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Missouri Resources Magazine in order of issue date
(Prior to Winter/Spring 1994 the Department of Natural Resources magazine was called Missouri Resource Review.)

This listing is available to those who wish to research past issues of Missouri Resources and Missouri Resource Review (prior to Winter/Spring 1994 the Department of Natural Resources magazine was called Missouri Resource Review) . If you wish to receive a past issue (subject to availability) or a photocopy of a story you see listed on these pages, email us. Include the issue date, story desired, your name and exact mailing address. We will process your order within one work day of receipt.

Fall 1989 - Vol. 6, No. 3

Front Cover - Horseback riders at Sam A. Baker State Park
Back Cover -
Displays at Mastodon State Park

Director's Comment: Mehan - Strategic planning

News Briefs:
Geology Division Celebrates Centennial (DGLS)
New Ground-Water Video and Curriculum Guide (DEQ)
State Parks Restored (DSP)
Oil Spill Studies (DEQ)
Energy Awareness Month (DE)
Work Begins on Tebo Creek Reclamation Site (DEQ)

"Setting the Cornerstones of Missouri: 1815 - 1989" Weaver (History of land survey) (DGLS)
"SALT" Holst (Special Area Land Treatment program) (DEQ)
"Enter a Wilderness of Enchantment" McCarty (State Park Wild Areas) (DSP)
"Save It for a Sunny Day" Vasey (Preparing for drought) (DEQ)

Resources to Explore:
Mastodon State Park Moberly (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook:
"What's In One Cubic Foot of Soil?" Schneider (Analyzing soil in the classroom)

One Last Word:
"After the Fall: Composting Wastes" Seeney (Composting) (DEQ)

Summer 1989 - Vol. 6, No. 2

Front Cover - Photo of computer screen showing Geographic Information System
Back Cover - Mineral display at Missouri Mines State Historic Site

Director's Comment: Mehan - Balancing economic growth; environmental values

News Briefs:
Improvements Under Way at State Parks (DSP)
Solid Waste Technicians Certified (DEQ)
QUEST Energy Audits Available (DE)
Department Receives Energy Award (DE)
Planning for Water Shortages (DEQ)
Coal Resource Recovered (DEQ)

"Volunteers Make the Difference" Holst (Volunteers in State Parks) (DSP)
"Anatomy of a Landscape" Vasey (Using the Geographic Information System) (DGLS)
"Grow Your Own Savings" Coon (Energy conservation through landscaping) (DE)
"Waste Not Want Not" Seeney (Missouri Waste Exchange, recycling) (EIERA)

Resources to Explore:
Missouri Mines State Historic Site Weaver (DSP)

"Debbie Schnack and Trail Crew" Moberly (Trail construction in State Parks) (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Drinking Water Testing in the Classroom" Schneider

One Last Word:
"Special Events Are For Everyone" Holst (List of special events in parks) (DSP)

Spring 1989 - Vol. 6, No. 1

Front Cover - Crinoid fossil
Back Cover - Canoeists entering cave on Meramec River

Director's Comment: Brunner - Proper handling of hazardous substances

News Briefs:
Mehan Named New Department Director (DNR)
Parks Opening (DSP)
Parks and Soils Sales Tax Passes (DEQ, DSP)
Lead Banned in Household Plumbing (DEQ)
Topographic Maps (DGLS)
Clean Water Bonds Approved (DEQ)
Permit Information Available (DEQ)
Energy Grants Awarded (DE)
Missouri State Capitol Murals Exhibit (DSP)
Reports Completed for Taney County Study (DEQ)
Watershed Project Receives $820,000 (DEQ)
Resource Steward Award Given (League of Women Voters, Cape Girardeau) (DEQ)
Missouri State Museum's Traveling Exhibits Program (DSP)
Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment Available (DEQ)

"Down in the Dumps" Seeney (Illegal waste dumping) (DEQ)
"Stories in Stone" Weaver (Fossils of Missouri, sidebar on fossil hunting) (DGLS)
"Powerful Chemistry" Coon (Training for and responding to chemical emergencies, sidebar on "Community Right to Know Act") (DEQ)

"Weatherization Grant Coordinator" Hays, Hale (DE)

Resources to Explore:
Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site Fuller (DSP)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Topographic Maps in the Classroom" Schneider

One Last Word:
"Make Your Home a Safe Place" Coon (Dealing with household hazardous waste) (DEQ)

Summer 1988 - Vol. 5, No. 2

Front Cover - Spring branch at Ha Ha Tonka
Back Cover - Burfordville Covered Bridge

Director's Comment: Brunner - Parks and Soils sales tax extension

News Briefs:
Environmental Research in Taney County (DEQ)
State Park Use Sets New Record (DSP)
Mo. Waste Control Coalition Awards Scholarships to High School Seniors (DEQ)
Ashcroft Honors DGLS Employees (DGLS)
Battle of Lexington Reenactment Set (DSP)
Grant for Household Hazardous Waste Educational Project Awarded (EIERA)

"Preserving the Future" (Missouri State Parks and Soils) (DEQ, DSP)
"Landfill Trash: Energy from a Buried Resource" Seeney (Using landfill methane to heat asphalt and greenhouses) (DE)
"Missouri's Old Marvelous Old Turbine-Powered Mills" Weaver (Dillard, Bollinger, and Montauk Mills) (DSP)
"Super-Sleuth of Streams" Vasey (Accurately assessing water quality) (DEQ)

Resources to Explore:
Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park - Fuller

"Looking Into the Heart of the Land" Pike (Soil surveys) (DEQ)

Teacher's Notebook:
"The Ground-water Protection Strategy" Schneider

One Last Word:
"New Life Comes to the Prairie" McIntosh (Bison calves at Prairie State Park) (DSP)

Spring 1988 - Vol. 5, No. 1

Front Cover - Wildflowers, Bird's-foot violet
Back Cover - Interior of Capitol rotunda ceiling

Director's Comment: Brunner - Resource management and the reporting of it in Missouri Resource Review

News Briefs:
State Study Recommends More Emphasis on Recycling (EIERA)
Abandoned Wells Hazardous (DGLS)
Revolving Loans for Sewer Construction (DEQ)
Valley Park Investigation Continues (DEQ)
Waste-site Report Issued (DEQ)
Taney County Study Video (DAS)
Slide Show Available (DEQ)
New Park Visitor Centers (DSP)
New Air-quality Regulations Proposed (DEQ)
New Brochure Explains Laboratory Services Program (DEQ)
Deer Study (DSP)
Ground-water Educational Activities Begin (DEQ)

"Restless Ground" Vasey (Earthquake activity in Missouri) (DGLS)
"Nature Springs Forth Her Simple Charm and Beauty..." Holst (Spring wildflowers) (DSP)
"The Two Faces of Lead" Weaver (Lead is both a resource and a health problem, with sidebar on exploring Missouri's Leadbelt) (DGLS)
"Smoke Signals" Pike (Air pollution inspectors visually evaluate smoke) (DEQ)

Resources to Explore:
The Missouri State Capitol - Palmer

Teacher's Notebook:
"Using Slide Presentations for Environmental Education" - Schneider

One Last Word:
"Checking Chemtrucks" Coon (Hazardous waste transport inspectors) (DEQ)

Fall 1987 - Vol. 4, No. 3

Front Cover - Sandy Creek Covered Bridge
Back Cover -
Jefferson Landing State Historic Site

Director's Comment: Brunner - Deer Herd Management in State Parks

News Briefs:
First Segment of Missouri River Trail Transferred (DSP)
Bill Supports Home-Use Natural Gas Wells (DGLS)
State Awards Resource-Recovery Grants (DE)
Program Saves Soil, Wildlife Habitat (DEQ)
Lead and Zinc Study Completed (DGLS)
Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Selected (DEQ)
Energy Directory Available (DE)
Soil and Water Training Conference Held (DEQ)
New Drinking Water Tests (DEQ)
Grand Gulf State Park Dedicated (DSP)
Commissioners Conference Scheduled (DNR)
Major Oil Field Discovered (DGLS)

"Clean Water Communities" Seeney (Lake Ozark Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, with sidebar on EIERA) (EIERA)
"A Difficult Balance" Holst (Over-population of deer in state parks, special hunts) (DSP)
"Bridges to Another Time" Holst (Covered bridges) (DSP)
"When Rivers Come Calling" Pike (Flood of 1986) (DGLS)
"The Wave of the Future?" Vasey (Alternative financing for energy conservation) (DE)

Resources to Explore:
Jefferson Landing and the Missouri State Museum Holst (DSP)

"Hazmatters" Coon (Emergency response to haz. materials incidents) (DEQ)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Environmental Education Workshops" (Schneider)

One Last Word:
Guarding the Wells (New well-construction regulations) (DGLS)

Summer 1987 - Vol. 4, No. 2

Front Cover - Child touching turtle
Back Cover -
Great Blue Heron in flight

Director's Comment: Brunner - Water quality regulations and water resources

News Briefs:
Permit Brochure Available (DEQ)
Weldon Spring Cleanup has Begun (DEQ)
State Park Advisory Board (DSP)
New Signs (DSP) State Park Improvements (DSP)
Missouri Emergency Response Commission Formed (DEQ)
Missouri River Trail Contract Signed (DSP)
Alcohol Restricted in Parks (DSP)
Ozark Caverns Dedication (DSP)

"Water on a Leash" McIntosh (Dam safety) (DGLS)
"Are There Any Male Ladybugs?" Holst (Overview of State Park Naturalist Program) (DSP)
"The Invisible Puzzle" Coon (Contaminated groundwater in Valley Park) (DEQ)
"Survey by Satellite" Vasey (PROFILE on land survey using satellites) (DGLS)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Teaching Through Interpretation" - Schneider

One Last Word:
"Ranger on Horseback" (Park system's first mounted ranger - Treva Amos) (DSP)

Spring 1987 - Vol. 4, No. 1

Front Cover - Backlit trees overlooking Missouri River
Back Cover -
Falling Spring Mill

Director's Comment: Brunner - DNR and federal agencies

News Briefs:
Waste Exchange Established (EIERA)
Oil Overcharge Funds Awarded (DE)
Weldon Spring Work Group Established (DEQ)
Sites Nominated to National Register (DSP)
Vapor Recovery System Cleans the Air (DEQ)
Battle of Pilot Knob Fought Again (DSP)
Water Quality Standards to be Revised (DEQ)
Superfund is Reauthorized (DEQ)
Topographic Maps Available (DGLS)
Grant's Home is Purchased (DSP)

"The Missouri River: A Proud Past and a Promising Future" Seeney (Overview of Missouri River and water resource management) (DEQ)
"Missouri's Underground Wilderness" Weaver (Caves in Missouri and protecting groundwater) (DGLS)
"Underground Space: An Underestimated Resource" Vasey (Using abandoned underground quarries as warehouses, factories, and offices) (DGLS)
"Missouri Resource Stewards" (PROFILE of Sandra Custard, Jay Hasheider, Leon Cambre, Jan Dillow, Charles Wright, Gateway Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Network) (DNR)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Understanding Karst Topography" - Schneider

Fall 1986 - Vol. 3, No. 1

Front Cover - Close-up of fungus and plant life on log, Big Oak Tree State Park
Back Cover - KATY Trail, Rocheport Tunnel prior to track removal

Director's Comment: Brunner - Outdoor recreation in limited space

News Briefs:
Big Oak Tree State Park Becomes National Landmark (DSP)
Health Advisory Continued for Lower Meramec River (DEQ)
Department Relocates in Jefferson City (DNR)
Small Quantity Waste Generators Attend Workshops (DEQ)
Federal Funds Awarded to 25 Recreation Projects (DSP)
Proposed Co-Generation Plant to be Subject of Feasibility Study (DE)
Covered Bridge Restored (Sandy Creek) (DSP)
Outstanding Streams of Missouri to be Identified (DEQ)
New Guidebook to Fuels Available (DE)
Missouri's Historic Buildings to be Catalogued (DSP)
First Local Governments Certified for Historic Preservation (DSP)
Loan Rebates Issued to 26 Communities (EIERA)
Grand Gulf State Park Given Special Recognition (DSP)

"Bureau of Land Management" (PROFILE of federal Bureau of Land Management) (DGLS)
"Incentives for Industry" Vasey (Energy surveys of industries) (DE)
"Pathways to Missouri" Holst (Trails in State Parks, also sidebar on possible KATY trail) (DSP)
"The Big Question" Burgess (Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management) (DEQ)
"Parks and Soils" (UPDATE on Parks and Soils Sales Tax) (DSP-DEQ)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Energy Education and the Environment" - Romine (DE)

Summer 1986 - SPECIAL EDITION (No Vol. or No.)

Front Cover - Woman trout fishing at Bennett Spring State Park
Back Cover - Onondaga Cave, Queen's Canopy

Director's Comment: Brunner - Solid waste management, chemical emergency preparedness

News Briefs:
Toll-free Line Available for Info on Natural Resources (DNR)
Department Proposes Ground-Water Protection Strategy (DGLS)
Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Department's Denial of Bliss Permit (DEQ)
Civil War Flags to be Restored (DSP)
Department Experiments with Campground Reservations (DSP)
Department Receives Grant to Educate Small-Quantity Haz. Waste Generators (DEQ)
State Authorized to Operate Own Haz. Waste Mgmt. Program (DEQ)
Three Cities to Receive Energy Audits (DE) State Renews Federal Permit to Burn Dioxin (DEQ)
St. Louis County Designated as Energy Conservation Demonstration Site (DE)

"The State of Missouri's Air" (Air pollution UPDATE) (DEQ)
"Emergency Preparedness Is No Accident" Coon (Emergency Response Overview)(DEQ)
"A Natural Choice: State Parks and Historic Sites" Holst (Parks overview) (DSP)
"Finding the Right Place for Solid Waste" Seeney (Alternatives to land disposal of solid waste) (DEQ)
"Payoff!" Vasey (Disbursement of Oil Overcharge funds) (DE)
"Lowell Patterson: City Administrator with a SWEEPing Alternative" Burgess (PROFILE of Lowell Patterson) (DEQ)

Teacher's Notebook:
"Teachers Key to Future Decision Making on Wise Use and Re-use of Waste" Romine (DEQ)

Inside Back Cover: Promo for Terrestrial Natural Communities book (DSP)

Quarterly Report Summer 1984 - Vol. 2, No.3

Front Cover - Eroded farmland
Back Cover
- Close-up of water droplets on spider web

Director's Comment: Lafser - Constitutional Amendment Two (Parks and Soils)

News Briefs:
Cass County Earns Praise for Efforts to Control Trash Dumping (DEQ)
More Counties Join Flood Insurance Program (DGLS)
Planting Project Enhances Mined Area (Land Rec.) (DEQ)
Five Water Supplies Honored (DEQ)
Erosion Control, Wildlife Benefit from Joint Project (DEQ)
Fuel-Saving Projects Planned for Metro Areas (DE)
Study to Evaluate Feasibility of State-Owned Hazardous Waste Facility (DEQ)
Contamination of Florissant Water Persists (DEQ)
Historic Preservation Funds Benefit 21 Projects (DSP)
Commission Upholds Decision on BHS Permit (Haz. Waste) (DEQ)
Dioxin Advisory Committee Appointed (DEQ)
Water Supplies Working on Trihalomethane Problem (DEQ)
Missouri is Member of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission (DEQ)
New Exhibit Opens at Capitol ("Government in Missouri") (DSP)
Topo Maps Available (DGLS)

"The State of Missouri's Water" (Water Pollution UPDATE) (DEQ)
"Missouri's Water Playgrounds: No Place for Pollution" Burgess (Water quality of Missouri's lakes) (DEQ)
"Our Tallgrass Heritage" Holst (Preserving prairies in State Parks) (DSP)
"A Prairie Portfolio" (Photo story on prairies) (DSP)
"The Lost Land" Aucoin, Thomas (Soil erosion overview) (DEQ)
"A Missouri Farmer's Growing Concern for America" Thomas (Profile of Peter Myers) (DEQ)
"Daniel Yergin: Energy Prophet of the 1980s" Auchoin (PROFILE of Daniel Yergin) (DE)

Inside Back Cover:
"Carpooling Makes Cents!" (Ride-sharing promotion) (DE)

Spring 1984 - VOL. 2, NO. 2

Front Cover - Woman on horseback, Lake Ozark State Park
Back Cover -
Close-up of bloodroot flower

Director's Comment: Lafser - DNR 10th anniversary, accomplishments

News Briefs:
New Zealander Studies Mo. Land Rec. Procedures (DEQ)
"Meramec Lake Project" Land Disbursed (DSP)
Ozark Trail Still Growing (DSP)
State Cost-Share Program (soil conservation) (DEQ)
Acid Rain Legislation Could Prove Costly for Missourians (DEQ)
Contaminated Drinking Water Supplies Studied (Weldon Spring, Valley Park) (DEQ)
Public Water Supplies to be Recognized (Better Water for People Week) (DEQ)
Room for Improvement in Land Rec. Efforts (DEQ)
Air Commission Exempts Some Ag Odors from Regulations (DEQ)
Former St. Louis Air Pollution Director Dies (Charles Copley, Jr.) (DEQ)
New Members Appointed to Environmental Commissions (Air, Land Rec.) (DEQ)
Two Fish Kill Cases Settled (Pike Creek, Gans Creek) (DEQ)

"Missouri's Energy Outlook" (UPDATE of Missouri's energy expenditures) (DE)
"A Man from Missouri" Burgess (Profile of Harry Truman) (DSP)
"Missouri's Trash: What a Waste!" Guyton (Solid Waste overview) (DEQ)
"Stewards of the Environment" (PROFILE of Resource Stewards - Kent Bratton, John Settlage, Albert Copley, Joplin Workshops, Northwest Mo. State University, Susan Flader, Clarence Cannon Water Commission, Mercantile Trust Co., Union Electric) (DNR)
1984 Special Events Calendar (DSP)
Note: This issue included an "insert" of the statewide Parks Brochure.

Winter 1983-84 - Vol. 2, No.1

Front Cover - Dioxin plant near Spring River in Verona
Back Cover - Canoe on Mo. River (Promoting "Exploring Missouri River Country")

News Briefs:
Resource Steward nominations sought (DNR)
State Park System Big Business - Parks economic effects (DSP)
Lexington Makes History ... Entire Town on National Register (DSP)
New Soil Conservation District Established - Morgan County (DEQ)
Implementation of Superfund Law Underway (DEQ)
Major Water Consumers Required to Register (DGLS)
Litton Pays $50,000 Haz. Waste Settlement (DEQ)
Jobs Bill Puts Missourians to Work in State Parks (DSP)
Regional Water Supplies Allowed (DEQ)
Hazardous Waste Treatment Center Closes (DEQ)
Wastewater Treatment Construction Grants (DEQ)
Rules for Subdivision Treatment Facilities (DEQ)
Energy Conservation Grant to Medical Center (DE)

"A New Market for an Old Waste" (Land application of wastewater and sludge) (DEQ)
"Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air" (Inspection Maintenance program) (DEQ)
"Lafser Receives National Recognition" (State Govt. Distinguished Service Award) (DO)
"Weatherization Efforts Reduce Energy Spending" (Energy consumption and costs) (DE)
"Restoring Cedar Creek: One Year Later" (UPDATE on Land Rec. project) (DEQ)
"Dioxin: Missouri's Environmental Challenge" Auchoin (Overview of Dioxin in Missouri) (DEQ)
"Missouri's 'Winter Wonderful' Parks" (Photo story on winter in parks) (DSP)
"Christmas Past" Burgess (Christmas celebrations at State Historic Sites) (DSP)
"Black Gold" Holst (Drilling for oil in Missouri) (DGLS)
"Leo Drey: Land Magnate of the Ozarks" Still (PROFILE on Leo Drey) (DNR)
"Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1983" (Brief rundown of DNR activities, 1983) (DNR)
"In Time for Christmas" (Promotion of 'Past and Repast, The History and Hospitality of the Missouri Governor's Mansion') (DNR)

Annual Report - Fiscal Year 1982

(This first issue was actually an annual report, done in the format of the soon-to-be Missouri Resource Review .)

Front Cover - B/W photo of cedar tree at Ha Ha Tonka
Back Cover
- Listing of Resource Steward Awards - 1982

Division of Energy (Schools benefit from energy conservation; energy resources)
Division of Environmental Quality
(Air Pollution Control; Emergency Response; Land Reclamation; Public Drinking Water; Soil and Water Conservation; Waste Management; Water Pollution Control)
Division of Geology and Land Survey
(Geology; Land Survey)
Division of Parks and Historic Preservation
(Parks; Historic Preservation)
Division of Management Services
Office of the Director
(Interview with Director Fred Lafser)
Employees of the Year, 1981
(Nancy Masterson, Jim Williams)