State Water Plan provides technical support to the Missouri Drought Assessment Committee, and leadership and coordination of State Water Resources.

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1965 Grindstone Lost Muddy Creek Watershed Plan

1993 East Fork of the Grand River Watershed Plan

2000 Dearborn Lake Study

2001 Geology and Hydrology of the Preglacial Channel Aquifer in Northern Daviess County, MO

2003 Computer Model Evaluation of Ground Water Potential of the Glacial Drift Aquifer in the Vincinity of Coffey, MO

2005 Missouri Water Supply Study

2006 West Tarkio Creek Watershed Plan

2008 Census of Missouri Public Water Systems

Cameron Pipeline Preliminary Engineering Report - Phase V, May 2013

Little Otter Resop Study

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Final Savannah Assessment Technical Memorandum - August 2012