Water Protection Program

Final Site Specific Permits

(S - Z)

All site-specific permits will be posted to this site as they are listed for final issuance.

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You can find permits issued on or after Jan. 11, 2002, on the following table listed by applicant in alphabetical order.

Permit Number Applicant County
MO0136042 S & S Recycling LLC Laclede
MO0127132 S-S-S Incorporated Pike
MO0098680 S.K. and M. Water and Sewer Company Perry
MO0134244 S.T.A.F.F. Animal Rescue Camden
MO0127353 Saddlebrooke Lake WWTP Cole
MO0130087 Saddlebrooke Ridge Cape Girardeau
MO0128937 Saddlebrooke WWTF Christian
MO0100455 Saint - Gobain Containers Jefferson
MO0114618 Saint Alban's Valley WWTF St. Louis
MO0021768 Salem WWTF Dent
MO0025313 Salisbury North 6 Acre Lagoon Chariton
MO0025321 Salisbury South 2.4 acre Lagoon Chariton
MO0056634 Salisbury WWTF Chariton
MO0124605 Sallee Post Service Sanctuary Boone
MO0128040 Salt Ridge Estates Camden
MO0134180 Sam Aldein WWTF Lincoln
MO0132683 Sandy Branch Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0106321 Sanitary Sewer District #102 WWTP Jackson
MO0107476 Sanitary Sewer District #103 WWTP Jackson
MO0111180 Sanofi-Aventis US Jackson
MO0112569 Saratoga Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0028657 Sarcoxie WWTF Jasper
MO0116564 Savannah Heights Industrial Taney
MO0026336 Savannah Wastewater Treatment Facility Andrew
MO0129739 Saxony Lutheran High School Cape Girardeau
MO0108715 SC Hotels, Inc. WWTP Warren
MO0126594 SCCPWSD #2, Boone Ridge Estates WWTF St Charles
MO0136204 SCCPWSD #2, Hickory Trails Warren
MO0115461 SCCPWSD #2, New Melle STP St. Charles
MO0133264 SCCPWSD #2, Providence Estates WWTF Warren
MO0043389 SCCPWSD#2, Rolling Meadows WWTP St. Charles
MO0057801 SCCPWSD, Castlegate Estates MHP St. Charles
MO0128252 SCCPWSD, Sycamore Creek WWTF St. Charles
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MO0135518 Schneider and Greenwald Treatment Plant Camden
MO0128241 Schreiber Foods Inc. Barry
MO0127361 Schrimpf and Woods WWTP Camden
MO0122092 Schweissguth Brothers WWTF Warren
MO0121193 Scooter's Night Club Butler
MO0056600 Scotchman Place MHP Callaway
MO0103594 Scott City WWTF Scott
MO0134678 Scott County R-IV School WWTF Scott
MO0127302 Scott's Landing WWTP Morgan
MO0127981 Scout Ridge Estates Nodaway
MO0122602 Scroll Compressors LLC Douglas
MO0120421 SE Missouri Regional Port Authority Lagoon Cape Girardeau
MO0056651 Seabaugh Acres Cape Girardeau
MO0127965 Sebelius Lagoon Crawford
MO0105597 Secluded Forest Subdivision Jefferson
MO0129313 SECO Products Franklin
MO0136603 Secret Point Subdivision Stone
MO0023019 Sedalia Central WWTF Pettis
MO0023027 Sedalia North WWTF Pettis
MO0101567 Sedalia SE WWTP Pettis
MO0111023 Seligman WWTF Barry
MO0088854 Selma Village Jefferson
MO0130079 Seminole Estates WWTF Morgan
MO0118176 SemMaterials, L. P. Pettis
MO0048666 Senath Wastewater Lagoon Dunklin
MO0106577 Sennawood Village Subdivision Jefferson
MO0116777 Septic Services Franklin
MO0111201 Serenity Bay Subdivision Camden
MO0089745 Serenity MHP Washington
MO0115223 Seven Springs/Twin Lakes Jefferson
MO0121142 Seven Trails West Camden
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MO0022985 Seymour WWTF Webster
MO0122530 Shadowbrook Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0119555 Shady Brook Subdivision Camden
MO0123692 Shady Complex WWTF Camden
MO0117501 Shady Gators WWTF Camden
MO0092789 Shady Lane MHP Phelps
MO0125717 Shady Lane Mobile Home Park WWTF Dallas
MO0080730 Shady Lawn Rest Home Andrew
MO0125873 Shady Oaks MHP WWTF Wright
MO0093734 Shagbark WWTF Cole
MO0130311 Shalom Mountain WWTF Pulaski
MO0097632 Shamrock Heights Subdivision WWTF Cole
MO0120189 Shamrock Point Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0055921 Shands Country Inn Station Butler
MO0125296 Shangri-La Townhouses Cole
MO0113042 Shannon's Little River Farm Warren
MO0137430 Shannon County Commission Quarry #2 Oregon
MO0136522 Shannon County Route H Quarry Shannon
MO0137375 Shapiro Brothers Inc Jefferson
MO0133990 Shared Septic System Lance Smith and Nik Camden
MO0125245 Sharkey's Time Out Sports Bar & Grill Morgan
MO0119962 Sharpe Land and Cattle Company Lewis
MO0123722 Shawnee Bend WWTF Camden
MO0131920 Shawnee Oaks Subdivision Camden
MO0041092 Shelbina WWTF Shelby
MO0054704 Shelbyville WWTF Shelby
MO0040177 Sheldon WWTF Vernon
MO0118231 Shell Knob Elementary School Barry
MO0102741 Shell Knob Pizza Hut Barry
MO0089192 Shell Rock Not For Profit Sewer Corporation Barry
MO0135828 Shell Rock Not For Profit, Windsor Bay Barry
MO0103276 Shelton Estates Clay
MO0130745 Shepard Campground WWTF Butler
MO0133183 Shepherd Hills Subdivision Cole
MO0097373 Shepherd of the Hills Farm Taney
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MO0090697 Sherwood School Lagoon Cass
MO0058297 Shilo Treatment Facility Franklin
MO0117528 Shiloh Springs Golf Club Platte
MO0130346 Shimmering Shores WWTF Camden
MO0135623 Sho-Me Power WWTF Webster
MO0134287 Shoal Creek RV Campground Newton
MO0129305 Shoreline Waste Facility Randolph
MO0108561 Shores of Camelot Camden
MO0120961 Shores of Northgate Subdivision Miller
MO0130893 Shores of Shawnee Bend WWTF Camden
MO0122823 Show-Me Christian Home Pettis
MO0134198 Show Me Ethanol, LLC Carroll
MO0116254 Show Me Regional Landfill Johnson
MO0130290 Show Me Shores MHP Resort WWTF Stone
MO0136131 Sibley Generating Station Jackson
MO0117609 Sidwell Lagoon Phelps
MO0130711 Sienna Oaks WWTF Camden
MO0132756 Sierra Bay Camden
MO0120863 Sikeston Business and Technology Park WWTP Scott
MO0045403 Sikeston Health Care Inc. New Madrid
MO0095575 Sikeston Power Station Scott
MO0035009 Sikeston WWTF Scott
MO0108243 Silex WWTF Lincoln
MO0121754 Silo Ridge Homeowners Association WWTF Polk
MO0121568 Silver Bell Trailer Park WWTF Greene
MO0037257 Silver Dollar City WWTF Stone
MO0131571 Silver Fox Estates Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0124338 Silver Meadow Girl Scout Camp Boone
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MO0033952 Silver Spoke Lodge Stone
MO0036773 Simmons Foods Inc. McDonald
MO0108952 Simmons Hatchery McDonald
MO0114529 Sinclair Transportation Company Carroll
MO0088897 Sir Thomas Manor Apartments Jefferson
MO0105473 Six Flags St. Louis St. Louis
MO0022969 Skidmore WWTF Nodaway
MO0127019 Sky's The Limit Jackson
MO0110108 Skyhaven Fastop and Motel Johnson
MO0081850 Skyline Village Inc. Audrain
MO0114308 Skyview Heights Subdivision WWTF Taney
MO0124192 Skyway Farm-Lindenwood University Lincoln
MO0094951 Slater WWTF Saline
MO0134988 Sleepy Hollow Condominiums WWTF Stone
MO0108146 Sleepy Hollow Estates WWTP Cole
MO0090506 Sleepy Hollow MHP Franklin
MO0107301 Slumber Inn Motel Cass
MO0104302 Slumberland Furniture Boone
MO0132837 Smith and Company Landfarm Stoddard
MO0025828 Smithton Lagoon Pettis
MO0055204 Smithville WWTF Clay
MO0114758 Smoke Tree Hills Subdivision Taney
MO0129232 Smokers' Outlet, Inc. Marion
MO0118214 Sneads Bar-B-Q Cass
MO0028886 Sni-A-Bar Wastewater Treatment Facility Jackson
MO0106020 Snow Creek Ski Resort Platte
MO0119261 Snow Hill Meadows MHP Lincoln
MO0103918 Somerset Townhomes Camden
MO0131644 Sorrento Square WWTF Camden
MO0126535 South Fork R-VII Elementary School Howell
MO0108235 South Fork Subdivision Johnson
MO0128074 South Gale Homeowners Association Platte
MO0129747 South Greenfield WWTF Dade
MO0131857 South Harper Peaking Facility Cass
MO0036382 South Jefferson County Utility Company Jefferson
MO0106470 South Oaks Mobile Home Park Christian
MO0050172 South Park Mobile Village Cedar
MO0116289 South Port Condominiums Association Inc. Stone
MO0117153 South Shelby High School Shelby
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MO0083585 South Syde Estates MHP Audrain
MO0118117 South St. Joseph Industrial Sewer District WWTP Buchanan
MO0124869 South Van Buren Sewer District #1 Carter
MO0090263 South Walnut Hills Subdivision Pettis
MO0105023 Southeast Landfill, LLC Jackson
MO0127876 Southern Air Duplexes Callaway
MO0132586 Southern Hills Estates Stoddard
MO0057142 Southern Hills Townhouses and Apartments Cole
MO0081655 Southern Hills WWTF Johnson
MO0128988 Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. Cass
MO0108766 Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc. - Saginaw Compressor Station Newton
MO0094196 Southgate Subdivision Pettis
MO0116289 Southport Condominiums WWTF Stone
MO0122050 Southwest Business Park Lincoln
MO0135453 Southwest City WWTF McDonald
MO0081345 Southwest Livingston County R-I School District Livingston
MO0129801 Southwind Meadow WWTF Callaway
MO0124346 Southwood II Subdivision WWTF Phelps
MO0095001 Southwood Hills WWTP Cole
MO0102342 Southwood Shores Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0113484 Southwoods Estates MHP Boone
MO0104027 Sparta WWTF Christian
MO0123153 Spawn Log Home Duplexes Camden
MO0002470 Specialty Brands Inc. Jasper
MO0123552 Specialty Brands Inc. Wayne
MO0112950 Specialty Granules, Inc. Iron
MO0114855 Speedline Technologies Camden
MO0113123 Speedy's LLC #5 Greene
MO0113026 Spickard WWTF Grundy
MO0105864 Spinnaker Point Condominiums Miller
MO0117374 Splitrail Subdivision Stone
MO0123935 Sportsman's Harbor Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0113549 Spring Bluff R-15 School Franklin
MO0058459 Spring Lake Estates Subdivision Cape Girardeau
MO0129267 Spring Lake Sewer Company Wastewater Treatment System Adair
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MO0132969 Spring Meadows and A.H. Williams Subd. WWTF Franklin
MO0134295 Spring Meadows Development Andrew
MO0089087 Spring Meadows Mobile Home Estates Franklin
MO0134627 Springfield Aviation Classification and Activity Depot Greene
MO0134830 Springfield Branson National Airport Ind Greene
MO0117340 Springfield, McDaniel Lake Hypolimnetic Greene
MO0126322 Springfield Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Greene
MO0103039 Springfield Northwest WWTP Greene
MO0106658 Springfield Sanitary Landfill Greene
MO0049522 Springfield Southwest WWTP Greene
MO0089940 Springfield SW Power Plant Greene
MO0001961 Springfield, James River Power Plant Greene
MO0089940 Springfield, John Twitty Energy Center Greene
MO0117340 Springfield, McDaniel Lake Hypolimnetic Withdrawal System Greene
MO0120251 Spyglass Summit Camden
MO0103683 Squaw Creek Truck Plaza Inc. Holt
MO0001180 SRG Global Inc. - Portageville New Madrid
MO0116700 St. Alban's Forest St. Louis
MO0120341 St. Albans Hills St. Louis
MO0114618 St. Albans Valley WWTF St. Louis
MO0129127 St. Charles County, Klondike Park St. Charles
MO0132039 St. Charles Co. PWSD #2 - Hickory Trails Warren
MO0115461 St. Charles County PWSD #2, New Melle STP St. Charles
MO0133264 St. Charles PWSD #2, Providence Estates Warren
MO0058351 St. Charles Missouri River WWTF St. Charles
MO0081302 St. Charles, Boschertown Lagoon St. Charles
MO0129127 St. Charles, Klondike Pk St. Charles
MO0058343 St. Charles, Mississippi River Treatment Plant St. Charles
MO0099465 St. Clair WWTF Franklin
MO0126012 St. Croix Estates Camden
MO0109061 St. Elizabeth Industrial Complex Miller
MO0135968 St. Elizabeth WWTF Miller
MO0108774 St. Francois County Environmental Corp. St. Francois
MO0093564 St. James STP Phelps
MO0119601 St. Jo Frontier Casino Buchanan
MO0081426 St. Joseph's Hill Infirmary Jefferson
MO0109878 St. Joseph Sanitary Landfill Buchanan
MO0099520 St. Joseph School Ste. Genevieve
MO0023043 St. Joseph WWTP Buchanan
MO0023051 St. Joseph WWTP, Rosecrans Memorial Buchanan
MO0098418 St. Jude Industrial Park Treatment Works New Madrid
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MO0136786 St. Louis Disposal Solutions St. Louis
MO0120600 St. Martin's United Church of Christ Jefferson
MO0100731 St. Mary Sewage Treatment Facility Ste. Genevieve
MO0094285 St. Moritz Condominiums Camden
MO0132306 St. Peters, Central Material Processing Facility St. Charles
MO0030970 St. Peters - Spencer Creek WWTP St. Charles
MO0112925 St. Robert WWTP Pulaski
MO0133001 St. Thomas WWTF Cole
MO0109959 St. Tropez Subdivision Camden
MO0111171 St. Vincent DePaul Church/School Warren
MO0136671 Stainless Fabrication Inc Greene
MO0043231 Stanberry WWTF Gentry
MO0091472 Stanton/Meramec KOA Franklin
MO0118427 Stardust Motor Inn Pettis
MO0131547 Starrville Park Stone
MO0113573 State Park Village WWTP Johnson
MO0108391 Stately Mansions Mobile Manor Phelps
MO0052159 Ste. Genevieve STP Ste. Genevieve
MO0057444 Steele Aerated Lagoon Pemiscot
MO0085421 Steelville R-III High School Crawford
MO0095567 Steelville WWTF Crawford
MO0130664 Steep Lane WWTF Camden
MO0105830 Steeple Ridge Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0124281 Stella WWTF Newton
MO0136476 Sterett Creek Marina, Inc. Benton
MO0098370 Steven R. Cramer Wastewater Lagoon Lafayette
MO0119792 Stewart MHP Warren
MO0108880 Stewartsville Wastewater Lagoon Clinton
MO0097004 Stiefferman Subdivision WWTF Cole
MO0094986 Still Water Resort - South Shore WWTF Stone
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MO0055280 Stockton WWTF Cedar
MO0112810 Stockton Yard Campground WWTF Cedar
MO0135569 Stoddard Co. Common Sewer Stoddard
MO0133876 Stoll Addition WWTF - United Services Nodaway
MO0128121 Stone Ridge Canyon St. Charles
MO0119091 Stone Ridge Estates Stone
MO0132349 Stone Ridge Meadows WWTF St. Charles
MO0121223 Stone's Mobile Home Park WWTF Stone
MO0099686 Stonecroft Ministries Conference Center WWTF Taney
MO0129020 Stonehaven Estates Callaway
MO0131229 Stoneridge Farms Subdivision Lincoln
MO0119784 Stoneridge Sewage Treatment Facility Henry
MO0126276 Stonewater Cove Resort and Spa WWTF Stone
MO0124982 Stoney Creek Subdivision Callaway
MO0125971 Stoney Pointe Treatment Plant Stone
MO0118621 Stoney Ridge Village Pettis
MO0111376 Stony Gap Estates Pulaski
MO0115321 Stotts City WWTF Lawrence
MO0124419 Stoutland WWTF Camden
MO0116084 Stoutsville Resort and RV Park, CCC Monroe
MO0047040 Stover Northwest Lagoon Morgan
MO0047058 Stover Southwest Lagoon Morgan
MO0132829 Straube Sewer System Ralls
MO0093319 Stream Line MHP (formerly Bill's Trailer Park) Franklin
MO0122319 Stricklin Lagoon Iron
MO0052027 Sturgeon WWTF Boone
MO0133256 Success School District WWTF Texas
MO0002666 Sugar Creek Cement Plant Jackson
MO0136549 Sugar Creek Marketing WWTF Jackson
MO0134848 Sugar Creek Restaurant Osage
MO0104736 Sullivan WWTP Franklin
MO0105325 Summer Haven Condominiums Miller
MO0130974 Summer Hill Condominiums Camden
MO0123234 Summer Place on the Lake Condominiums Camden
MO0036382 Summer Set Utility Company Jefferson
MO0130681 Summers Point, Village of Camden
MO0120162 Summerset Park Henry
MO0109053 Summersville WWTP Shannon
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MO0108901 Summit Hills Farm Subdivision Franklin
MO0105775 Summit Ridge MHP WWTF Taney
MO0111864 Summit View Drive WWTF Callaway
MO0091600 Sumner WWTF Chariton
MO0122297 Sun Valley Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0055786 Sundown Resort Stone
MO0135160 Sundown Steakhouse and Tavern, LLC WWTF Pulaski
MO0117315 Sunflower Estates Mobile Home Park Taney
MO0130591 Sunny Slope Country Club Drive Sewer District WWTF Camden
MO0044563 Sunnydale Adventist Academy Audrain
MO0113191 Sunrise Acres Subdivision Jefferson
MO0089303 Sunrise Acres Trailer Park Callaway
MO0105601 Sunrise Auto Sales Camden
MO0103080 Sunrise Bay Condominiums Camden
MO0137278 Sunrise Beach Phase 1 WWTF Camden
MO0122262 Sunrise Cantina WWTF Camden
MO0105601 Sunrise Laundromat Camden
MO0103900 Sunrise Point Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0092762 Sunrise R-9 Elementary School Jefferson
MO0103713 Sunrise Ridge Condominiums Camden
MO0123374 Sunrise Terrace Mobile Home Park Camden
MO0105601 Sunrise Truck and Boat Sales Camden
MO0104621 Sunrise Valley Apartments Franklin
MO0103225 Sunset Cove Condominiums Stone
MO0131628 Sunset Cove Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0127833 Sunset Hills Mobile Home Park Audrain
MO0121533 Sunset Hills Trailer Court Osage
MO0127833 Sunset MHP Audrain
MO0124541 Sunset Mobile Home Park Jasper
MO0115592 Sunset Motel Pettis
MO0132420 Sunset Palms Camden
MO0086568 Sunset Pointe MHC Jefferson
MO0131652 Sunset Pointe WWTF Camden
MO0105457 Sunset Terrace Subdivision Franklin
MO0126276 Sunset Timbers Resort WWTF Stone
MO0091553 Sunset Village MHP Pettis
MO0132799 Sunshine Estates Subdivision Polk
MO0121428 Sunquest Estates WWTF Camden
MO0118516 Super 7 Motel WWTF Pettis
MO0120456 Super 8 Motel WWTF Barton
MO0117471 Superior Maple Hill Landfill Macon
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MO0114260 Sweet Springs Amoco Truck Stop Saline
MO0054518 Sweet Springs WWTF Saline
MO0001988 Sweetheart Cup Company Greene
MO0117439 Sweetwater Beach Subdivision WWTF Barry
MO0099694 Swiss Lodge Apartments Jefferson
MO0128333 Swiss Villa Utilities WWTF Stone
MO0086363 Sycamore Green Acres MHP Jefferson
MO0109100 Sycamore Point Condominiums Camden
MO0131687 Sycamore Ridge Estates WWTF Taney
MO0105481 Sylvan Bay Subdivision Camden
MO0098043 Sylvan Manor - Sunset Acres Sewer District Franklin
MO0120111 Syracuse WWTF Morgan
MO0124494 T and J Investments Boone
MO0133892 Table Rock Chalets WWTF Stone
MO0100161 Table Rock Health Care Center WWTF Stone
MO0131075 Table Rock Sunset Condominiums Stone
MO0126608 Tahoe-Ozark Land Investments, LLC WWTF Camden
MO0113204 Tai Shin Foods and Frozen Industrial Co Ltd, USA Polk
MO0092070 Tall Oaks MHP Butler
MO0096644 Tamarac Estates Treatment Plant Cape Girardeau
MO0093998 TAMKO Building Products, Inc. Jasper
MO0107395 Tammy Ryan Home WWTF Polk
MO0117811 Taneycomo Highlands RV Village Taney
MO0124702 Taneyville Wastewater Treatment Plant Taney
MO0136611 Taos WWTP Cole
MO0102156 Tara Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0051608 Tarkio WWTF Atchison
MO0133434 Taylor Estates Subdivision WWTF Texas
MO0122653 TBJ Sewer System Franklin
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MO0129780 TBJ Sewer Systems, Oak Hollow WWTF Franklin
MO0129526 TBJ Sewers, Echo Valley and Bourbeuse River WWTF Franklin
MO0046736 Teamsters Local 688 Health and Medical Camp Jefferson
MO0104515 Tebo Creek Lodge Henry
MO0126608 Tejas Inc. Camden
MO0129402 Temp-Stop #103 and Pit Stop Café Pettis
MO0119300 TEPPCO, Cape Girardeau Terminal Scott
MO0091243 Teri's Country Homes #1 Dent
MO0120979 Teri's Country Homes, LLC Dent
MO0035700 Terre Du Lac - North lagoon St. Francois
MO0057312 Terre Du Lac South Lagoon St. Francois
MO0095311 Terre Dulac Oxidation Ditch St. Francois
MO0119601 Terrible's St Jo Frontier Casino Buchanan
MO0091243 Terri's Country Homes #1 Dent
MO0091243 Terri's Mobile Home Park Dent
MO0114413 Tessen Hills Apartments Jefferson
MO0133558 Tequillaville Bar and Grill Camden
MO0091570 Texaco Truck Stop Daviess
MO0023132 Thayer Municipal WWTF Oregon
MO0051217 The Baptist Home Iron
MO0124052 The Bluffs Subdivision Barry
MO0004782 The Boeing Company St. Louis
MO0134112 The Boulders Taney
MO0102466 The Breakers Condominiums Camden
MO0113689 The Charleston WWTF Camden
MO0115037 The Highlands Sewer & Water Association Inc. WWTF Taney
MO0116874 The Energy Center Jasper
MO0112933 The Estates Camden
MO0119288 The Flame Resort Camden
MO0039012 The Highlands WWTF Callaway
MO0111805 The Kiesel Company/Kiesel Marine St. Louis City
MO0129712 The Lake Subdivision WWTF Laclede
MO0127540 The Meadows Water Company Greene
MO0120367 The Peninsula Homeowners Association Stone
MO0130451 The Palms Camden
MO0118885 The Point Steakhouse Pulaski
MO0118206 The Pony Butler
MO0044121 The Procter and Gamble Paper Cape Girardeau
MO0134104 The Provence Taney
MO0131202 The Ranch Benton
MO0133604 The Reserve at Oakwood Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0137031 The Shores of TRL Stone
MO0101834 The Social Restaurant and Lounge Scotland
MO0130257 The Timbers Subdivision Stone
MO0128929 The Underground Clay
MO0098558 The Woodlands MHP Iron
MO0133281 The Woodlands Subdivision Stoddard
MO0127604 Theodosia Wastewater Treatment Plant Ozark
MO0128732 Thornfield R-1 School District WWTF Ozark
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MO0128546 Thortons Point - Lits 5 and 6 WWTF Camden
MO0124818 Three German'ss Restaurant Morgan
MO0116017 Three Rivers Estates Camden
MO0103047 Three Seasons Condominimums WWTF Camden
MO0122980 Three Sisters Farm Subdivision St. Louis
MO0113867 Tievoli Hills Resort Pike
MO0115932 Tiger Cenex Cooper
MO0103063 Timber Creek Resort Jefferson
MO0110884 Timber Creek Sewage Treatment Plant Platte
MO0127345 Timber Ridge Landfill Washington
MO0120855 Timber Ridge WWTF Morgan
MO0123099 Timber Springs Estates WWTF Clinton
MO0125393 Timberlake Estates Cooper
MO0128201 Timberlake Master Association Inc. Morgan
MO0119156 Timberline MHP Lincoln
MO0129381 Timberline Subdivision WWTF Lincoln
MO0129666 TimbeRoc Village WWTF Barry
MO0130257 Timbers Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0037079 Tiny's Smokehouse Webster
MO0094188 Tipton WWTF Moniteau
MO0136514 TNT General Contracting, Inc. Clark
MO0131776 Tom and Rachel Rose WWTF Franklin
MO0130761 Tonka Villa Estates WWTF Camden
MO0117536 Top of the Rock Golf Course WWTF Taney
MO0119903 Touch of Dutch Country Store Morgan
MO0089729 Toulon Heights Subdivision Jefferson
MO0085936 Tower MHP Callaway
MO0135399 Tower Rock Stone Co. - Ste. Genevieve Ste. Genevieve
MO0052248 Town Ranch Trailer Park Monroe
MO0090841 Town of Lake Mykee Outfall #001 WWTF Callaway
MO0136859 Town of Lake Mykee Outfall #002 WWTF Callaway
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MO0049620 Tracy WWTP Platte
MO0134091 Trager Limestone L.L.C. Daviess
MO0136166 Trailliner Corporation Greene
MO0034916 Trail of Tears State Park Cape Girardeau
MO0116629 TransMontaigne Terminaling Inc. Cape Girardeau
MO0108782 Travel Centers of America Lawrence
MO0106836 Treehouse Condominiums Stone
MO0039748 Trenton Municipal Utilities WWTP Grundy
MO0123731 Trex Mart #3 Clinton
MO0114502 Tribesman Resort WWTF Stone
MO0133566 Tribute Falls Barry
MO0004847 Trigen Kansas City Energy-Grand Avenue Station Jackson
MO0000345 Trigen - St. Louis Energy Corporation Ashley Plant St. Louis City
MO0113751 Trimble WWTF Clinton
MO0092118 Trinity MHP Ste. Genevieve
MO0132667 Trinity Pointe Camden
MO0137413 Triple P Recycling Christian
MO0091481 Triple R MHP Franklin
MO0135356 Triumph Foods, LLC Buchanan
MO0117331 Tronox Greene
MO0054623 Troy WWTP Lincoln
MO0131296 Troy Southeast WWTF Lincoln
MO0117170 Troy, Whitcomb Woods WWTF Lincoln
MO0103616 TrueCare Assisted Barry
MO0124460 Trump Ridge WWTF Clark
MO0118192 Truxton Lagoon Lincoln
MO0125776 TT Sewer Company Camden
MO0086304 Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp Maries
MO0126896 Turning Point Warren
MO0135011 Tuscan Hills Subdivision WWTF Phelps
MO0131661 Tuscan Lake/Vista Ridge Andrew
MO0131172 Tuscany Hills Subdivision Christian
MO0003263 TWA Airlines, Ground Operations Platte
MO0092011 Twin Bridges Mobile Home Village Cole
MO0110400 Twin Cities Industrial Park WWTF Texas
MO0093696 Twin Gables MHP Jefferson
MO0116238 Twin Island Resort WWTF Taney
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MO0129216 Twin Lake WWTF Mercer
MO0131334 Twin Oak WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0132021 Twin Oaks Johnson
MO0098019 Two Mile Prairie Elementary School Boone
MO0129798 Tyson Foods - Dexter Processing Plant Stoddard
MO0115061 Tyson Foods Processing Plant Pettis
MO0095290 Tyson Foods Service Center Pettis
MO0130184 Tyson Foods Inc. - Monett Barry
MO0002500 Tyson Foods Inc. - Noel WWTF McDonald
MO0107735 UMC - Columbia Power Plant Boone
MO0033952 Uncle John's Inn WWTF Stone
UI0000010 Underground Services Company Clay
MO0135003 Underhill Heights WWTF Taney
MO0115339 Unilever Ice Cream New Madrid
MO0128015 Unimin Corporation - Pevely Sand Plant Jefferson
MO0085413 Union Chapel Elementary School STP Platte
MO0121312 Union East STP Franklin
MO0127523 Union Mission Tot Lot Benton
MO0102237 Union Pacific Railroad - Poplar Bluff Yard Butler
MO0116653 Union Pacific Railroad DeSoto Car Shop Jefferson
MO0116645 Union Pacific Railroad-Neff Yard Jackson
MO0096202 Union Star Sewage Wastewater Lagoon DeKalb
MO0025283 Union West WWTP Franklin
MO0054569 Unionville North WWTF Putnam
MO0026646 Unionville South WWTF Putnam
MO0136263 United States Gypsum Comp. Clay
MO0123901 University of Missouri - Columbia KOMU-T Boone
MO0127825 University of Missouri - Rolla Power Plant Phelps
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MO0112810 Unnamed Campground WWTF Cedar
MO0095176 Urbana WWTF Dallas
MO0039764 Urich WWTF Henry
MO0117251 US Army MANSCEN and Fort Leonard Wood Pulaski
MOARAR014 US EPA, Annapolis Lead Mine Site Iron
MO0000493 US Silica Company - Pacific Plant St. Louis
MO0058068 USA, Ft. Leonard Wood WTP Pulaski
MO0029742 USA, Ft. Leonard Wood WWTP Pulaski
MO0004880 USA, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant Jackson
MO0029769 USA, North Recreation Area Lake Ozark Camden
MO0029777 USA, South Recreation Area, Lake Ozarks State Park Camden
MO0117251 USA, U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center and Pulaski
MO0101664 USA, Wappapello Missouri National Guard Training Site Butler
MO0119644 USA, Whiteman Air Force Base Johnson
MO0030091 USACE, Baxter Park WWTF Stone
MO0030287 USACE, Orleans Trail Public Use Area Cedar
MO0060089 USACE, Ruark Bluff East Public Use Area Dade
MO0029378 USAF, Whiteman Air Force Base Johnson
MO0116416 USCOE, Aunts Creek Park Stone
MO0030091 USCOE, Baxter Park  
MO0030104 USCAE, Campbell Point Park WWTF Stone
MO0097888 USCOE, Cape Fair Park Stone
MO0060101 USCOE, Cedar Ridge Public Use Area Cedar
MO0097951 USCOE, Cow Creek Park Stone
MO0030295 USCOE, Damsite Public Use Area - East Hickory
MO0059331 USCOE, Damsite Public Use Area - West Hickory
MO0127272 USCOE, Indian Creek Land Treatment System Monroe
MO0097896 USCOE, Long Creek Park Taney
MO0059382 USCOE, Mutton Creek Marina Dade
MO0060178 USCOE, Mutton Creek Public Use Area Dade
MO0130044 USCOE, Nemo Park WWTF Hickory
MO0030287 USCOE, Orleans Trail PUA Cedar
MO0099244 USCOE, Stockton Lake Powerhouse Cedar
MO0122548 USCOE, Table Rock Dam Settling Ponds Taney
MO0122459 USCOE, Truman Reservoir Benton
MO0098744 USCOE, Truman Visitor Center Benton
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MO0097969 USCOE, Viney Creek Park Barry
MO0124621 USCOE, Wappapello Lake WWTF Wayne
MO0029955 USACE, Winfield Access Area Lincoln
MOARAR015 USDOD, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant Jackson
MO0004863 USDOE, Kansas City Plant Jackson
MO0107701 USDOE, Weldon Springs Chemical Plant St. Charles
MO0003999 USDOI, Columbia Environmental Research Center Boone
MO0122220 USFWS, Squaw Creek NWR Holt
MO0125687 USNPS, Alley Spring WWTF Shannon
MO0124630 USNPS, Round Spring WWTP Shannon
MO0125679 Utica WWTF Livingston
MO0132187 Utopian Water and Sewer Treatment Assoc. Camden
MO0103837 V.I.P. Industries Cape Girardeau
MO0100749 Valle Lake Sewer District Jefferson
MO0001422 Valley Minerals, LLC St. Francois
MO0088960 Valley View MHC Cole
MO0047171 Valley View Subdivision Johnson
MO0116971 Valley Woods Subdivision Christian
MO0099490 Van Buren WWTF Carter
MO0116963 Van Loo Estates WWTF Cole
MO0128481 Van's Mill Creek WWTF Morgan
MO0118176 Vance Brothers, Inc. - Sedalia WW Lagoon Pettis
MO0026361 Vandalia WWTF Ralls
MO0122599 Vanduser WWT Lagoon Scott
MO0116963 Van Loo Estates WWTF Cole
MO0128481 Van's Mill Creek WWTP Morgan
MO0048895 Vaughn's Gaslight Village MHP Stoddard
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MO0004847 Veolia Energy Kansas City, Inc. Jackson
MO0117471 Veolia Maple Hill Landfill Macon
MO0088862 Verda Vista Apartments Jefferson
MO0126390 Verkler-Wooldridge WWTF Camden
MO0092525 Verona WWTF Lawrence
MO0094927 Versailles WWTP Morgan
MO0001422 Vessell Mineral Products St. Francois
MO0119725 VFW Post 3168 Treatment Plant Pulaski
MO0103420 Viburnum Trailer Park Lagoon Iron
MO0055751 Viburnum WW Lagoon Iron
UI0000032 Vickers (Former) Facility Jasper
MO0104558 Victory Christian Fellowship Church Inc. Jefferson
MO0055352 Vienna Lagoon Maries
MO0038237 Villa Ridge Estates Franklin
MO0108413 Village at Four Condominiums Crawford
MO0115665 Village at Indian Point, The WWTF Stone
MO0123765 Village Inn Trailer Court Washington
MO0117838 Village Marina and Yacht WWTF Miller
MO0103021 Village of Benton City Sewer System Audrain
MO0129283 Village of Boulder Creek Cape Girardeau
MO0126292 Village of Butterfield Barry
MO0133884 Village of Cedar Hill Lakes WWTF Jefferson
MO0133841 Village of Cosby WWTF Andrew
MO0136051 Village of Country Club WWTF Buchanan
MO0129828 Village of Diggins WWTF Webster
MO0126101 Village of Fountain N' Lakes WWTF Lincoln
MO0109274 Village of Freistatt WWTF Lawrence
MO0132241 Village of Indian Point - Jakes Creek Tr Stone
MO0115118 Village of Kelso WWTF Scott
MO0109479 Village of Lakeway Taney
MO0127809 Village of Leslie WWTF Franklin
MO0133086 Village of Oak Ridge WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0128635 Village of Plato WWTF Texas
MO0128937 Village of Saddlebrooke Christian
MO0124281 Village of Stella WWTF Newton
MO0123765 Village Trailer Court Washington
MO0133388 Villages at Chaumette WWTF Ste. Genevieve
MO0109142 Villages at Whiteman Johnson
MO0127191 Villas at Longcreek Taney
MO0084646 Villas of Williams Creek Jefferson
MO0130354 Vineyard Point WWTF Morgan
MO0106178 Viola MHP WWTF Barry
MO0120979 Virginia Vaughan Dent
MO0122025 Vision Condominiums Camden
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MO0127957 Vogel's Homestead Motel Laclede
MO0131792 Voss Trailer Court WWTF Osage
MO0103691 W and B of Franklin County Inc Franklin
MO0119971 W-22X Treatment Facility Miller
MO0129941 W.A. Dillon Mining - Freyer Site Rolla Phelps
MO0129968 W.A. Dillon Mining - Haven Site 2 Phelps
MO0129950 W.A. Dillon Mining - Haven Sites 1 and 3 Phelps
MO0129933 W.A. Dillon Mining - Martin Site Rolla Phelps
MO0129925 W.A. Dillon Mining - Tomnitz Site Rolla Phelps
MO0031496 W.E. Youth Center Butler
MO0090263 WPC Sewer Co., Inc. (South Walnut Hills Subdivision) Pettis
MO0120286 Wagon Wheel MHP Boone
MO0123021 Wainwright Operable Unit St. Louis
MO0112348 Walden View Condominiums Andrew
MO0119237 Walker Car Wash Jefferson
MO0084689 Walker Hill Mobile Court Jefferson
MO0103942 Walker WWTF Vernon
MO0124796 Walnut Grove Park St. Francois
MO0107174 Walnut Grove WWTF Greene
MO0110086 Warco Manufacturing Company, Inc. Warren
MO0052132 Wardell Wastewater Lagoon Pemiscot
MO0129658 Wardsville Northwest WWTF Cole
MO0098817 Warren/Lincoln #1 WWTP Warren
MO0094579 Warrensburg East WWTP Johnson
MO0055905 Warrensburg West WWTP Johnson
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MO0101095 Warrenton Copper, Inc. Warren
MO0087912 Warrenton WWTF Warren
MO0108804 Warsaw R-9 Middle and High School Benton
MO0121151 Warsaw R-9 South Elementary Benton
MO0049239 Warsaw WWTF Benton
MO0109355 Washburn WWTF Barry
MO0132519 Washington County Pwsd #4 WWTF Washington
MO0121975 Washington SLF Silt Pond Franklin
MO0025810 Washington WWTF Franklin
MO0136271 Waste Corp. of Verona Lawrence
MO0124567 Waterbrooke Estates Lincoln
MO0130702 Waterford Landing Miller
MO0111465 Waterloo Industries, Inc. Pettis
MO0128147 Waterscape Subdivision WWTF Taney
MO0108588 Watkins Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0025259 Waverly WWTP Lafayette
MO0053457 Wayland WWTF Clark
MO0094161 Waynesville WWTF Pulaski
MO0119679 Weatherstone WWTF Marion
MO0040860 Weaubleau WWTF Hickory
MO0111660 Wedding Bells Banquet Hall Franklin
MO0105970 Wedgewood Village - Plat 2 Jefferson
MO0119296 Weiss Lagoon Cape Girardeau
MO0110043 Weiss Mobile Home Community Cape Girardeau
MO0041165 Wellington WWTF Lafayette
MO0050695 Wellsville East Lagoon Montgomery
MO0041050 Wellsville SW Lagoon Montgomery
MO0120634 Wentworth WWTF Newton
MO0117498 Wentzville, Langtree Estates St. Charles
MO0093599 Wentzville Water Reclamation Center St. Charles
MO0134538 Weshanke Commercial, LLC/DBA CBP Camden
MO0103641 West Branson Bluffs Inc. WWTF Stone
MO0125890 West County Community Church St. Louis
MO0123242 West Haven Estates Morgan
MO0135411 West Lake Villas WWTF Camden
MO0117625 West Point Subdivision WWTF Henry
MO0096610 West Plains WWTF Howell
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MO0129232 West Quincy Subway Shop Marion
MO0125083 West St. Francois County R-IV High School WWTF St. Francois
MO0125369 Westboro WWTF Atchison
MO0124591 Westborough Estates Lincoln
MO0100277 Westbridge Place Subdivision Cape Girardeau
MO0119547 Western View Estates-Manufactured Housing Community Pettis
MO0045519 Westgate MHP Audrain
MO0000761 Westinghouse Electric Co. LLC Jefferson
MO0031585 Weston Lagoon Platte
MO0101338 Weston Point Resort Condominiums Camden
MO0127884 Westphalia WWTP Osage
MO0110582 Westport Apartments Lewis
MO0111902 Westview MHP Franklin
MO0102482 Westwood Beach Subdivision Camden
MO0048844 Westwood Manor Apartments Butler
MO0098990 Wheatland WWTF Hickory
MO0041041 Wheaton WWTP Barry
MO0093629 Wheel House Villas and Marina Camden
MO0097608 Wheeling WWTF Livingston
MO0129887 Whispering Cove Lots 5 and 6 WWTF Camden
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MO0120928 Whispering Oaks Estates Gasconade
MO0118991 Whispering Pine MHP Buchanan
MO0116360 Whispering Pines MHP Johnson
MO0089893 Whispering Pines MHP Washington
MO0128503 Whispering Streams Subdivision Miller
MO0111881 White Eagle Woods Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0110728 White Water Park Taney
MO0107298 Whiteman Estates Johnson
MO0085545 Whiteman MHP Johnson
MO0120511 Whiteside Hidden Acres Hickory
MO0124923 Whitetail Crossing Subdivision, Second Addition Taney
MO0136174 Whitewater and Allenville WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0111147 Wild Horse Farm STP St. Louis
MO0057215 Wildflower Community Association Inc. Putnam
MO0117072 Wildflower Subdivision Stone
MO0112585 Wildhorse Spring Farm St. Louis
MO0087955 Wildwood Hills Subdivision Warren
MO0127264 Wildwood Lake Jefferson
MO0125407 Wildwood Middle School St. Louis
MO0117455 Willard Central Elementary WWTP Greene
MO0135178 William McClaren WWTF Miller
MO0128988 Williams Gas Pipeline - South Central Cass
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MO0092801 Williamsburg Elementary School Callaway
MO0090654 Williamsville WWTF Wayne
MO0097411 Willibrand Acres WWTF Cole
MO0121240 Willow Acres Homes Association Johnson
MO0132446 Willow Brook Foods Greene
MO0131423 Willow Heights Cape Girardeau
MO0102288 Willow Springs WWTF Howell
MO0123528 Willowbrook Subdivision Butler
MO0101630 Willows on the Lake Condominiums Camden
MO0052281 Willows Utility Company, Attn. Shirley Smith Greene
MO0123617 Wilson's Resort WWTF Camden
MO0093947 Windermere Baptist Conference Center WWTF Camden
MO0081035 Windfall Estates MHP Franklin
MO0126853 Windgate on the Lake Condominiums Camden
MO0100471 Windjammer Comdominiums Camden
MO0043770 Windmill Commercial Complex Franklin
MO0120201 Windsong MHP Morgan
MO0110132 Windsor Bay Condominiums Camden
MO0116122 Windsor Estates Camden
MO0002470 Windsor Foods Jasper
MO0123552 Windsor Foods Wayne
MO0115495 Windsor Place WWTF Cooper
MO0047317 Windsor Southeast Lagoon Pettis
MO0047325 Windsor Southwest Lagoon Henry
MO0102661 Windwood Condominiums Camden
MO0101290 Winfield Mobile Manor WWTF Lincoln
MO0088676 Winfield Municipal Lagoon Lincoln
MO0100714 Winona WWTF Shannon
MO0091570 Winston Truck Stop Daviess
MO0124036 Winterwood Subdivision Jefferson
MO0098132 WireCo World Group, Sedalia Facility Pettis
MO0131679 Wishwood Resort WWTF Stone
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MO0135984 Witmore Farms WWTF Pulaski
MO0127841 Witte Brothers Truck Lines Lincoln
MO0132080 Wolf Creek Crossing Subdivision WWTF St. Francois
MO0091171 Wonderland Camp Morgan
MO0102652 Wood Crest Condominiums Camden
MO0036218 Wood Heights WWTP Ray
MO0114367 Woodcock MHP Franklin
MO0084930 Woodglen Apartments Jefferson
MO0121002 Woodland Estates Pettis
MO0137588 Woodland Hills Subdivision Pulaski
MO0127078 Woodland Hills #2 Subdivision Camden
MO0041432 Woodland R-IV School Bollinger
MO0093025 Woodland Terrace Apartments Audrain
MO0040347 Woodridge Apartments Jefferson
MO0115681 Woodridge Subdivision Camden
MO0119008 Woodridge South Subdivision WWTF Christian
MO0113140 Woods Supermarket WWTF Camden
MO0082066 Woodstock MHP Boone
MO0131164 Woolery Trailer Court Pettis
MO0103659 Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun Clay
MO0101711 Wrenwood-Robinwood Condominiums Camden
MO0023191 Wright City South WWTF Warren
MO0135909 Wright County PWSD #1 WTP Wright
MO0099007 Wyaconda WWTF Clark
MO0088536 Wyatt WWTF Mississippi
MO0135763 Wyeth Holding Corp - Former American Marion
MO0101303 Yacht Club of St. Louis St. Charles
MO0113476 YRC Inc. (T547) WWTF Greene
MO0125555 Zell Country Club Estates Ste. Genevieve
MO0108600 Zeller Marine Inc. Cooper