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303(d) Listed Waters

2012 303d interactive map.

Who's Monitoring Your Watershed?

What Watershed do you live in?

Animal Feeding Operations

Animal Feeding Operations map.

Missouri Water Quality Report -305(b)

Missouri Water quality Report (305b)

Current Boil Orders

Missouri Water quality Report (305b)

Where Does My Rainwater Flow?

Missouri Water quality Report (305b)

Surface Water Drainage for Southwest Missouri - This map is 36in. x 36in. but can be printed as an 8.5in. x 11in.

Department GIS page - Geographic and Digital Data, Landfills, Facilities, Transfer Stations, Site Cleanup Maps, Waste, Watersheds, Water Protection

All Simple Map Projects

Missouri Watershed Tool - This tool was recently developed by CARES and should be helpful for watershed groups and/or other entities looking for information regarding their watershed.