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(Prior to Winter/Spring 1994 the Department of Natural Resources magazine was called Missouri Resource Review.)

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Winter 99-2000 - Vol. 16, No. 4

Front Cover: Creek flowing through heavy snow
Back Cover: Icicles at Rock Bridge State Park

Director's Comments: Mahfood - DNR's Y2K readiness


  • "Eye in the Earth" Weaver (DGLS)
  • "Current Technology - The Rediscovered Fuel Cell" Muench and Orr (Energy Center)
  • "The State of Missouri's Environment - First-Time Report Outlines Conditions, Concerns" Pabst and Patterson (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Energy Division Changes Name, Reorganizes (Energy Center)
  • Earth Science Week Celebrated at DGLS (DGLS)
  • New Exhibit Features Historic Route 66 (DSP)
  • Improvements Made at State Park Boat Launch (DSP)
  • Input Sought on Impaired Waters (DEQ)
  • NRC Elects EIERA Staffer to Board (EIERA)

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Bryan Parker, Stream Team Volunteer from Rolla
  • Karen Fosse, Teacher at Exeter Junior High School

Environmental Notes: Caulk Talk (Tips on where to caulk)

Resources to Explore: First State Capitol State Historic Site Klostermeier (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Deal of the Century" (DGLS Trading Cards) Weaver (DGLS)

One Last Word: "Bootheel Politics, Frontier Style" Weaver (DGLS)

Fall 1999 - Vol. 16, No. 3

Front Cover: Bright sunrise turning sky orange
Back Cover: Windmill located in a fenced pasture setting

Director's Comments: Mahfood - Energy and environment - creation of the Missouri Energy Center


  • "Status Report: The Quest for Less" Brogdon (DAS)
  • "The Road Back to Route 66" Warhover (DSP)
  • "Power from Above" Muench (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Employees Win Governor's Award (DEQ) (1999 Award for Quality, Productivity)
  • Missouri Mourns Roger Pryor (DO)
  • UMR Victorious at Solar Race (DE) (Sunrayce '99)
  • UtiliCorp Offers Green Power (DE)
  • Katy Trail Adds New Section (DSP)
  • Users Praise Parks (DSP) (Results of park survey)
  • Parks Program Changes Location (DSP) (Historic Preservation program)
  • Litter Company Receives Grant (EIERA)
  • Bugged by 2000? (DEQ)

Resource Honor Roll: Sedalia Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Team

Environmental Notes: New Fridge Cools Cost (Buying tips for energy efficient refrigerators)

Resources to Explore: Cuivre River State Park Schuette (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Teaching Environmental Topics Encourages Independent Thinking" Schneider (DEQ)

One Last Word: "St. Francois Mountains: Aging Gracefully" Weaver (DGLS)

Summer 1999 - Vol. 16, No. 2

Front Cover - Aerial photo of contour farming
Back Cover - Early morning fog settles on sloping hills and pasture of Miller County

Director's Comments: Mahfood - DNR's "green building" is cooperative effort that will be state prototype


  • "Swamped With Success" Gaffney (Successful wetlands projects) (DGLS)
  • "Missouri's Historic Border Battles" Weaver (State boundary disputes) (DGLS)
  • "When Less is More" Hansen (Missouri's Solid Waste Reduction Plan) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Renovations Save Energy Dollars (DE) (Energy-efficient renovations)
  • Columbia Hosts Waste Conference (EIERA, DEQ) (Solid and hazardous waste issues meeting)
  • DGLS School Day (DGLS) (Third annual Earth Science Day at DGLS in Rolla)
  • Passport Program Returns With New Challenges (DSP) (Annual program features new categories)
  • Clean Water Funds to Increase (DEQ) (DEQ budget focuses heavily on protecting water resources)

Resource Honor Roll: Jerry Vineyard, former Assistant State Geologist

Environmental Notes: Watertight Savings for Summer (Water needs without waste)

Resources to Explore: Trail of Tears State Park Dowling (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Re-Source Your Trash" Lubbers (DEQ)

One Last Word: "Missouri Enterprise" Seeney (EIERA)

Spring 1999 - Vol. 16, No. 1

Wraparound cover - Clouds

Director's Comments: Mahfood - High-profile activities - Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance, Impaired Waters List, Water Pollution Control Fees


  • "Boil Orders!" Ritchie (DEQ)
  • "Perennial Success Stories" Thompson (Operation Brightside) (DO)
  • "Driving for Clean Air" Cordray (Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Phosphorous Limits Set at Lake (DEQ) (Table Rock Lake)
  • Sunny Technology to Shine in K.C. (DE) (Soltech 99 conference highlights innovative solar technology)
  • Rising Demand for Energy Loans (DE) (Surge in requests for Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Funds)
  • Times Beach Wins National Award for Beautification (DSP) (Keep America Beautiful, Inc. recognizes the area for its transformation)
  • Parks Employees Honored by Missouri Parks Association (MPA) (DSP)
  • DGLS Initiates Well Log Program

Resource Honor Roll: DNR Waste Tire to Energy Team, Teacher Herb Turner of Waynesville Middle School

Environmental Notes: Spring (Green) Cleaning (Recipes for environmentally safe cleaning)

Resources to Explore: Mark Twain State Park and State Historic Site Huffman and Hesse (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Are We Net Worthy? You be the Judge" Brogdon (DAS)

One Last Word: "Earth's Day to Shine" Brogdon (DAS)

Winter 1998-99 - Vol. 15, No. 4

Front cover - Waters of the Black River flowing over rocks
Back cover - A blanket of snow covering the shoreline at Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Director's Comments: Mahfood - Retrospective of first year as DNR director


  • "Park Volunteers ... VIPs Only" Holst (Volunteers in Parks program) (DSP)
  • "A Tireless Pursuit" Beydler (Waste tires) (DEQ)
  • "How Clean is Your Stream?" Totten and Patterson, (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • SRF Expands Loan Offerings (DEQ) (Cross-collateralization of the Clean Water SRF with the Drinking Water SRF earns EPA approval)
  • Partners Open Park Academy (DSP) (First session of Joseph Jaeger Academy of State Parks held)
  • Schools Lower Energy Cost (DE) (North Kansas City School District receives $1.6 million for energy-saving improvements)
  • 1973 Energy Crisis Revisited (DE)
  • Call Ahead for Reservations (DSP) (Twelve campsites now accept reservations up to three months in advance)
  • New Inn and Conference Center Opens (DSP) (Roaring River Inn and Conference Center)
  • DGLS Publishes Water Report (DGLS)
  • Magazine Observes DNR Anniversary (DAS) (Missouri Resources to publish series on 25th DNR anniversary during 1999)

Resource Honor Roll: ExploraVision Team from John Burroughs School, Chad Pregracke (Led cleanup of Mississippi River)

Environmental Notes: Home Cookin' (Energy efficiency in the kitchen)

Resources to Explore: Knob Noster State Park Ramsey (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Dawn of the Envirothon" Beydler (DEQ)

One Last Word: "DNR Expands Regional Accessibility" (Opening of additional regional and satellite offices) Patterson (DEQ)

Fall 1998 - Vol. 15, No. 3

Front Cover - View from inside Burfordville Covered Bridge at Bollinger Mill SHS
Back Cover - Close-up of Carolina buckthorn's leaves and berries

Director's Comments: Mahfood - Proactive water quality protection


  • "Angling for a Parks Patch" Price, (Mo. State Park Junior Naturalist Program) (DSP)
  • "Utility Restructuring" Muench (Proposed changes from heavy utility regulation to open-market competition) (DE)
  • "Missouri's All-Purpose Map" Weaver (Popularity and usefulness of topographic maps) (DGLS)

News Briefs:

  • New Recreation Grants Awarded (Landmark Local Parks Program, National Recreation Trails Fund) (DSP)
  • DGLS Offers Trading Cards (Set of 40 different environmental, natural resources cards) (DGLS)
  • New Financial Applications for EIERA Program (Missouri Market Development Program) (EIERA)
  • Law Authorizes Alternative Fuel (New law allows consumers in St. Louis to buy reformulated gasoline staring in summer 1999) (DEQ)
  • New Drinking Water Loan Program (Law establishes a state revolving fund for drinking water) (DEQ)

Top Spots: (For camping) Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, Hawn State Park, Cuivre River State Park, Wallace State Park, Truman State Park, Thousand Hills State Park, Lake Wappapello State Park (DSP)

Resource Honor Roll: Dwight Weaver, Penny Holtzmann

Environmental Notes: Turning Over an Old Leaf (Using leaves as mulch or compost)

Resources to Explore: Bollinger Mill State Historic Site Smoot (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Environmental Education: The Filling for the Pie" Pitts (Reasons to include the environment with existing school curricula) (DEQ)

One Last Word: "Deposits of Beauty" (Missouri's gemstones) Weaver (DGLS)

Summer 1998 - Vol. 15, No. 2

Front Cover - Sailboats moored at Stockton State Park marina
Back Cover - Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge opening

Director's Comments: Mahfood - Update on new environmental legislation


  • "Meet us at the Fair" Yoest, Patterson (DNR's Mo State Fair involvement) (DEQ)
  • "A Look at the Lake" Hentges (Water Quality at the Lake of the Ozarks) (DEQ)
  • "Next Stop: Reduced Emissions" Brogdon (St. Louis Bi-State Buses switch to Alternative Fuel - CNG) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • DNR Replaces County Records (Mississippi County) (DGLS)
  • Thousands Attend Earth Day (DNR)
  • Roaring River Sets Dedication (DSP)
  • WOW (Wonders of the Outdoor World) Workshop Returns to DNR (DSP)
  • Recycling Efforts Receive Funds (EIERA)
  • Columbia Hosts Waste Conference (EIERA) (DEQ)
  • ** Snapshots From Earth Day (Teachers send in photos taken with recycled camera given away at E-Day - special) (DSP)

Top Stops: (Summer Fun) Passport Program, Sam A. Baker, Bike to the State Fair, Nathan Boone Homestead, Horseback Trails, Towosahgy, Battle of Pilot Knob, Felix Valle (DSP)

Resource Honor Roll: Chris Perkins, Everett Williams

Environmental Notes: Window to Savings (Energy-efficient windows) (DE)

Resources to Explore: Truman, Pomme de Terre, Stockton state parks Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "3-DNR" Beydler (3-D photos of DNR sites, events) (DEQ)

One Last Word: "You Can Take a Bike to Japan" Brogdon (EIERA) (DE)

Spring 1998 - Vol. 15, No. 1

Front Cover - Stream running from Green's Cave, Meramec State Park
Back Cover - Close-up of Michigan Lily, St. Francois State Park

Director's Comments: Mahfood - Introduction, resume


  • "Close-ups of Cleanups" Cass (Community involvement in Superfund site cleanups) (DEQ)
  • "Choose Environmental Excellence" Mann, Walker (Bridging the Gap, Inc.'s environmental awareness and action program) (EIERA)
  • "Double Danger" Mehuys (Dangers of abandoned wells) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Mahfood Chosen to Lead DNR (DNR)
  • DNR Awards HERS Grant (Home Energy Rating System used to evaluate energy efficiency) (EIERA)
  • Boonville MKT Depot Reopens (DSP)
  • EIERA Funds go to Lamar Company (Dura-Board, Inc.) (EIERA)
  • DNR Hosts Dual Events (Jefferson City Open House, Commissioners' Conference) (DNR)
  • Geologic Survey Network Ready (HARN - High Accuracy Reference Network) (DGLS)
  • EIERA Sends Solar Bikers to Japan (EIERA)
  • Springfield's Discovery Center Opens (DE)

Top Stops: (Fishing) Bennett Spring, Montauk, Roaring River, Pomme de Terre, Lake of the Ozarks, Big Lake, Meramec, Onondaga, Robertsville, Castlewood (DSP)

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Jan Dillow
  • Vada Jenkins

Environmental Notes: Loads of Energy Savings (Clothes dryer efficiency tips) (DE)

Resources to Explore: "St. Francois State Park" Blum (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Trash Test" Schneider (Report card for waste management practices in schools)

One Last Word: "Ride of the Decade" Holst (Cycle Across Missouri Parks - CAMP) (DSP)

Winter 1997-98 - Vol. 14, No. 4

Front Cover - Snow-covered picnic area, Lake Ozark State Park
Back Cover - Snow-plow truck clears park road

Director's Comments: Shorr - Departure statement


  • "Glasphalt: Cleared for Take-Off" Snodgrass (Rolla airport uses recycled glass mixed with asphalt for paving runway) (EIERA)
  • "Public Drinking Water's Aging Infrastructure" McCarty (Challenges of maintaining Missouri's aging public drinking water system) (DEQ)
  • "Energy by Design" Muench, Haake, Bumgardner (Building or renovating your home with energy efficiency in mind) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Historic Cleanup Under Way Near St. Louis Airport (Nuclear waste) (DEQ)
  • Progress Continues on Relocation (DNR moves offices to E. Elm St. in J.C.) (DNR)
  • DNR to Host Dual Winter Events (J.C. open house, commissioners' conference) (DNR)
  • "Wall of Fame" Honors Past DNR Winners (Mo. State Employees of the Month) (DNR)
  • Visitors Welcome at New Facilities (Wappapello, Towosahgy) (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Breakdown of FY1998 Operating Budget for Missouri

Top Spots: (Eagle-watching) Roaring River, Trail of Tears, Montauk, Stockton, Big Lake, Katy Trail (DSP)

Resource Honor Roll: Finke, Buschjost

Reusables: Old tractor tires used for gardening beds, George Sherman

Resources to Explore: Battle of Lexington State Historic Site White (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Greeting the Environment" Seeney (1996 Environmental Greeting Card contest) (DEQ)

One Last Word: "Gold for a Fool's Pocket" Weaver (Fool's gold - pyrite) (DGLS)

Fall 1997 -Vol. 14, No. 3

Front Cover - Cornfield in early morning light
Back Cover - Same (wrap-around)

Director's Comment: Shorr - Control of Missouri River water


  • "Used Oil's Slick Future" Galbraith (Recycling used oil) (DEQ)
  • "Barnyard Boom: CAFOs and the Environment" Schuette (Environmental challenges of dealing with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) (DEQ)
  • "(E)ER!" Thompson (DNR's environmental emergency response team) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • SRF Earns Lofty Bond Ratings (EIERA)
  • State Water Planning Begins New Phase (DGLS)
  • Group Studies Utility Industry (DE)
  • Propane Reserves to Stabilize (DE)
  • Interns Prepare for Future Vocations (DEQ)
  • Route 66 State Park Revs up for Historic Fun (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Energy Savers on the Road to Fall Color (Driving tips) (DE)

Top Stops: (Backpacking) Ha Ha Tonka, Hawn, Sam A. Baker, Johnson's Shut-Ins, Taum Sauk Mountain, Trail of Tears, Cuivre River, Prairie

Resource Honor Roll: Ron Sheeley; Alan Reinkemeyer

Resources to Explore: Weston Bend, Lewis and Clark, and Big Lake Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Aunt Belle's Spring" Pitts (Field trips to streams or rivers)

One Last Word: "Fossilized Imagination" Weaver (Fossils and Pseudofossils) (DGLS)

Summer 1997 - Vol. 14, No. 2

Front Cover - Boat on Lake Ozark at sunset
Back Cover - Interior, Washington Chapel C.M.E. Church, Parkville

Director's Comment: Shorr - Federal regulations compared to state regulations


  • "Foundations on the Fringe" Mitchell (Historic African-American buildings) (DSP)
  • "When Oil and Water Didn't Mix" Orr, Alderson, Decker, Crawford (Retrospective look at the Gasconade and Chariton River oil spills) (DEQ)
  • "Ground for Concern" Hoffman (New discoveries in the New Madrid seismic zone) (DGLS)

News Briefs:

  • Flood and Drought Report Now Available (DGLS)
  • End of an Era: Times Beach Cleanup Complete (DEQ)
  • Ha Ha Tonka Visitor Center Now Open (DSP)
  • Conservation Federation Honors DNR Employee (Everett Williams) (DEQ)
  • Kansas City Receives SRF Bond Financing (EIERA)
  • County Surveys Completed (DGLS)
  • Map Rates Best Bike Highways (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Cool Your Costs (Air conditioning tips)

Top Stops: (Lesser known parks) Grand Gulf, Bothwell Lodge, Graham Cave, Prairie, Dillard Mill, Rock Bridge, Battle of Athens, Mastodon

Resource Honor Roll: Don Kerns; Tom Nagel

Reusables: Bird feeders made from coffee cans, Mary Milner

Resources to Explore: "Equestrian Trails" Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Meet the MEEA" Schneider (Overview of the Missouri Environmental Education Association)

One Last Word: "Naming Hidden Places" Weaver (Missouri's legacy of cave names)

Spring 1997 - Vol. 14, No. 1

Front Cover - Big Spring, Carter County
Back Cover - Close-up of moss, Graham Cave State Park

Director's Comment: Shorr - Floods, drought, Missouri River water control


  • "Celebrating Diversity: Missouri's Natural Areas" Currier (Overview of Natural Areas in state parks) (DSP)
  • "Water Story" Eubank, Kabrick, Schweiss (The Mark Twain Water Quality Initiative) (DEQ)
  • "Fountains of the Ozarks" Weaver (Missouri's largest springs) (DGLS)

Top Stops: (Natural Areas) Prairie, Taum Sauk Mountain, Ha Ha Tonka, Big Oak Tree, Trail of Tears, Hawn, Elephant Rocks, Onondaga (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • Passport Program Back for Encore (DSP)
  • Solid Waste Decreases (DEQ)
  • Water Use Report Now Available (DGLS)
  • EIERA Observes 25th Anniversary (EIERA)
  • New Exhibits at Mill Site (Watkins Mill) (DSP)

Reusables: Motorcycle trailer made from refrigerator, Mike Giaraffa

Resource Honor Roll: Bill Guinther; 1996 Greater Kansas City Marathon and 10K

Resources to Explore: Fort Davidson State Historic Site Roggensees (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Missouri Since the Louisiana Purchase" Hansen (Environmental changes since the early 1800s)

One Last Word: "New Sod Taking Root" Seeney (Growing sod on compost beds) (EIERA)

Winter 1996-97 -Vol. 13, No. 4

Front Cover - Mastodon skeleton replica
Back Cover - Rocks frozen in ice in creek

Director's Comment: Shorr - Parks and Soils sales tax approval, wastewater system improvements


  • "When Giants Walked" Weaver (Missouri's Ice Age heritage) (DGLS)
  • "Current Success Stories" Clifford (Volunteers monitor Missouri's water quality) (DEQ)
  • "Savings They Couldn't Refuse" Brogdon (Pattonville High School uses methane from landfill to heat school) (DE) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Certifications Required by Law (well certification) (DGLS)
  • Tire Cleanups Roll (DEQ)
  • Playground Conversions Benefit Kids (waste tire chips for playgrounds) (DEQ)
  • Program Targets Parks Upgrades (DSP)
  • Recycling Grants Awarded (EIERA)
  • Energy Audits Completed (DE)

Environmental Notes: Tips for Efficient Winter Heating (DE)

Top Stops: (Historic site tours) Watkins Woolen Mill, First Missouri State Capitol, Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio, Scott Joplin House, Battle of Lexington, Missouri Mines, Bollinger Mill

Resource Honor Roll: Military Order of World Wars, Mark Belwood

Reusables: Tractor tire watering trough, Brad Berhorst

Resources to Explore: Wallace State Park Danis-Gordon (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Sewage Meets Science" Pitts (Teaching students about wastewater treatment)

One Last Word: "Saving Historic Courthouses" Grace (Challenges facing Missouri's historic courthouses) (DSP)

Fall 1996 -Vol. 13, No. 3

Front Cover - Old Route 66 bridge over Big Piney River
Back Cover - Four-lane section of Route 66 near Devil's Elbow

Director's Comment: Shorr - Summer tour of state parks and historic sites


  • "Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind" Growney, Davidson (Underground storage tanks and groundwater pollution) (DEQ)
  • "Still a Kick" Brogdon (Retracing old Route 66 through Missouri) (DNR)
  • "Active Partners" Orr (The role of DNR commissions in shaping environmental policy) (DNR)

News Briefs:

  • Governor's Pollution Prevention Awards (Anheuser-Busch, Center for Human Services, Union Electric, Emerson Motor Co., Taney County Regional Sewer District, Valissa's Flowers, city of Marshall) (DEQ)
  • Adopt-A-Section of the Katy Trail (DSP)
  • EIERA Re-elects Board Members (EIERA)
  • Committee in High Gear (Greenhouse gases) (DE)
  • MFA Reduces Hog Odors (DEQ)
  • DGLS Drills for Education (DGLS)

Environmental Notes: "Lighten Up" on Home Energy Use (Compact fluorescent light bulbs) (DE)

Top Stops: (Fall color) Babler, Prairie, Graham Cave, Katy Trail, Pershing, Roaring River, Crowder, Hawn (DSP)

Resource Honor Roll: Leonard Weber; Mo. DOT workers

Reusables: Bluebird house from old license plates, Scott McDowell

Resources to Explore: Arrow Rock State Historic Site Dickey (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "The Show-Me Standards" Schneider (Overview of the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993, and the Show-Me Standards)

One Last Word: "Listening to the Land" Simms (Soil surveys and how they can be used) (DEQ)

Summer 1996 - Vol. 13, No. 2

Front Cover - Field of sunflowers near Hartsburg
Back Cover - Same (wrap-around)

Director's Comment: Shorr - State park user survey, improvements


  • "Missouri State Revolving Fund: Recycled Savings" Crawford (MSRF and its positive effect on water quality) (DEQ)
  • "Lofty Labor" Galbraith (Environmental precautions when painting/refinishing bridges and water towers) (DEQ)
  • "Parks and Soils: A Decade of Success for Camps and Crops" Holst, Simms (Review of progress made under the Parks and Soils sales tax) (DNR)

Top Stops: Elephant Rocks, Katy Trail, Onondaga, Meramec, Johnson's Shut-Ins, Sam A. Baker, Lake of the Ozarks, Arrow Rock (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • Businesses Receive Financial Assistance
  • Tuning Up for the State Fair, Historic Preservation Plan
  • Local Landmark Parks Program
  • Committee Studies Greenhouse Options
  • DGLS Flood Report Analysis
  • DNR Director Wins PRSA Award

Environmental Notes: Missouri Wetland Slowly Gaining Ground

Resources to Explore: Hawn State Park Blum (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Expanding the Classroom" Hansen (Environmental education field trips)

One Last Word: "Cornerstones" Westmoreland (The history of cornerstones in public buildings) (DSP)

Spring 1996 - Vol. 13, No. 1

Front Cover - Devil's Honeycomb, Washington County
Back Cover - Fishermen at Bennett Spring State Park

Director's Comment: Shorr - Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)


  • "Greenhouse Gases in Missouri" Noller (Fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect) (DE)
  • "Missouri's Geologic Oddities" Weaver (Unusual geologic formations in Missouri) (DGLS)
  • "Preventing Pesticide Pollution" Shannon (Agrichemicals and the environment) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • EIERA Assists Rebuild America Program (EIERA)
  • DNR Finds Interest High at Agricultural Events (DEQ)
  • Greenhouse Gas Study Moves to Second Phase (DE)
  • Surface Water Resources of Missouri (DGLS)
  • State Parks User Survey Results (DSP)
  • Parks' Passport Program Proves Popular (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Average Annual Surface Temperature of the Earth, 1855-1995

Reusables: Barbecue grill, bird feeder (Hentges)

Resource Honor Roll: Lake Ozark State Park employees; Jeanne Cavendar

Resources to Explore: Battle of Lexington State Historic Site Fuller (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Water World: Project WET Proves a Splashing Success" Pitts (Water Education for Teachers curriculum and activity guide)

One Last Word: "Mountains of Debate" Weaver (Defining mountains) (DGLS)

Winter 1995-96 - Vol. 12, No.4

Front Cover - Leafless trees at sunrise
Back Cover - Snow scene with creek

Director's Comment: Shorr - Times Beach, dioxin sites in Missouri, Superfund


  • "Missouri's Biopower Industry" Orr, Travis (Energy from various organic sources) (DE)
  • "Missouri Storm Drain Stenciling Project" Dewey (Students help warn people about putting pollutants in storm drains) (EIERA)
  • "The Past, Present, and Future of Times Beach" Silver (Overview of Times Beach) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • DGLS Revises Geology Book (Stratigraphic Succession in Missouri) (DGLS)
  • Businesses Receive Funds for Recycling (EIERA)
  • Missourians TAP Into DNR (DEQ)
  • Greenhouse Gases Estimated (DE)
  • Recycling Coalition Meets, Recycles (DEQ)
  • DNR Information on Internet (DNR)
  • New Exhibits at Civil War Site (Battle of Lexington) (DSP)
  • Spill Exercise Readies Officials for Real Thing (DEQ)

Resource Honor Roll: Jonathan Beard, Michael Beckett

Resources to Explore: "Passport Program" Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Science Fairs Vs. the Volcano" Hansen (Suggestions for environmental projects for science fairs)

One Last Word: "From Mountaintop to Swamp" Weaver (Missouri's highest and lowest points) (DGLS)

Fall 1995 - Vol. 12, No. 3

Front Cover - Katy Trail tunnel at Rocheport
Back Cover - Historic barn near Jefferson City (Dulle Farmstead)

Director's Comment: Shorr - Air quality in St. Louis and Kansas City, pesticides in drinking water, landfill permit applications, water pollution, federal budget


  • "Katy Trail State Park" Holst (Overview of Katy Trail State Park) (DSP)
  • "Living With The Sinks" Vandike (Sinkholes in north St. Louis) (DGLS)
  • "Alternative Fuels" Buchanan (Comparing alternatives to fossil fuels) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • DNR Conducts Ozone Course (DEQ)
  • State Water Plan Being Produced (DGLS)
  • DNR Visits Air Show Crowd (DNR)
  • Partners Needed for Energy Exploration (Biopower production) (DE)
  • State Park Passport Program Begins (DSP)

Resource Honor Roll: Steve Adams, Wally Miller and Ozark Correctional Center Drug Treatment Program; Marina Cofer-Wildsmith

Reusables: Charcoal lighter made from coffee cans

Resources to Explore: Big Oak Tree State Park Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Earth's Thirty-Year Checkup" Schneider (Global climate change)

One Last Word:"Water Towers: Skyline Landmarks" Weaver (DEQ)

Summer 1995 - Vol. 12. No. 2

Front Cover -Sunlight through trees
Back Cover - Same (wrap-around)

Director's Comment: Shorr - State parks, Parks and Soils sales tax


  • "Ste. Genevieve: Preservation efforts of historic proportion" Beetum (Historic preservation in Ste. Genevieve) (DSP)
  • "Groundwork" Simms (Soil surveys and the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project)(DEQ)
  • "Environmental Watchdog" Thompson (A day in the life of an environmental inspector) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Kansas City Gets Stormwater, Sewer Grants (DEQ)
  • DNR, EPA Permit Times Beach Incinerator (DEQ)
  • A Walk on the Wildwood Side (DEQ)
  • Historic Home Donated to State Park System (Amoureux House) (DSP)
  • Katy Trail Now Part of Lewis and Clark Trail (DSP)
  • Division of Energy Recognizes Award Winners (1994 Science Leadership Award; Poynter, Bowe, Blomberg) (DE)
  • Dangerous Tunnel Project Revisited (DGLS)
  • 23rd Annual Missouri Waste Management Conference DEQ)
  • Experts Review Home Energy Efficiency (DE)

Resource Honor Roll: Neil Andre, Dana Foster

Resources to Explore: Felix Valle House State Historic Site Baker (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Monitoring Migrating Monarchs" Pitts (Observing the migration of the monarch butterfly)

One Last Word: "Between a Rock and a Fossil" Weaver (Missouri's state mineral, state rock, and state fossil) (DGLS)

Spring 1995 - Vol. 12, No. 1

Front Cover - Dogwood trees in forest
Back cover - Same (wrap-around)

Director's Comment: Shorr - Scenic byways in Missouri


  • "Water Fight" Weaver (Interstate disagreement over the water levels of the Missouri River) (DGLS)
  • "CAMPing Out" Buderer (Cross-state bicycling tour visits state parks) (DSP)
  • "No Fuel Like An Old Fuel" Travis (Advantages of biomass fuels) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Times Beach Public Availability Sessions Held (DEQ)
  • DEQ Technical Assistance Program On Line (DEQ)
  • World Environmental Education Center Planned (Castlewood State Park) (DSP)
  • Global Climate Change Fact Sheets Available (DE)
  • DNR Seeks Input From Parks Users (DSP)

Environmental Notes: White Styrofoam Won't Float at Lake of the Ozarks Anymore

Resource Honor Roll: John Morris, Bud Melton, David Hitsman

Resources to Explore: Wakonda State Park Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Journals: Not just for the record" Hansen (Keeping an environmental journal)

One Last Word: "The Natural(ist)" Scott (Naturalist programs in state parks) (DSP)

Winter 1994-95 - Vol. 11, No. 4

Front Cover - Children on playground made from shredded tires
Back Cover - Late fall photo along Cedar Creek

Director's Comment: Shorr - DNR subject to its own regulations


  • "Metro Link" Thompson (St. Louis' light rail system) (DE)
  • "Crushed stone: Missouri's Building Blocks" Weaver (Crushed limestone resources in Missouri) (DGLS)
  • "Tire Spinoffs" Walker (New uses for waste tires) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Superfund Cleanup Completed (North U Drive) (DEQ)
  • Katy Trail Back in Preflood Condition (DSP)
  • EIERA Funds State Fair Study (EIERA)
  • Awards Given for Energy Ideas (DE)
  • Water Quality Program Trains 500 Volunteers (DEQ)
  • Free Energy Calendar Offered (DE)
  • Arrow Rock Exhibits Complete (DSP)
  • DNR Holds Town Meeting (Kirksville) (DNR)
  • DNR Sponsors Forum on Sustainability (EIERA)

Resource Honor Roll: Bill Lay, Sara Cox, Jessie Taylor, Art Hebrank, Pat Jones

Reusables: Charcoal lighter made from coffee cans (Hentges)

Resources to Explore: "Winter Wonderlands" Holst (Winter activities in state parks) (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Missouri Project Learning Tree" Pitts (Hands-on curriculum activities for teachers)

One Last Word: "Missourians Tap DNR's Resources" Westmoreland (DNR's Technical Assistance Program) (DEQ)

Fall 1994 - Vol. 11, No. 3 (20th anniversary issue)

Front Cover - Log in forest of colorful sugar maples
Back Cover - Sheer rock face of granite at quarry

Director's Comment: Shorr - 20th anniversary, accomplishments


  • "Not Just a Walk in the Park" Holst (Special events in state parks) (DSP)
  • "Long and Lean" Brown, Ferguson (History of the Division of Energy) (DE)
  • "Etched in Stone" Weaver (History of DGLS) (DGLS)
  • "On the Market" Seeney (History of EIERA) (EIERA)
  • "Environmental Umpire" Hentges, Moberly, Rosendale (History of DEQ) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Group to Shape Energy Policy (Energy Futures Coalition) (DE)
  • MERP (Missouri Energy Resources Project) Sponsors Energy Contest (DE)
  • KATY Trail's Sections Reopen (following flooding) (DSP)
  • Act Requires Geologists to Register (DGLS)
  • DNR Boat Speeds Response (emergency response boat) (DEQ)

Resource Honor Roll: MEMC Electronic Materials, Unitog Rental Services, Wright County SWCD,
Kathy Weinsaft

Resources to Explore: Finger Lakes State Park Donze (DSP)

(No Teacher's Notebook or One Last Word in this issue)

Summer 1994 - Vol. II, No. 2

Front Cover - Onondaga Cave
Back Cover - Same (wrap-around)

Director's Comment: Shorr - Spring and summer in state parks, flood damage


  • "A Camp for Kids" Seeney (Natural Resources Career Camp)
  • "E is for Environment" Moberly (Environmental Ed. workshops)
  • "One Earth, One Chance" Thompson (Environmental high school projects)

News Briefs:

  • Eiken Named State Park Director (DSP)
  • EIERA Awards to Career Camp (EIERA)
  • Earthquake Map Available (DGLS)
  • Mo. Market Development Program "Buy-Recycled Campaign" (EIERA)
  • Underground Storage Tank Insurance Program (DEQ) )
  • State Park Video Available (DSP)
  • Soil Conservation Measures Helped During Flood of 1993 (DEQ)
  • Students Forecast Energy Future (DE)
  • Mo. Resources Available in Alternative Formats (DAS)

Resources to Explore: Onondaga Cave State Park Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Environmental Literacy 101" (Public awareness of environmental issues)

One Last Word: "Dandelion Madness" (To use pesticides or not)

Winter/Spring 1994 - Vol. 11, No. 1

Front Cover - Hikers on Ozark Trail overlooking Current River
Back Cover - Tree frog on leaf

Director's Comment: Shorr - Air quality in Kansas City and St. Louis


  • "Superfund: A Historical Perspective" Yoest (History of the Superfund) (DEQ)
  • "Waste to Resource - Make it Your Business" Heuser (Missouri Market
  • Development Program helps businesses that recycle) (EIERA)
  • "Risk and Cure" Currier (Endangered species in state parks) (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • Flooded Parks Will Reopen (Flood damage to parks, 1993) (DSP)
  • Well Driller Rules Go Into Effect (Water Well Drillers Act) (DGLS)
  • Pepper Viewers Learn About Environment (Paul Pepper, KOMU-TV8) (DNR)
  • Photo Contest Winners Named (Cuivre River photo contest) (DSP)
  • Hinkson Gets National Award (Robert Hinkson, 1993 Excellence in RCRA Enforcement Award) (DEQ)
  • DNR Program is Worth its SALT (1993 National Environmental Achievement Award) (DEQ)
  • Energy Center Receives Grant (EIERA)
  • Members Appointed to Councils (Hist. Pres., Parks Advisory) (DSP)
  • Missouri Resources - Lighter, Trimmer, Easier to Digest (Sidebar on changes to magazine) (DAS)

Resources to Explore: "The Ozark Trail" Schnack (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Students Cut Pollution as Play-Doh Workers" Shannon (Environmental role-playing using Play-Doh or clay in the classroom)

One Last Word: "Bicycle Suitability Map" Donze (Map showing Missouri roads and highways suitable for bicycling) (DSP)

Fall 1993 - Vol. 10, No. 3

Front Cover - Flood of 1993, aerial of Jefferson City area
Back Cover - Exterior of Dillard Mill State Historic Site

Director's Comment: Shorr - Flood of 1993


  • "The Tree Soldiers" Stepenoff (Civilian Conservation Corps workers help build state parks during the depression) (DSP)
  • "Relentless Rivers" Scott (The flood of 1993) (DNR)
  • "Ground Source Heat Pumps" Haake, Peters (Using stable underground temperatures for heat pumps) (DE)
  • "Stewards of their Land" Pike (Women's Agricultural Awareness Program and women in farming) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • State Vehicles Burn New Fuels (DNR)
  • New Law Saves Energy, Money (DE)
  • Flood Left People Thirsty (Public drinking water supplies) (DEQ)
  • Radio Spots Cover Variety of Waste Issues (DEQ)
  • Geologists Map Barry County (DGLS)
  • Wetlands Video Completed (DGLS)
  • ADA Advisory Committee Established (Americans With Disabilities Act) (DSP)
  • DNR Wins Award for Cleaner Air (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Dillard Mill State Historic Site Comer (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Vermicomposting: Innovative Kitchen Help" Hansen (Composting with worms)

One Last Word:"New Signals Make Light Work" Scott (Computerized traffic signals contribute to energy conservation) (DE)

Summer 1993 - Vol. 10, No. 2

Front Cover - Battle of Pilot Knob Reenactment
Back Cover -
Scenic view from Taum Sauk Mountain

Director's Comment:
Shorr - Energy-efficient transportation, alternative fuels


  • "Private Wells: Tapping the Hidden Resource" Weaver (Proper drinking-water-well construction) (DGLS)
  • "Missouri's Energy Future" Dreyfuss (Missouri Statewide Energy Study) (EIERA)
  • "The War Within the State" Denny (Civil War sites in Missouri) (DSP)
  • "After the Storm" Fett (Storm-water runoff and water pollution) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Career Camp Opens in July (Minority awareness of opportunities in environmental fields) (DNR)
  • Program Aids Small Businesses (DEQ)
  • Solving Sawdust Waste Problems (DEQ)
  • Twain Items Given to DNR (DSP)
  • Weatherizing Homes NEAT-ly (National Energy Audit) (DE)
  • River Users Hold Conference (Mo. River Constituency Conference) (DNR)
  • Park Renamed (Elk Savanna to Big Sugar Creek State Park) (DSP)
  • DNR Hosts Geology Session (North-Central Geological Society of America) (DGLS)
  • State Park Adds New Area (Wakonda) (DSP)
  • Photo Contest Winners Named (Cuivre River State Park Photo Contest) (DSP)

Resources to Explore: Taum Sauk Mountain State Park Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "All Sewers are Alike - Right?" Schneider (Keeping pollutants out of storm drains)

One Last Word: "Colors Conserved" Fast (Restoration of Civil War battle flags) (DSP)

Winter/Spring 1993 - Vol. 10, No. 1

Front Cover - Water flowing over rocks at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park
Back Cover -
Small creek with snow

Director's Comment: Shorr - DNR mission and a pledge


  • "Water: More than Meets the Eye" Ford (Monitoring and treatment for trace elements in water) (DEQ)
  • "With a Little Help From our Friends" Rucker (The importance of the donation of lands for state parks) (DSP)
  • "Geologic mapping" Middendorf, Weaver (The making of geologic maps) (DGLS)
  • "The Battle for BTU" Evans (Residential retrofitting for energy conservation) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Shorr Named DNR Director (DNR)
  • Book Shows Slice of Ozarks (Guide Book to the Geology Along I-44) (DGLS)
  • Joplin House Recognized (Scott Joplin House National Historic Landmark) (DSP)
  • DNR Audits State Buildings (Energy conservation) (DE)
  • Manual Details Wastes' Dangers (Household Hazardous Waste) (EIERA)
  • Recycling Projects Funded (EIERA)
  • New State Park Name Unveiled (Elk Savanna State Park) (DSP)
  • Brochure Lists DNR Contacts ("At Your Service") (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Deutschheim State Historic Site Renn (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Diatoms: The Glass Menagerie" Pitts (The study of microscopic diatoms)

One Last Word: "Time Traveling Across Missouri" Vineyard (Promotion of book, "Missouri Landscapes: A Tour Through Time" (DGLS)

Fall 1992 - Vol. 9, No. 2

Front Cover - Close-up of yellow coneflowers
Back Cover -
Rock ledge in stream at Graham Cave State Park

Director's Comment: Kucera - soil erosion in Missouri


  • "Missouri Wetlands: A Vanishing Resource" Weaver (Loss of wetland areas) (DGLS)
  • "In the Dark" Steinwachs (Dealing with household hazardous waste) (EIERA)
  • "Quantum Leap: Back to a Hidden Paradise" Nelson (Restoring biodiversity in State Parks) (DSP)
  • "Watershed Decisions" Dicks, Vineyard (Development of State Water Plan) (DGLS)

News Briefs:

  • DNR Director takes EPA job (Tracy Mehan) (DNR)
  • Kucera Named Acting Director (DNR)
  • DNR Receives 10 Awards (Renew America) (DNR)
  • State Energy Plan Complete (EIERA)
  • KATY Trail Section Opens (DSP)
  • DNR Purchases Response Vehicle (lab truck) (DEQ)
  • Plan Defines Park Criteria (State Parks Expansion Plan) (DSP)
  • Environmental Bills Enacted (Missouri Clean Air Act; Drinking Water Testing, Primacy Protection Act; Community Right-to-Know)
    Palmer Named Parks Director (DSP)
  • State Parks Add New Units (Big Sugar Creek, Illinois Indian village, Hawn and Pershing expansions) (DSP)

Resources to Explore: Graham Cave State Park Grantham (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook:"Acid Precipitation" Schneider (Explanation of acid precipitation)

One Last Word:"Exploring Missouri's Legacy: State Parks and Historic Sites" Flader Promotion of book) (DSP)

Summer 1992 - Vol. 9, No. 1

Front Cover - Castle at Ha Ha Tonka State Park
Back Cover -
Close-up of player piano at Scott Joplin State Historic Site

Director's Comment: Mehan - Cost-benefit analysis versus "Zero-Discharge" pollution control


  • "The Backflow Gamble" Atkinson (Preventing water contamination with backflow prevention devices) (DEQ)
  • "Flowing Failure" Adams (Lead tailings dam at St. Joe State Park and its potential for failure during an earthquake) (DGLS)
  • "Seventy-five Years of Investment Yields Priceless Returns" Holst (75th anniversary of Missouri's State Parks) (DSP)
  • "Recycling in Missouri State Parks: a Habit for the Future" Wesley (Recycling programs in parks) (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • Parks Expansion Meetings (DSP)
  • Missouri Joins Green Lights (Energy-efficient lighting in corporations) (DE)
  • Resource Stewards Recognized (Jim Corbin, Douglas Ladd, Tony Munoz, Andy Runge, Ed Stegner, Capt. Eric Wilbur) (DNR)
  • Solid Waste Plan Developed (DEQ)
  • Bush Honors EIERA Project (Household Hazardous Waste Project) (EIERA)
  • DNR Lab Has New Home (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Scott Joplin House State Historic Site Bridges (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Living Resource Files in Missouri State Parks" Schneider (State Parks and Historic Sites as environmental education resources)

One Last Word:"Cuivre River State Park Nature Photography Contest" Decker (Announcement of photo contest) (DSP)

Fall 1991 - Vol. 8, No. 3

Front Cover - Autumn leaves in stream
Back Cover - Interior of library room at Bothwell State Park

Director's Comment: Mehan -Threats to state parks


  • "Parks in Peril" Holst (Study of threats to State Parks) (DSP)
  • "Rivers of Oil" Scott (Oil pipelines in Missouri, and the threats they pose) (DEQ)
  • "Composting: Cities Face the Challenge" Orr (Cities turn yard waste into compost) (DEQ)
  • "The Price to Purify" Knight (Missouri's State Revolving Fund loan program and its effect on cleaning up streams) (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Pilot Knob: A Battle Remembered (DSP)
  • Record Settlement Reached in Poultry Case (Hudson Foods and Noel Water Co.) (DEQ)
  • DNR Acquires Boone Home (Nathan Boone) (DSP)
  • Waste Management Programs Realigned (solid and hazardous waste) (DEQ)
  • Solid Waste Districts Take Shape (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Bothwell State Park Czech (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "The Unique Properties of Freshwater" Schneider (Overview of water)

One Last Word: "Missouri's Geologic Wonders and Curiosities" Weaver (Promotion for book) (DGLS)

Summer 1991 - Vol. 8, No. 2

Front Cover - Decaying building at Weldon Spring
Back Cover - Raeder Building, St. Louis

Director's Comment: Mehan - Environmental fees and taxes


  • "Cleaning Up the Weldon Spring Site: Missouri's Legacy From the Nuclear Age" Bedan (History of Weldon Spring Chemical Plant) (DEQ)
  • "Partners in Parks" Stepenoff (City-County School Partnership Program uses state parks as outdoor classrooms at Babler Memorial State Park) (DSP)
  • "Rock and Iron on the River" Hebrank (Geology of the St. Louis riverfront) (DGLS)
  • "Curbing Consumption" Hirner (Planning for a sustainable energy future) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Agreement Signed for Resort Development (DSP)
  • Paper to Trees (DE)
  • Governor Orders Completion of State Trail (DSP)
  • DNR Explores PILT (Payment in-lieu-of-taxes) (DSP)
  • Coal Commission Holds First Meeting (DGLS)
  • Wetlands Plan Will Preserve Resource (DEQ)
  • Magazine Earns Awards (DAS)

Resources to Explore: Hunter-Dawson House State Historic Site Scott (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Rocks, Minerals, and the MMATs (Missouri Mastery and Achievement Tests)" Schneider (Geological resources for teachers)

One Last Word:"Missouri Takes Trash Seriously" Orr (Senate Bill 530 - items banned from landfills (DEQ)

Winter/Spring 1991 - Vol. 8, No. 1

Front Cover - Turkey portrait
Back Cover - Rushing water at Bennett Spring State Park

Director's Comment: Mehan - Soil erosion, "T by 2000"


  • "Poultry, Pastures, and Prosperity" Scott (composting dead poultry for fertilizer) (DEQ)
  • "Tracing Hidden Waters" Vandike (dye-tracing project helps protect water quality at Bennett Spring) (DGLS)
  • "Prehistoric Missouri: Crossroads of America's Ancient Cultures" Weaver (Archaeology in State Parks) (DSP)
  • "Energize 'em" Scott (Dennis Jungmeyer's energy workshops) (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Earth Day 1991 (DNR)
  • Expansion of Four Parks Proposed (DSP)
  • Dioxin Cleanup to Proceed (DEQ)
  • New Law Bans Items From Landfills (DEQ)
  • Resource Stewards Named (Watkins Mill Assn., Donna Herron and Chris Trimbur, Crowder College, Green County Local Emergency Planning Committee, MaryAnn McCollum, Katy-Missouri River Trail Coalition, Pam Walker) (DNR)
  • Water Quality Standards (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Grand Gulf State Park Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Spear Points and Petroglyphs" Schneider (Archaeology in the classroom)

One Last Word: "Wildflower Masterpieces" Mullikin, Holst (Spring wildflower workshops in state parks) (DSP)

Fall 1990 - Vol. 7, No. 3

Front Cover - Cedar tree at Ha Ha Tonka overlook
Back Cover - Natural bridge at Rock Bridge State Park

Director's Comment: Mehan - Recycling and market development

News Briefs:

  • T by 2000 Tour (Soil Conservation) (DEQ)
  • Water Pollution, Waste Bills Pass (DEQ)
  • Missouri River (water levels, Master Plan Manual) (DNR)
  • Times Beach (DEQ)
  • Weston Bend Park Dedicated (DSP)
  • Earthquake Preparedness (DGLS)

"Putting the Cycle in Recycling" Scott (Manufacturers using recycled materials) (DEQ)
"New Life for Old Buildings" Blackwell (Historic Preservation Revolving Fund) (DSP)
"Constructed Wetlands: Cleansing Wastewater Nature's Way" Weaver (Using wetlands to treat wastewater) (DEQ)
"Roots of Renewal" Forbis (Operation TREE overview)

Resources to Explore: Rock Bridge Memorial State Park Moberly (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook:"Hazardous Substance Disposal for Schools" Schneider (How schools can properly dispose of hazardous materials)

One Last Word:"Trash to Treasure" Seeney (Recycled materials for school projects) (EIERA)

Summer 1990 - Vol. 7, No. 2
Front Cover -
Angel's Showers, Ozark Caverns
Back Cover -
Camper at sunset, Lake Ozark State Park

Director's Comment: Mehan - State park mission, KATY trail acquisition

News Briefs:

  • Earth Day Conference (DNR)
  • Resource Recovery Grants (DE)
  • Operation TREE Grants (DE)
  • Revolving Fund for Historic Preservation (DSP)
  • Missouri River State Trail (DSP)
  • Seismograph (DGLS)
  • Scott Joplin House and Rosebud Cafe (DSP)
  • Big Lake Acquisition Protects Wetland (DSP)
  • Raptor Center (DSP)


  • "The Mission: A Question of Balance" Holst (Fulfilling the State Park System's Mission) (DSP)
  • "To Catch a Leak" Scott (Groundwater threats from underground storage tanks) (DEQ)
  • "Caves: Missouri's Growing Resource" Weaver (Overview of caves in Missouri) (DGLS)
  • "Solar Race Sets the Pace" Buchanan (Australian solar car race) (DE)

Profile: "Tiny Organisms Offer Critical Clues" Randolph (Micro-organisms as water quality indicators) (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Battle of Athens State Historic Site Stepenoff (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook: "Outdoor Classrooms" Schneider (using outdoor areas for environmental ed.)

One Last Word: "Junior Naturalist" Rogers (Junior Naturalist program) (DSP)

Winter/Spring 1990 - Special Earth Day Issue

Front Cover - Photo collage superimposed on world map
Back Cover -
Winter scene on Blue Springs Creek, Miller County

Director's Comment: Mehan - 20th anniversary of Earth Day

News Briefs:

  • Governor's Conference on Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Taum Sauk Acquisition (DSP)
  • New Water Fees Considered (DEQ)
  • Gasconade Study Continues (DEQ)
  • Missouri River Master Plan (DEQ)
  • Commission Studies Global Climate Change (DNR)
  • Core Library Dedicated (DGLS)
  • Resource Stewards Announced (Ann Mack, Town of Clarksville, Citizens Committee for Soil, Water and State Parks, Coalition for the Environment, Missouri Assn. of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Missouri Farm Bureau Federation, Missouri Parks Assn., Sierra Club) (DNR)


  • "Pathways to Protection" Scott (History of environmental protection in Missouri) (DNR)
  • "Missouri's Natural Resources: Challenges of the Decade" Randolph (Environmental challenges over the past 10 years) (DNR)
  • "Our Global Community and You" Weaver (How individual actions affect the entire world) (DNR)

Resources to Explore: Meramec State Park Holst (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook:"Earth Day in the Classroom" Schneider (Teaching students about Earth Day)

One Last Word:"Rallying for TREEs" Holst (Operation TREE, Trees Renew Energy and Environment) (DSP)