The Department of Natural Resources falls under the state’s Merit System application process. With the exception of a few appointed positions such as department and division directors, all positions in the Department of Natural Resources are covered under the Merit System.

Currently, there are two methods of applying for Merit System positions, either via paper application or by using the state's electronic application System (EASE).  Please see the Department Job Opportunities page to determine if the position for which you wish to apply requires a paper or EASE application.  

  • The completed paper Merit application is sent to the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel, for evaluation, not to the department. OA analysts will evaluate an application and send written notification of the results.
  • If you are submitting your EASE you will receive your score; based on the information you provided; via email.  Eligibility will be verified during the hiring process. 

After you have applied, you will need to take a merit examination. The examination may be a written or oral skill test, an evaluation of education and experience, or any combination of these types.  After passing the examination your name will be added to a merit register.

If eligible, the individual's name and score are placed on a register (applicant pool) for 12 months. Applicants are required to contact OA/DOP before the 12-month expiration date.

When a vacancy occurs, to be filled by eligible applicants from a particular register who are willing to work in the county where the vacancy is located, the Department of Natural Resources Human Resources Program requests a certificate of eligible candidates from OA Division of Personnel.

Human Resources will send letters to eligible candidates on the certificate inquiring on their availability for the vacant position.  You must respond with the required information to be considered for the position.  Based upon a review of your resume and other materials provided, you may then be contacted for an interview.  Due to the number of applications received, applicants not chosen for an interview will not receive any notification from the department.

Following interviews, selections are made from the top available applicants on the certificate.

NOTE: Applicants must respond in the stated time frame or their name may be removed from that register.

For additional questions regarding department employment opportunities, please see our frequently asked questions factsheet.