News Release 237

Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program continues in retail and installation contract businesses

Consumers may also reserve rebates online or by phone beginning April 21.

Volume 38-237 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Judd Slivka
573-751-1010 or 573-340-9DNR (9367)

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, APRIL 20, 2010 – “The savings continues.” Missouri residents began visiting appliance retailers and installation contractors across the state on Monday to receive “green” savings on ENERGY STAR® appliances from qualified appliance categories.

After reviewing the rebates reserved during the first day, it became apparent there was greater than anticipated demand for dishwashers and clothes washers.  In an effort to address this demand, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has reallocated a number of rebates into the two categories.  The total number of rebates increased by approximately 10 percent after the department completed this reallocation, although the total amount of funds for the overall program remains the same.

As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, more than 80 percent of the rebate funding remains for Missouri residents to take advantage of during phase one or phase two of the rebate program. The design of the two-phased approach provided a smooth, steady flow of rebates during the first phase and is expected to continue during phase two.  Both phases overlap with the “Show-me Green” ENERGY STAR sales tax holiday to help residents maximize their savings. Consumers who wish to take advantage of the rebate program and the state sales tax holiday must purchase the ENERGY STAR appliances between April 19-25 in participating retail and installation contractor businesses.

Phase one of the Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program began April 19 allowing participating appliance retailers and installation contractors to reserve rebates on behalf of their customers purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances.

Phase two of the program begins at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 21.  Consumers may continue to visit participating appliance retailers and installation contractors to reserve rebates or they may reserve rebates online or via a toll-free number before making their purchase. Limited numbers of rebates are reserved for phase two, and residents are more likely to get a reservation and a rebate when working with a participating retailer or contractor.

There are several important conditions and requirements in the Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program, and retailers and contractors can help residents navigate the program. For example, not all new appliances qualify for a rebate. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has targeted five appliance categories for the program including space heating, space cooling, water heaters, clothes washers and dishwashers. Also, the new ENERGY STAR appliance must replace an older appliance from the same category, and the old appliance must be properly recycled.  Participating retailers and contractors will have information on qualifying categories and appliances, recycling services and recycling options readily available to consumers.

Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program, with its $5.6 million in funding, is part of a larger $300 million federal program aimed at energy conservation, energy efficiency and economic recovery funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Department of Natural Resources has designed its program to maximize eligibility for the estimated 53,000 rebates. To qualify for a rebate residents must:

More information is available at and through a toll-free consumer information line at 877-541-4848. Visit local participating appliance retailer or installation contractor today!