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Well Installation Board

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Section 256.605 creates the nine member Well Installation Board.  The board adopts and amends rules and regulations pursuant to statute to establish standards that will protect Missouri's groundwater.

The membership requirements are:  one member must hold a valid permit as a heat and well installation contractor; two members must hold valid permits as well installation contractors; one member must hold a valid permit as a monitoring well installation contractor and well installation contractor; four public members, with one being a public water supply district user and one shall be a private well user, the director of the one member must be a private well user; one member must be a public well user; two members must represent the general public. Members are appointed to the board by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. 

For more information about the Well Installation Board or meetings, please contact the board secretary at 573-368-2143.

Well Installation Board Members

Board Fact Sheet PUB1258

Well Installation Board Meetings

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Minutes taken at the Well Installation Board meetings are not verbatim records of the meeting.  Consequently, the minutes are not intended to be and are not a word-for-word transcription.

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To contact the Wellhead Protection Section call 573-368-2165 or email.

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