News Release 347

Kimberly Hoke named June 2010 Employee of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Volume 38-347 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Philip J. Tremblay

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JUNE 16, 2010 --- Kimberly Hoke has been chosen as the June 2010 Employee of the Month by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. She is an Environmental Specialist IV in the Division of Environmental Quality, Water Protection Program and works as data coordinator for the Water Pollution Control Branch in Jefferson City.

Hoke is being recognized for her dedication and commitment to the development of the new Missouri Clean Water Information System. She has been lead for the MoCWIS project since its inception more than three years ago. Hoke has worked with many department staff, Office of Administration Information Technology Services Division consultants, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staff and contractors to help design, develop and implement a data system that replaces the department’s 25-year-old Water Quality Information System.

“Kim’s extraordinary ability to organize and facilitate the countless meetings and assemble the much needed requirements and information, have ensured that all aspects of the Missouri Clean Water Information System were accomplished,” said Michael Abbott, Environmental Specialist III with the WPCB, one of three staff to nominate Hoke. “Kim’s eager dedication to the new system, while performing her regular duties, has allowed for a smooth transition from WQIS and other tracking programs to MoCWIS.”

The Missouri Clean Water Information System is a Web-based application that will be used by the Water Pollution Control Branch and the department’s regional offices to maintain local water quality standards, manage applications for State Operating Permits, and gather permitting data, compliance inspections and enforcement actions. The Water Quality Information System was used to store permits, inspections, and enforcement data for the department. Information in the old system had been sent electronically to the EPA’s Permit Compliance System. Several years ago, the EPA began to replace PCS with a new Integrated Compliance Information System. With this change, the federal agency now requires that more data be collected and reported to their system.

The department considered using EPA’s ICIS directly, rather than replacing the state system, but found it would not be possible to connect that data with Missouri’s fees information, which is crucial to managing permits. The new EPA system also contains several federal functions difficult to customize for state needs. Using Hoke’s findings, the department decided to replace the old Water Quality Information System.

“She has taken on enormous responsibility, along with her everyday work, and spent many nights and weekends coordinating and structuring this database system,” said Aaron Rackers, a management analyst specialist with DEQ administration who also nominated Hoke. “This will help the department be more efficient and the information will also be accessible to the public.”

Another nominator, Kristen Pattinson, Water Pollution Permitting and Assistance Unit Chief at the Southwest Regional Office, said,” Kim took three databases and created one system. She did an amazing job coordinating all of the staff who were involved. She communicated well and was a good troubleshooter. Kim had her meetings planned well and was on top of the deadlines.”

Hoke began working for the department in June 2002. She lives in Jefferson City.


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