The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible, in part, for activities associated with the exploration, production and subsurface storage of oil and gas in Missouri.  A portion of these responsibilities include reviewing, approving and maintaining applications to drill oil and gas production wells, underground injection control wells (enhanced oil recovery, disposal and hydrocarbon storage wells).

The history of Missouri’s petroleum industry has been of limited production.  However, some believe Missouri may possess significant untapped oil and gas resources with an estimated economic value of hundreds of billions of dollars.  Rising oil prices and the uncertainty associated with foreign supplies have created rising interest in Missouri’s oil and gas resources.  Learn more in The Geologic Column of MissouriOil and Gas in Missouri, Missouri Resources MagazineMissouri's Black Gold and this fact sheet – Oil and Gas in Missouri.

Oil and Gas Permits

The oil and gas database contains permits for more than 10,400 wells.  Well status includes under construction, active, inactive, plugged and abandoned. Additionally, visitors may locate stratigraphic and geophysical logs by accessing this map-based interface.

Updated May 2016.  Blue tint indicates counties in which non-confidential well permits are available.  Click on the map for detailed information and to access available permits, or download the most recent Excel Spreadsheet.