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Mining has taken place throughout Missouri. This includes both surface pits and underground mines. These mines produced a variety of economic, industrial and energy minerals and provided raw materials that helped build Missouri and the nation. Some abandoned mines date back to the original French settlers in the 1700s and are a major part of Missouri’s history.  Read more in the Geologic Hazards brochure.

Visit our Missouri Mine Maps site, which is a map file database of thousands of former and abandoned mines in Missouri, where you can view maps. 

Geologic Mapping for Natural Disasters

The Missouri Geological Survey partnered with the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) to create two series of maps to assist Missourians in their planning and response to a disaster. The Geologic Hazards Map Series highlights the potential for geologic and natural hazards, while the Debris Management Map Series helps to provide guidance for the management of waste debris following a disaster. Mapping potential geologic hazards and determining preliminary site suitability for disposal of debris provide emergency planners and responders with vital information needed in the response of a disaster. The maps are available for viewing and downloading using GeoSTRAT.