Environmental Supervisor-Richard photoRichard, Environmental Supervisor
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Division of Environmental Quality
Compliance and Enforcement Section, Air Pollution Control Program

Working Title: Environmental Supervisor 

Richard has been an Environmental Supervisor for more than 2 years with the Compliance and Enforcement Section of the Air Pollution Control Program in Jefferson City, Mo. Prior his appointment as the Testing and Emissions Unit Chief, he was an Environmental Specialist for 6 years and a Technical Assistant for 7 years. Richard has worked for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for more than 15 years.

Richard’s primary job duties include:

  • Supervise four staff who conduct daily duties required for vapor recovery, inspection/maintenance and emissions testing
  • Measure air emissions at various facilities through the state, including power plants and manufacturing plants
  • Coordinate with observers who are handling each project directly, as well as facilities, testing companies and permit writers
  • Facilitate successful determinations of compliance regarding stack test data submitted to the department
  • Review regional office inspection reports regarding vapor recovery rules and vehicle emissions
  • Assign enforcement cases related to vapor recovery and vehicle emissions
  • Assist the regulated community with questions regarding rule requirements
  • Communicate rule changes to the regulated community
  • Ensure internal and external stakeholders have an adequate understanding of rules and any changes as they occur
  • Ensure vehicle emissions contractor complies with requirements of the contract

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geology. His experience working in the environmental consulting field for a number of years prior to joining the department certainly benefits him in his current role. Prior to joining the Air Pollution Control Program, he worked with the department’s Solid Waste Management and Hazardous Waste programs.

Richard acknowledges a number of skills he possesses that aid him in his role as an Environmental Supervisor. His knowledge of stack testing and handling enforcement cases is beneficial, but the ability to effectively evaluate a situation and devise a workable solution stands out as a particularly valuable skill he has learned over the years. Richard also prides himself on his strong ability to communicate effectively with people, a requirement in his position as a supervisor.

Richard enjoys working with exceptional staff and supervisors, as well as the freedom he has to make common-sense decisions in his daily work without repercussions. His job is both challenging and thought-provoking, which has led to a very gratifying career.

Despite the many positive aspects of Richard’s career choice, there have been negative aspects as well. Luckily for Richard, these aren’t too frequent. His only real complaint is that sometimes he cannot keep up with the sheer volume of issues that arise. This is not uncommon in Richard’s line of work, but a positive side of that concern is that it keeps Richard busy and well connected to his support staff.

What advice does Richard have for an aspiring Environmental Specialist or Environmental Supervisor?

Continue to work hard and be the best you can be where you are right now. Some might say you’re interviewing for your next job every day. If people see that you are performing at a high level in your current position, you may get greater consideration when a position becomes available that you’d like to pursue. Also, make goals, and be intentional about meeting those goals. Understand that your future is truly up to you.

To learn more about the Environmental Specialist or Environmental Supervisor classification, visit oa.mo.gov/personnel/classification-specifications/4640.
Check out the Human Resources webpage for more information on employment with the department.
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is an equal opportunity employer.