News Release 465

Three state parks will close temporarily for deer hunts

Volume 37-465 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Sue Holst

JEFFERSON CITY, MO., DEC 4, 2009 -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will temporarily close three state parks for public safety reasons during weekends in December and January while special hunts are being conducted to alleviate deer overpopulations.

By law, state parks are established as wildlife refuges and hunting is not permitted except under special circumstances. However, these special hunts are being used as a resource management tool because the deer population is too large for the environment of the park and resources in the park are being damaged.

Special hunts will be conducted at the following parks on the following weekends:

The hunts will be conducted following guidelines established by the Missouri Department of Conservation, which regulates hunting of wildlife in the state. Hunters who will be participating submitted special applications this summer for the Department of Conservation's special managed hunts, which are held annually. Hunters were selected through a random computer drawing. Only those hunters who already have a special permit will be allowed to participate in the hunts.

The Department of Natural Resources administers state parks and historic sites throughout Missouri. All other state parks and historic sites, other than the three mentioned, will not be affected by the hunts.

For more information about Missouri state parks and historic sites, call the Department of Natural Resources toll free at 800-334-6946 (voice) or 800-379-2419 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) or visit