Lake Jacomo and Prairie Lee Lake Sample Results

The Department of Natural Resources conducted sampling at Prairie Lee Lake and Lake Jacomo on Sunday, September 6. Final results are as follows:

Sample Results * Location
Prairie Lee Lake
0900741 228.2 colonies At first turnout Tudor Road
0900745 7.5 colonies Public boat launch
0900746 14.8 colonies Public boat ramp
0900747 178.5 colonies Private boat DOCk on Ozark Lane
Lake Jacomo
0900742 32.7 colonies From spillway into Lake Jacomo
0900748 5.2 colonies Lake Jacomo inlet from Prairie Lee Lake
0900749 3.1 colonies Boat ramp at marina
0900750 6.3 colonies Handicap access at main DOCk

* Colonies per 100 milliliters of water