News Release 136

Public can now access millions of DNR lab records

Web interface gives public a window into DNR’s test results

Volume 38-136 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Judd Slivka

JEFFERSON, CITY, MO, MARCH 22, 2010 --  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has completed the first phase of a project that will increase public access to millions of sampling records from its laboratories to the public.

In addition to the approximately 2.6 million records dating from 2002 that are now available, new samples from the department’s Environmental Services Program laboratory tests have a target of being posted to the Web within two business days of the samples being released to the program that ordered the tests.

The records now available to the public in LIMS, the Laboratory Information Management System, are from the department’s air, water and solid waste management programs.  

“The Web interface will give the public easier access to test results from our lab,” said DNR Director Mark N. Templeton. “This is another window for the public to look in and see how the staff at DNR does its work.”

With the implementation of the first phase, the department is beginning to plan for additional access, working to resolve legal issues to give the public the ability to search through files from the Hazardous Waste Management Program, as well as being able to review third-party samples the agency receives.

As required by law, Records that may be part of criminal or environmental enforcement investigations have been excluded from the online database.

The information can be accessed at

The public can continue to file requests for test results via sunshine requests. Directions for that can be found at .