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We conduct integrated earth resource evaluation that incorporates sustainable economic vitality and environmental and public health protection.



Minerals and Mining
Find out more about Missouri's past and present mining and land reclamation.

Oil and Gas
Access information about oil and gas in Missouri.

Learn about the science of ground temperatures and uses of this natural energy.

McCracken Core Library and Research Center
Visit one of the country's largest rock core repositories.



Rocks and Fossils
Learn about Missouri's rocks, minerals and fossils.

Learn more about our 7,300 plus caves.

Maps and Publications
Explore topographic maps, geologic maps, scientific publications, books and more.

Environmental Science
Protecting the environment using geoscience.

Ask a Geologist
Do you have a question about geology?



Learn about various well types, uses and regulations for drilling and well construction, and geologic well logs.
Learn more about our more than 4,500 springs.


Water Tracing
This is a process used to research where and how water travels underground.

Environmental Science
Protecting the environment using geoscience.


Geologic Hazards

Small earthquakes occur in Missouri nearly every day. See where the most recent quakes are located.

The state has more than 14,600 sinkholes. See where and how they tend to develop.

Learn about landslides in Missouri and see where they are more likely to occur.


Mine Shafts
What makes them a hazard and what can you do with one if found on your property? Find out more here.

Open Wells
Learn how to plug an abandoned well.



Ed Clark Museum
Take a self-guided tour of our museum of geology including minerals, rocks, fossils and more.

Ask a Geologist
Do you have a question about geology?

Geology Store
Order maps and publications online.



Careers in Geology
Learn about professional opportunities.

Check out some of our educational videos.

Maps and Publications
Explore topographic maps, geologic maps, scientific publications, books and more.

Ask a Geologist -- Email your question about Missouri geology!

The Geological Survey Program is organized into three sections that perform the following major functions:

  • The Geologic Resources Section fulfills many of the traditional tasks of the Geological Survey. It acquires and maintains basic geologic data that are used by the other sections and provides technical assistance to both the private and public sectors. Staff Listing
  • The Environmental Geology Section conducts field investigations and provides services in determining the environmental hazards posed by waste disposal practices and spills. Staff Listing
  • The Well Installation Section ensures that any new private water well (this includes domestic and multiple family class wells) is constructed to minimum standards as set by the state regulations. The section regulates the construction of private water wells irrigation wells, monitoring wells and heat pump wells. In addition, we regulate how to properly plug all types of wells. Staff Listing

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Missouri Geology BibliographyThe Missouri Geology Bibliography

This electronic bibliography brings together the nine books that comprise the Bibliography of the Geology of Missouri, published by the Missouri Geological Survey and its predecessor agencies from 1945 through 1972. ...more

Missouri Rock and Mineral Set
Back by popular demand! Missouri Rock and Mineral Sets

Want to delight your favorite rock enthusiast?  If so, consider giving a Missouri Rock and Mineral Set. Accompanying the set is a 16-page, full-color booklet that describes each rock and mineral and its uses. To learn more about this set and other educational items, visit the publications desk in Rolla at 111 Fairgrounds Road or call 573-368-2100 to order. Also, download and print "Build A Geologist" paper model.

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