Additional Resources for Financial Assistance

Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee

The Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee (MWWRC) is a group of individuals representing three agencies that provide funding to communities for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements. The committee helps community leaders pursue funding options by reviewing proposals and engineering reports and making recommendations or extending an invitation to apply for funding. This collaborative effort between funding agencies allows them to stretch limited funding dollars and support the greatest number of projects. The committee meets once a month to review proposals. Applicants are expected to contact funding agencies prior to submittal to review funding options, and submit a proposal requesting funds from the agency or agencies that fits their needs.

The MWWRC agencies include:

Missouri Department of Economic Development
Community Development Block Grant Program
301 W. High Street, P.O. Box 118
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Financial Assistance Center
1101 Riverside Dr., P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Rural Development
601 Business Loop 70 WestParkade Center , Suite 235
Columbia, MO 65203

NOTE:  Requirements for the Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee facility plans do not necessarily meet the department's Financial Assistance Center facility plan requirements.

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