Sewage bypass in Stone County enters unnamed tributary of Table Rock Lake

For more information: 573-751-1010
Volume 37-412 For Immediate Release:Oct. 30, 2009

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is investigating a bypass today at Skyview Subdivision in Stone County, which was releasing an unknown amount of sewage into an unnamed tributary of Table Rock Lake.

The department was notified of a possible illegal wastewater treatment plant through a citizen's concern. The department discovered the bypass while investigating the concern. The bypass was occurring at a malfunctioning lift station in the subdivision. It appears the pumps had failed at the lift station and may be undersized. While the pumps were off, sewage began overflowing from the lift station into an unnamed tributary to Table Rock Lake. The department contacted the developer of the subdivision and was told to pump and haul from the lift station until it was properly fixed. The department also discovered the subdivision failed to properly obtain a valid permit to operate its wastewater treatment plant, which violates Missouri’s Clean Water Law and Regulations.

The department conducted monitoring and sampling today to determine if the water quality was affected from the bypass. However, heavy rainfall has occurred and could impact sampling results. Heavy rainfalls may also contribute large amounts of bacteria to surface water bodies and although this was a relatively low volume bypass in contrast to the lake volume, residents are encouraged to avoid contact with the lake water at this time.

To report an environmental emergency, including sewage overflows, please contact the Department of Natural Resources' spill line at 573-634-2436. For more information contact the department at 800-361-4827 or 573-751-3443, or visit the department's Web page at