Section Chief
Tim Bull, 573-368-2171

  • Supervises the Well Installation Section
  • Information about legislation
  • Rulemaking and enforcement procedures
  • Proposed changes to policies and rules
  • Reviews casing points and variances

Compliance and Enforcement
Michelle Oglesby, Environmental Specialist, 573-368-2115

  • Technical assistance in the area of regulations
  • Enforcement
  • Compliance assistance
  • Settlement agreements
  • Policy development
  • Notices of violation
  • Penalty demand letters

Investigation and Remediation Unit
Justin Davis, Geologist, 573-368-2167

This unit is responsible for:

  • Field Investigation
  • Variances and casing points
  • Water well construction information
  • Monitoring well construction information
  • Heat pump construction information
  • Test hole construction information
  • Well searches
  • Plugging information

Staff in this Unit:
Aaron Szapa, Geologist, 573-368-2195
Airin Haselwander, Geologist, 573-368-2196
Kyle Brown, Environmental Specialist, 573-368-2168
Brad Mitchell, Geologist, 573-368-2116
Andrew Combs, Environmental Specialist, 573-368-2159
Dan Nordwald, Technical Assistant, 573-368-2451

Processing Unit
Karen Smith, Administrative Office Support Assistant, 573-368-2174

This unit is responsible for:

  • Revenue processing
  • Requests for forms, publications and general information
  • Data entry
  • Pump information
  • Public water supply notification forms
  • Certification and late fee information
  • Cost share assistance
  • Invoices
  • Permitting and testing information
  • The Connection newsletter

Staff in this Unit:
Cara Bird, Administrative Office Support Assistant (Permitting), 573-368-2450
Vacant, Senior Office Support Assistant (Section Secretary), 573-368-2165
Lori Miller, Senior Office Support Assistant, 573-368-2318
Jennifer Lewis, Office Support Assistant