News Release 085

Department of Natural Resources Announces Support of Howard County Regional Water Commission

Volume 38-085 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Larry Archer

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, FEB. 26, 2010 – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will award up to $60,000 to the Howard County Regional Water Commission for completion of a regional water system plan that could make the commission eligible for $10 million in additional funding to update and interconnect such a system.

The three-party financial assistance agreement was finalized at the commission’s Jan. 26 meeting in New Franklin by representatives of the department, the commission and Meco Engineering, which will be developing the plan.

If approved, the plan would make the commission eligible for $10 million in grants and loans from the Rural Development Corporation for construction of the regional water system, which would provide Howard County residents with safe and reliable drinking water.

Department of Natural Resources’ Director Mark N. Templeton, a signatory to the agreement, has pledged department support of the consolidation and regionalization efforts in Howard County. In August, the department awarded the commission a grant for $10,000 to hire an engineer to study the drinking water system and to advise it on how to achieve or maintain compliance with drinking water rules and regulations. 

The department is also supporting water supply commissions in northeast, north central, northwest and southwest Missouri. 

Commission Chairman Robbey Harvey, who also signed the agreement, noted if the funding of the project proceeds as planned, the county will have a safer, more reliable and new water supply at little or no rate increase to their customers. 

Kenneth Woods, president of Meco Engineering, was the third signatory to the agreement. Dr. Larry Peery, commission advocate, noted the commission is on the cutting edge and its actions are an example of positive collaboration for all of Missouri.

For more information on regional water contact the Department of Natural Resources’ Water Resources Center at 573-751-7823.