February 06, 2020

Contact: Communications Office

Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust Kansas City Receives Final Hazardous Waste Permit to Continue Post-Closure Care and Corrective Action

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, FEB. 6, 2020 – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has issued a final hazardous waste permit for the Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust, LLC, allowing the company to continue performing post-closure care and corrective-action activities at its Kansas City facility.

The Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust Kansas City facility was owned previously by Kerr-McGee and operated as a commercial storage, treatment and land disposal facility. The site is located at 2300 Oakland Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri. Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust, LLC, is the facility’s current owner and operator. The facility is vacant with no active operations, except for the groundwater pump-and-treat system, which is part of ongoing post-closure and corrective-action activities. In March 2019, the post-closure care period was extended due to investigation results showing that soil and groundwater on the facility property contaminated with creosote compounds.

Kerr-McGee performed long-term monitoring and maintenance activities and conducted corrective-action investigations and remediation activities at the facility under a department-issued Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Facility Part I Permit and an EPA-issued Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments Part II Permit. On March 15, 2003, Kerr-McGee submitted a permit application to the department and EPA to renew and update its existing hazardous waste permits. Since Kerr-McGee closed all the permitted hazardous waste units and no longer operates as a hazardous waste storage facility, the permit application is for post-closure and corrective action only.

Greenfield MST took ownership and operational control at the facility in 2011 and replaced the 2003 application in June 2019. The department invited the public to review and offer written comments on a draft Part I Permit for the Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC, Kansas City facility during a 45-day public comment period, which began Aug. 31, 2019, and was set to end Oct. 15, 2019. The department held a public availability session and public hearing on Dec. 5, 2019, and extended the public comment period until Dec. 12, 2019.

After reviewing all comments received during the public comment period, the department responded to those comments, made minor grammatical changes to the draft permit and issued a final Part I Permit. The final Part I Permit requires Greenfield MST to implement post-closure care and corrective-action requirements, including facility-wide groundwater monitoring/remediation and off-property monitoring to address releases to the environment at or from the facility. The final permit also shifts oversight responsibility for the corrective action activities from EPA to the department. The permit contains contingent corrective-action conditions that may be exercised if there is a new release to the environment that requires corrective action or if the contaminated media poses a threat due to further migration. The final permit includes a Schedule of Compliance; Greenfield MST must comply with all items listed in the schedule.

EPA decided not to issue a Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments Part II Permit, since EPA has no site-specific conditions for the facility, beyond those contained in the final Part I Permit, and Missouri is fully authorized for all permitting, post-closure and corrective action activities at the facility. EPA intends to terminate the currently effective Part II Permit upon issuance of the Part I Permit.

Any parties adversely affected or aggrieved by department’s decision to approve the proposed final remedy and issue the final Part I Permit or by specific conditions of the final Part I Permit may be entitled to pursue an appeal before the Administrative Hearing Commission by filing a written petition by March 5, 2020, as more fully described on pages 9-10 of the final Part I Permit. 

The final Part I Permit and additional information are available at or at the Kansas City Public Library’s North-East Branch for public viewing. For more information about the final Part I Permit or to obtain a written copy of the final Part I Permit for review, please contact Ms. Jillian Hunt at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Waste Management Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176, by telephone at 573-751-6796 or 1-800-361-4827, or by e-mail at Hearing- and speech-impaired individuals may reach Hunt through Relay Missouri at 800-735-2966.