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The following rule developments are being considered. Please provide comments in the time frames indicated. All comments received will be posted with responses prior to filing as a proposed rulemaking. Once filed and published in the Missouri Register, there will be another opportunity to comment during the proposed rulemaking open comment period and public hearing prior to adoption. Thank you for your interest and assistance in developing these rules.

Missouri Mining Rules

Section 444.520 creates the eight member Missouri Mining Commission. The commission adopts and promulgates rules and regulations pursuant to Chapters 444,500 to 444.780 RSMo, to strike balance between mining of minerals and reclamation of land subject to mining.   

Department staff worked with stakeholders to develop a proposed rule amendment to 10 CSR 40-10.020 Permit Application Requirements.  The proposed rule amendment will increase acreage, site and maximum fees for Industrial Mineral Open Pit and In-Stream Sand and Gravel Operation mining more than five thousand (5,000) tons per year. The proposed rule amendment will clarifying public notice certified mail out requirements, aligning the rules with a name change of a federal government agency and changing a recommendation to a decision by the director for permit issuance or denial.

Rules in Initial Development

None at this time.

Rules on Public Notice

None at this time

Public Hearing Notice

None at this time.

Rules in Final Development

None at this time.

Decisions Completed

10 CSR 40-10.020 Amended

Questions regarding rule amendments should be directed to Larry Lehman at 573-751-1740

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