Wastewater Construction Permitting

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources reviews wastewater construction permit applications to ensure plans and specifications for wastewater sewer systems and treatment facilities are complete with regard to the minimum requirements and the proposed construction is acceptable with regard to accepted design standards for wastewater systems to protect the public health and the environment.


Construction Permit Status

You can search the department’s Missouri Clean Water Information System for construction permit applications in process.  Applications in Process Search
You can find final construction permits issued on or after August 1, 2009.  Final Construction Permits

Draft Master General Sewer Extension Construction Permit



Selecting an Engineering Consultant
All engineering reports, plans and specifications must be signed, sealed, and dated by a Missouri professional engineer.  The procurement of planning and design services is one of the most important steps in the design or upgrade of wastewater systems.  Ten tips to help communities hire an engineer

Qualifications-based selection (QBS) is a recommended process to negotiate procurement of an engineering firm based on qualifications and competence relative to the work to be performed.  Below is a link to the QBS proper procurement steps and information provided by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Missouri.

You can search for a licensed professional engineer in the state of Missouri on the Missouri Division of Professional Registration.  Licensee Search

Antidegradation Implementation
All construction permits for new or expanded discharges are required to follow the Missouri Antidegradation Rule and Implementation Procedure. More information

No-Discharge Wastewater Treatment
The department requires all facilities undergoing the antidegradation or construction permitting processes to evaluate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility alternative.  No-discharge facilities may fall into one of three categories: regionalization, surface land application, or subsurface soil dispersal systems.  More information

Innovative Technology for Treating Wastewater
The department encourages the development of innovative wastewater treatment processes and equipment. Many communities face more stringent effluent limitations, and they are looking for practical and affordable solutions. More information

Sewer Extension Authority Supervised Program
The department reevaluates and reviews new requests for sewer extension authority supervised programs.  Municipalities who receive department approval are responsible to permit, inspect, and accept sewer extensions constructed and are tributary to their wastewater treatment facilities. More information

Standard Sewer Specifications and Details
The department offers a review and approval process for municipalities with standard sewer specifications and details.  Municipalities who receive department approval will not be required to submit a copy of their specifications and details with a sewer extension construction permit application.  You may view approved and currently under review municipalities. More information

Engineering Workshops

Additional Information