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Oil was discovered in Missouri shortly after the Civil War when water wells were being drilled near Kansas City. Missouri has seen a marked increase in the production of oil in the last several years. Read more....

Oil and Gas Fields in Missouri

Oil and Gas Fields in Missouri.

The State Oil and Gas Council publishes rules and regulations that apply to oil and gas drilling and producing operations to foster and promote orderly and economic development, production and use of natural resources of oil and gas.

The State Oil and Gas Council is composed of the director, or his or her appointee, of the following agencies:

  • Missouri Department of Economic Development' Division of Commerce and Industrial Development
  • Missouri Public Service Commission
  • Clean Water Commission
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology and
  • a member from the Missouri Independent Oil and Gas Association.

Two other persons knowledgeable about the oil and gas industry are appointed to the council by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

When the requirements of 10 CSR 50-2.010 through 50-2.110 and chapters 259 RSMo have been complied with the authority to engage in oil and gas drilling or producing operations will be granted by the state geologist.

For more information about the State Oil and Gas Council or meetings, please contact the council secretary at 573-368-2143.

State Oil and Gas Council Members

  • John Madras, Council Chairman and Director, Clean Water Commission, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Jefferson City
  • Shari Dunn-Norman, Ph.D., Council Vice Chairwoman and Professor, Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla
  • David Bleakley, Industry Member, Colt Energy, Fairway, Kan.
  • Joe Gillman, Missouri Geological Survey Director and State Geologist, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Rolla
  • Robert S. Kenney, Chairman, Missouri Public Service Commission, Jefferson City
  • William J. Luebbert, Public Member, Jefferson City
  • Bill L. Ransdall, Specialist, Community Planning and Development, Missouri Department of Economic Development, Jefferson City
  • Vacant, Public Member

Council Fact Sheet – PUB1287


State Oil and Gas Council Meetings

Upcoming Meeting

Wed., July 15, 2015, at 10 a.m.
Missouri Geological Survey
Mozarkite Conference Room
111 Fairgrounds Road
Rolla, Mo.
Agenda | Draft Minutes
Rulemaking Schedule

Scheduled Meetings

  • October 21, 2015 Kansas City Regional Office, Kansas City, Mo.

Minutes taken at the Oil and Gas Council meetings are not verbatim records of the meeting. Consequently, the minutes are not intended to be and are not a word-for-word transcripton.

Past Meeting Information

2015 Meetings

Laws, Regulations and Council Orders

Oil and Gas Production Statutes

Oil and Gas Council Rules | Rules in Development

Oil and Gas Council Orders

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