Financial Assistance Center - Wastewater Grant Programs

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40 Percent State Construction Grants

NOTE: This program is not currently available. Forty Percent State Construction Grants are for the construction of wastewater collection and treatment systems. Public entities that do not qualify for a loan for the total eligible project costs from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program are eligible for funding. Eligible recipients are generally unsewered communities, water districts and sewer districts with populations under 1,000. The grants cover up to 40 percent of the eligible costs of a project. The balance of the eligible costs and all the ineligible costs must come from another funding source. Eligible costs are generally the costs of engineering, construction on publicly held land and equipment. These grants cannot be used for administration, land or easement costs and legal costs.

Rural Sewer Grants

Rural sewer grants can be used for two types of wastewater construction projects:

  • Rural Sewer Grants are restricted to unsewered projects and fund collection systems.
  • Special Needs Grants will be used to fund the additional costs of meeting more stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or Department of Natural Resources requirements for wastewater treatment. Costs of upgrades to meet ammonia limits and disinfection requirements are examples of costs that could be funded up to 50 percent through this type of grant.

Public sewer districts, public water districts and communities of less than 10,000 population and not located, in whole or in part, in an area of St. Louis County or City encircled by Interstate Route 270, or in an area of Jackson, Clay or Platte counties encircled by State Routes 150 and 291 and Interstate Routes 29 and 635 are eligible to apply.

The grants cover up to 50 percent of the eligible costs of a project up to a maximum of $500,000 or $1,400 per connection, which ever is less. The balance of the eligible costs and all the ineligible costs must come from another funding source.

Rural Sewer Grant Program, Fact Sheet -- PUB2307

Small Community Engineering Assistance Grants

The Small Community Engineering Assistance Program grants are available for municipalities, counties, public sewer or water districts, political subdivisions or instrumentalities of the state with a population of less than 10,000. The grants offers funding for wastewater engineering costs incurred in preparation of a facility plan. Communities may be eligible to receive an 80 percent grant with a 20 percent recipient match, while disadvantaged communities may be eligible to receive a 90 percent grant with a 10 percent recipient match. The grant amount shall not exceed $50,000.

Small Community Engineering Assistance Program, Fact Sheet--PUB2485

Clean Water Small Community Engineering Assistance Grant Application, Form--MO 780-2217