photo of the Missouri RiverGovDelivery logoClean water is everything! Missouri’s thousands of miles of rivers, streams and lakes, along with underground aquifers, supply our state’s 6 million residents with clean water to drink. They also support Missouri’s agricultural industry, cities, towns and other industries, and play a crucial role in supporting outdoor recreation.

This critical respect for our waters is the reason Missourians continue to strongly value the importance of clean waterand ensure it is given the highest environmental priority. Protecting Missouri’s water qualityincluding our groundwater and our lakes, streams and rivers has always been a priority to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.


Statewide water planning has been taking place in Missouri since the 1930s, with the first Missouri water plan published in 1938. Updating and implementing Missouri’s water plan has been an ongoing effort for nearly 80 years, benefiting water resource development for uses such as public drinking water, industrial processes, agricultural irrigation and livestock, watering, power generation, navigation and fisheries.

About Missouri's Water Plan

The goal of Missouri's water plan is to be a comprehensive guide for decision-making and to set a vision for future water resource management and development in Missouri. Missouri's water plan includes an inventory of water use and availability as it relates to all water use sectors, and includes stakeholder input to guide priority water resource development for the future. The department knows from previous water planning that water demands in certain areas cannot be met long term, especially under a drought condition. Water planning better prepares the department and the state to understand what our water needs are in every water use sector, under water-stressed conditions.

Learn more about Missouri's current state water plan.