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Classified Waters of Missouri 

Streams, lakes, and rivers  that have identified beneficial uses and have some water year round are classified and listed in Tables G and H in 10 CSR 20-7.031. Individual classifications are listed below.


  • Class L1:
    • Lakes or Reservoirs used primarily for public drinking water supply.
  • Class L2:
    • Major Reservoirs
  • Class L3:
    • Other lakes which are waters of the state. These include both public and private lakes. For effluent regulation purposes, publicly owned L3lakes are those for which a substantial portion of the surrounding lands are publicly owned or managed.

Stream and Rivers

  • Class P:
    • Streams that maintain permanent flow during drought conditions.
  • Class P1:
    • Standing water reaches of class P streams.
  • Class C:
    • Stream that may cease flow in dry periods but maintain permanent pools which support aquatic life.


  • Class W:
    • Wetlands that are waters of the state that meet the criteria in the Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual (January 1987), and subsequent federal revisions. Class W waters does not include wetlands that are artificially created on dry land and maintained for the treatment of mine drainage, stormwater control, drainage associated with road construction, or industrial, municipal or agricultural waste.