Administration and Support
Vacant Missouri Geological Survey Deputy Director and Water Resources Center Director   Jefferson City
Sherri Stoner

Chief of Planning

573-751-7823 Jefferson City
Jessica Becklenberg Executive I 573-751-2867 Jefferson City
Surface Water
Karen Rouse Section Chief 573-751-0648 Jefferson City
Bob Bacon State Hydrologist 573-751-6632 Jefferson City


Environmental Engineer

  Jefferson City
Sreedhar Upendram Economist 573-526-6547 Jefferson City
Bryan Hopkins Policy Coordination 573-526-1966 Jefferson City

Charles DuCharme


573-751-3682 Jefferson City
Michael Weller Environmental Engineer 573-522-6772 Jefferson City

Environmental Engineer

  Jefferson City
John Horton Hydrologist 573-522-1764 Jefferson City
Dam and Reservoir Safety

Ryan Stack

Chief Engineer

573-368-2178 Rolla

Glenn Lloyd

Civil Engineer

573-368-2176 Rolla

Jerry Scheible

Civil Engineer

573-368-2179 Rolla
David Donovan

Civil Engineer

573-368-2177 Rolla
Cara Blevins Administrative Office Support Assistant 573-368-2175 Rolla

Scott Kaden

Section Chief 573-368-2194 Rolla

Scotty Baumgartner

Unit Chief/Hydrologist

573-368-2113 Rolla
Kurt Hollman Hydrologist 573-368-2188 Rolla
Billy Reed Technical Assistant 573-368-0914 Rolla
Justin Burrus Technical Assistant 573-368-2180 Rolla

Cynthia Brookshire

Unit Chief/Hydrologist

573-368-2192 Rolla
Alica Alexander Geologist 573-368-2151 Rolla

David Erickson


573-368-2332 Rolla
Jacob Rohter Technical Assistant 573-368-2486 Rolla

Brian Fredrick


417-891-4392 Springfield
Tracey Mason Geologist 573-368-2485 Rolla