Lake Jacomo and Prairie Lee Lake Sample Results

The Department of Natural Resources conducted sampling at Prairie Lee Lake and Lake Jacomo on Wednesday, September 9. Preliminary results are as follows:

Sample Results * Location
Prairie Lee Lake
0918191 16.6 colonies West Arm of Prairie Lee Lake at Todd George Road
0918192 23.5  colonies Boat ramp at  residence at Todd George
0918193 5.2 Boat ramp at Prairie Lee Lake
0918194 17.3 Private residence boat DOCk
Lake Jacomo
0918195 1.0 colonies Outfall/spillway from Prairie Lee Lake to Lake Jacomo
0918196 <1 colonies Inlet to Lke Jacomo from spillway 
0918197 7.4  colonies Boat ramp at marina 
0918198 3.1 colonies Handicapped access for fishing marina at Lake Jacomo

* Colonies per 100 milliliters of water