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Valerie Davis named January 2010 Employee of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Volume 38-010 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Philip Tremblay

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JAN. 12, 2010 --- Valerie Davis, currently a designated principal assistant in the division director's office at the Division of State Parks, has been chosen as the January 2010 Employee of the Month by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Davis is being recognized for stepping forward during a period of staff shortages to take on additional duties in the division's Financial and Information Resource Management Program.

"Valerie has displayed a high initiative by coming to me and offering her assistance when she knew the program was short-staffed," said Sue Steidley, program director. "She has willingly taken on duties that were not in the realm of her regular job and completed tasks that otherwise would have been overdue. She continues to keep her other duties current while assisting our program with data entry, reconciliation review and research," she said. Steidley nominated Davis for the award.

The revenue generated by state parks and historic sites, as well as attendance data, is provided on more than 80 individual monthly reports. These reports must be reconciled and the data entered for use during the budget process, for tourism information, the legislature and other various entities. Davis volunteered to enter the data and reconcile reports. She also has assisted in gathering data to respond to inquiries from those receiving the information.

"Valerie has conveyed professionalism and a desire to help her fellow employees during a time of need," said Steidley. "She is willing to do what needs to be done and is pleasant and always has a positive attitude," she said.

Davis has been assisting the program for the last two months of 2009 and indicated that she will help as long as needed. She began working for the department in April 1994. Davis has also held positions as senior office support assistant and office support assistant for DNR. She resides in Jefferson City.


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