Geological Survey Program

Geologic Resources Section

Staff Directory

Any general questions or comments for the staff may be directed to the Geologic Resources Section or call 573-368-2143.

Carey Bridges Program Director 573-368-7152
Connie Edwards Executive I 573-368-2143
Larry Pierce Section Chief 573-368-2191
Patrick Scheel Technical Assistant IV 573-368-2243

Energy Resources Unit

Chris Vierrether

Unit Chief, Geologist IV

Jeff Crews Geologist II 573-368-2356
Joey Baughman Geologist II 573-368-2195

Industrial Minerals Unit

Pat Mulvany

Unit Chief, Geologist IV

David Bridges Geologist II 573-368-2656
Karen Loveland Technical Assistant II 573-368-2142

Geologic Investigations Unit

Cheryl Seeger

Unit Chief, Geologist IV

Molly Starkey Geologist II 573-368-2152
Vicki Voigt Geologist II 573-368-2128
Vacant Geologist I 573-368-2144
Vacant Geologist I 573-368-2106

Geologic Mapping

Edith Starbuck

Unit Chief, Geologist IV

Mike Siemens Geologist II 573-368-2134
Katie Rhode Geologist II


Kyle Ganz Geologist II 573-368-2149
Trevor Ellis Geologist I 573-368-2153