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Southeast Missouri Earthquakes -- Maps and Related Information

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Earthquakes in southeast Missouri are not rare.

NMSZ Earthquakes M1.0 or greater 2000-2012

Sixty-eight earthquakes that ranged between Magnitude 2.0 and Magnitude 3.9 shook southeast Missouri from 2009-2011.

Southeast Missouri Earthquakes 2009-2011

Two hundred thirty-six earthquakes that ranged between Magnitude 2.0 and Magnitude 4.9 shook southeast Missouri from 2000-2010.

Southeast Missouri Earthquakes 2000-2010

Four earthquakes measuring magnitude 4.5 or greater occurred in the zone since 1974 (as of February 21, 2012).

 NMSZ Earthquakes 1974 to Feb. 21, 2012 -- M 4.5 and Greater Trumann, Arkansas
Date: 1976/03/25 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC): 00:41:20.5000  Latitude: 35.59000  Longitude: -90.48000 Depth (km): 15.0000  Magnitude: 5.0  Google location: Map  

Trumann, Arkansas
Date: 1976/03/25 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC):  01:00:11.9000  Latitude:  35.61000  Longitude: -90.48000 Depth (km): 15.0000  Magnitude: 4.5  Google location: Map

Chaffee, Missouri
Date: 1990/09/26 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC): 13:18:51.7100  Latitude: 37.15200  Longitude: -89.61300  Depth (km): 1.0000  Magnitude: 4.8  Google location: Map  

Risco, Missouri
Date: 1991/05/04 Origin Time of Earthquake (UTC): 01:18:54.6000 Latitude: 36.57500 Longitude: -89.82500  Depth (km): 11.2000  Magnitude: 4.5   Google location: Map

Data collected from the New Madrid Earthquake Catalog maintained by the Center for Earthquake Research and Information. Search the catalog for other occurrences, create a map and learn more about occurrences in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

Missouri Earthquake Hazards Maps

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