Staff from the Environmental Geology Section of the Missouri Geological Survey perform a variety of duties; from responding to environmental emergencies to performing technical document reviews and conducting subsurface investigations to collect geologic and hydrologic information.water trace

The Subsurface Investigations and Waste Management Unit staff conduct geohydrologic investigations at sites impacted by hazardous wastes such as petroleum or other chemicals, and provide technical assistance about siting, monitoring, and cleanup of hazardous waste sites throughout Missouri.

Staff from the Environmental Assistance Unit perform geohydrologic evaluations for wastewater treatment facilities and residential housing developments; provide technical assistance in siting and monitoring of landfills in Missouri; provide geohydrologic assistance related to mines and quarries; and provide technical assistance on geologic hazards such as sinkholes.

Environmental Geology Section staff maintain the Missouri Water Tracing Laboratory and database that contains information related to groundwater traces performed in the state.

To request a new geohydrologic evaluation; search for a completed evaluation; review the status of a submitted geohydrologic evaluation for residential housing developments and wastewater treatment facilities; request a preliminary site investigation for a proposed solid waste disposal beneficial reuse area; or register as a water tracer click here.

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