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Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program

The Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program is one of the most popular activities of the Missouri Stream Team Program. The Missouri Stream Team Program is a partnership between the Department of Conservation, Department of Natural Resources, the Conservation Federation of Missouri and the citizens of Missouri.

Goals of the Stream Team Water Quality Monitoring progam include:

The volunteer program is flexible, offering different levels of involvement and commitment that build on each other. Volunteers are expected to share the knowledge they gain with their community, periodically monitor a stream and submit collected data in a timely manner. Volunteers begin by mapping their watershed, calculating stream discharge and submitting a site selection data sheet. This qualifies them to receive monitoring equipment so that they can submit macroinvertebrate data. With further training volunteers can learn to collect for chemical and microbiological parameters.

Volunteer data will be used to inform and educate Missouri citizens, establish baseline data on rarely sampled streams, locate emerging water quality problems and identify long term trends in stream conditions. Highly trained volunteers will collect data that may supplement agency-collected data.

New Map of Stream Team Sites

Drawing of canoeists.Congratulations Stream Team Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring! You are now on the map! Follow this link to the Interactive Map showing monitoring sites for the Volunteer Water Quality Monitors. Sites are being updated regularly, so check back often.

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Workshops
There are currently five levels of training available to volunteers: Introductory, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Cooperative Stream Investigations.

Cooperative Stream Investigations
The Department of Natural Resources Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program and the Missouri Stream Teams are in the process of implementing a new program called Cooperative Stream Investigations. The goal of this program is to foster cooperation between the department, watershed management committees and volunteers to perform sampling for special projects. The primary, but not only, focus of Cooperative Stream Investigations sampling will be E. coli and temperature monitoring.

Monitoring News and Notes
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Stream Team Notebook from Missouri Resources
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Contact Information
Susan Higgins
Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102

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