The Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program gives every motorist whose vehicle fails the emissions test a listing of the ten nearest repair shops that employ at least one Missouri Recognized Repair Technician (MRRT).The full listing is called the Repair Facility Performance Report, or RFPR. The RFPR provides shop data by community. Shops are listed within their community by shop name. The listing includes the address, zip, and phone. Illinois shops may apply and are listed if they meet Missouri criteria. The RFPR is produced quarterly.

The RFPR includes a Repair Effectiveness Index (REI) for qualifying shops. The REI is a ranking based on emissions repair data provided by each facility listed. A shop’s REI score represents the number of successful emissions-related repairs divided by the number of total emissions-related repairs completed over a designated six-month period. In order to qualify for an REI score, a shop must have 12 or more emissions-related repairs documented over the designated period.