nearest regional office. A list of regional offices, their contact information and service areas is available online: /regions/regions.htm.