Water Protection Program

Final Site Specific Permits

(N - R)

All site-specific permits will be posted to this site as they are listed for final issuance.

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You can find permits issued on or after Jan. 11, 2002, on the following table listed by applicant in alphabetical order. All documents/links from this list are in PDF format.

Permit Number Applicant County
MO0130036 NABRABCO WWTF Camden
MO0114651 Nadler Bed and Breakfast St. Charles
MO0128198 Nantucket Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0136221 National Beef Leathers LLC Buchanan
MO0107981 Natchez Estates Apartments Jefferson
MO0137626 Natural Accents Landscape Distributor Newton
MO0099279 Naylor Municipal WWTP Ripley
MO0105627 Neelyville WWTF Butler
MO0122190 Neighborhood Wastewater Association Inc. Camden
MO0057070 Nell Holcomb R-IV School Cape Girardeau
MO0125750 Nelson's Music City St. Francois
MO0134961 Nemo Bridge Resort Hickory
MO0039926 Neosho, Crowder WWTF Newton
MO0135666 Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport Newton
MO0002372 Neosho National Fish Hatchery Newton
MO0104906 Neosho Shoal Creek WWTP Newton
MO0128490 NEPSD, Interim Saline Creek Reg. WWTF Jefferson
MO0092649 NEPSD, Terry Jean Acres WWTF Jefferson
MO0135844 Nestle Purina Pet Event Center Franklin
MO0101788 Nestle Purina Petcare Company, Golden Products Division Stoddard
MO0089109 Nevada WWTF Vernon
MO0087114 New Bloomfield WWTP Callaway
MO0094706 New Cambira WWTF Macon
MO0117480 New Cedar City WWTF Callaway
MO0133043 New Dawn Development Camden
MO0110817 New Florence WWTF Montgomery
MO0050296 New Franklin WWTF Howard
MO0114685 New Hampton WWTF Harrison
MO0023230 New Haven WWTF Franklin
MO0092975 New London WWTF Ralls
MO0022845 New Madrid WWTP New Madrid
MO0115363 New Salem Baptist Church Lincoln
MO0127281 New Tribes Mission-School of Intercultural Studies WWTF Camden
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MO0129976 Newark WWTF Knox
MO0021784 Newburg WWTP Phelps
MO0117871 Newton WWTF Sullivan
MO0126993 Niangua Vista Condominiums Camden
MO0095109 Niangua Wastewater Treatment Facility Webster
MO0134066 Nimmo & Linne Camden
MO0028037 Nixa WWTP Christian
MO0000698 NLC Inc. Lenco Cape Girardeau
MO0105694 Nodaway Nursing Home Nodaway
MO0054721 Noel WWTF McDonald
MO0105732 Noranda Aluminum Inc. New Madrid
MO0030791 Norborne WWTF Carroll
MO0115568 Norfolk and Western Railway Company St. Louis
MO0004910 Norfolk Southern Railway Company - North Kansas City Shops Clay
MO0131091 Normac WWTF Camden
MO0116335 North Andrew R-6 School Andrew
MO0107263 North Kansas City Sewage Treatment Sludge Clay
MO0132047 North Moore Estates Lincoln
MO0109673 North Oak Sewer District WWTF Warren
MO0103781 North Shore Condominiums Morgan
MO0128872 North Troy Business Park Lincoln
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MO0053546 North Wood R-VI School Dent
MO0107409 Northampton Bay Condominiums Miller
MO0118966 Northeast Correctional Center WWTF Pike
MO0124575 Northeast MO Grain Processors Ethanol Plant Macon
MO0083241 Northeast Vernon County R-1 Elementary School Vernon
MO0131172 Northern Christian County Regional Sewer District Christian
MO0130249 Northern Heights Estates Subdivision Pulaski
MO0115690 Northrup Grumman Greene
MO0110078 Northside Landifll Franklin
MO0081981 Northwye MHP Phelps
MO0128775 Norton Woods STP Lincoln
MO0132934 Norwalk Landing Stone
MO0122564 Norwoods Subdivision WWTF Ralls
MO0102032 Novelty Wastewater Treatment Facility Knox
MO0056987 Novinger WWTF Adair
MO0125687 NPS, Alley Springs WWTP Shannon
MO0125695 NPS, Big Spring WWTP Carter
MO0099252 NPSD, Antire Springs Plant Jefferson
MO0056979 NPSD, Archview Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0110752 NPSD, Country Club of Sugar Creek Jefferson
MO0092371 NPSD, Crystal Hills Jefferson
MO0105767 NPSD, Hunning Hills STP Jefferson
MO0128490 NPSD, Interim Saline Creek Region Wastewater Facility Jefferson
MO0113611 NPSD, Paradise Valley Jefferson
MO0090026 NPSD, Pere Cliff MHP Jefferson
MO0091014 NPSD, Randolph Hills Jefferson
MO0092649 NPSD, Terry Jean Acres WWTF Jefferson
MO0095281 NPSD, Walnut Ridge Jefferson
MO0101052 NRW Management WWTP Callaway
MO0123102 NSRC, Voltz Intermodal - Kansas City Clay
MO0129224 NuPetra LLC Lawrence
MO0137766 Nutra-Flo Nevada Plant Vernon
MO0129623 O'Fallon WTP St. Charles
MO0028720 O'Fallon WWTF St. Charles
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MO0107913 Oak Bluff Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0121134 Oak Branch Trailer Park Benton
MO0132527 Oak Brook Estates, The Taney
MO0120685 Oak Brook Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0132004 Oak Creek Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0116271 Oak Creek Parkway Subdivision Stone
MO0113263 Oak Forest Subdivision Phelps
MO0088111 Oak Grove MHP Warren
MO0127311 Oak Grove Duplexes Camden
MO0090794 Oak Grove Mobile Home Park Franklin
MO0130371 Oak Grove WWTF Jackson
MO0131288 Oak Harbour 2nd Addition Miller
MO0127795 Oak Harbour Estates WWTF Miller
MO0129861 Oak Hill Forest Subdivision WWTF Miller
MO0128163 Oak Hill Mobile Home Park WWTF Webster
MO0127701 Oak Hill WWTF Stone
MO0137499 Oak Ridge Acres Subdivision Benton
MO0133451 Oak Ridge Bay Camden
MO0107239 Oak Ridge Community Mobile Home Park WWTF Camden
MO0123340 Oak Ridge MHP St. Francois
MO0035149 Oak Ridge Trailer Court Boone
MO0049352 Oak Ridge Trailer Court Jefferson
MO0133086 Oak Ridge WWTP Cape Girardeau
MO0107336 Oak Shadows Camden
MO0125229 Oak Terrace Subdivision Miller
MO0097276 Oak Tree Apartments WWTF Pettis
MO0112968 Oak View Apartments Camden
MO0131971 Oakbrook Wastewater Treatment Plant Clay
MO0035441 Oakcrest MHP Audrain
MO0130656 Oakmont Hills WWTF Taney
MO0105546 Oakland Manor MHC Jefferson
MO0125768 Oakledge Subdivision Camden
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MO0127221 Oaks at Wildwood St. Louis
MO0126314 Oaks MHP Crawford
MO0125181 Oakview Estates Warren
MO0128724 Oakwood Estates MHP Polk
MO0131814 Oakwood Hills Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0118087 Oakwood MHP Lincoln
MO0135488 Oasis Bar and Grill Cass
MO0101796 Oasis MHP Cass
MO0130915 OCCI Inc. Callaway
MO0026387 Odessa Municipal WWTF - SE Lagoon Lafayette
MO0026395 Odessa Southwest Lagoon Lafayette
MO0026379 Odessa WWTP - NW Lagoon Lafayette
MO0127329 Odgen Aviation Fueling Company of St. Louis St. Louis
MO0120898 Odom Lagoon Warren
MO0134643 Old Homeplate WWTF Franklin
MO0120324 Old Kinderhook Country Club WWTF Camden
MO0114359 Old Monroe Wastewater Lagoon Lincoln
MO0119431 Ollies Steak House and Bar-B-Que Laclede
MO0101109 Olympian Village WWTF Jefferson
MO0135216 Omar N. Bradley Airport Randolph
MO0110825 Omnium Ag Chemical Plant Buchanan
MO0134511 Onondaga Cave State Park WWTF Crawford
MO0122572 Opal Foods LLC - Anderson McDonald
MO0122840 Opal Foods LLC - Hathaway Farms Newton
MO0126772 Open Door House of Prayer Wastewater Lagoon Iron
MO0121525 Opie's Transport Inc. Miller
MO0043532 Oran WWTF Scott
MO0109495 Orchard Farm Parc Warren
MO0098621 Orearville Saline
MO0090832 Oregon WWTF Holt
MO0120235 Oremus Ozark Ventures WWTF Taney
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MO0022918 Orrick Municipal Lagoon Ray
MO0127892 Orscheln Apartments Osage
MO0121622 Orton Lane Lagoon Randolph
MO0095044 Osage Heritage Condominiums Camden
MO0127451 Osage Highland WWTF Camden
MO0132641 Osage Highlands Estates Miller
MO0131938 Osage Villas Subd. WWTF Franklin
MO0120936 Osage Water Company - Cedar Glen Camden
MO0123170 Osage Water Company, KK Treatment Plant Camden
MO0099856 Osborn WWTP Dekalb
MO0093548 Osceola WWTF St. Clair
MO0101125 Otterville WWTF Cooper
MO0084239 Our Lady of Snows Miller
MO0053163 Our Lady Queen of Peace Church and School Jefferson
MO0117919 Our Slice of Paradise, LLC -RV & Mobile Benton
MO0116211 Overlook Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0041068 Owensville WWTF Gasconade
MO0102199 Ozark Bar-Be-Que Camden
MO0093556 Ozark Correctional Center Webster
MO0123331 Ozark Meadows II Morgan
MO0100391 Ozark Mountain Resort WWTF Stone
MO0127752 Ozark Trails RV Park Camden
MO0126900 Ozark Villa WWTF Barry
MO0112216 Ozark Village Resort WWTF Camden
MO0099163 Ozark WWTF Christian
MO0102849 Ozarks Prime Resort Taney
MO0125920 Ozora Truck and Travel Plaza Ste. Genevieve
MO0132381 P and G Development Inc. Camden
MO0041131 Pacific WWTF Franklin
MO0106992 Palace Lane Estates MHP WWTF Miller
MO0120332 Palisades Village Subdivision Jefferson
MO0118605 Palisades WWTF Camden
MO0099457 Palmyra WWTF Marion
MO0115215 Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co., Centralia Boone
MO0115207 Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, Houstonia Station Pettis
MO0090051 Paradise Estates MHP Jefferson
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MO0109657 Paradise Landing Kimberling Shores Treatment Facility Stone
MO0124176 Paradise Pointe WWTF Taney
MO0115941 Paradise Point Resort WWTF Taney
MO0125547 Paradise Point South Morgan
MO0124095 Paradise Restaurant and Ozark Bluff Subdivision Camden
MO0087297 Parc Greenwood Mobile Home Park Jefferson
MO0100234 Paris WWTF Monroe
MO0126004 Park Estates WWTF Clay
MO0103560 Park Hills, Mineral Belt Area WWTF St. Francois
MO0116491 Park Place MHP Newton
MO0116505 Park Place Neosho Newton
MO0117595 Park Place on the Lake WWTF Camden
MO0099783 Parkview Subdivision Camden
MO0113085 Parkville SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant Platte
MO0130931 Parkwood Estates Johnson
MO0055271 Parkwood Lake Estates MHP East Lagoon Cape Girardeau
MO0055026 Parkwood Lake Estates MHP West Lagoon Cape Griardeau
MO0039900 Parma WWTF New Madrid
MO0125636 Parnell Lagoons Nodaway
MO0086592 Party Accents (formerly Berger Elementary School) Franklin
MO0093882 Pass N Gas Callaway
MO0125261 Patrick's Johnson
MO0110868 Patterson Duck Club Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0100382 Pattonsburg WWTP Daviess
MO0128074 PCRSD #33, South Gale Platte
MO0119474 PCRSD, Brush Creek Facility Platte
MO0122432 PCRSD, Red Rock WWTF Platte
MO0128155 PCS Phosphate Joplin Plant Jasper
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MO0133302 PCSD #1, Taylor Hills Subdiv WWTF Pulaski
MO0119938 PCSD #1, Wyndridge Estates Pulaski
MO0109088 PCSD, Country Oaks Estates Subdivision Pulaski
MO0125211 PCWSD #2, Greenlefe Treatment Facility #4 Phelps
MO0000574 Pea Ridge Resources Washington
MO0129437 Peaceful Valley Camp Ste Genevieve
MO0041467 Peaceful Valley Lake Estates Gasconade
MO0134015 Peaceful Valley Resort and RV Park Camden
MO0124532 Peacock Properties, LLC Boone
MO0128031 Pebble Creek Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0134457 Pecan Grove RV Park Benton
MO0101397 Peck's Pike Creek Estates Butler
MO0089443 Peculiar WWTP Cass
MO0110779 Peerless Demolition Landfill St. Louis
MO0134651 Peerless Park I-44 Service Center St. Louis
MO0102911 Pelican Bay Condominiums Camden
MO0090948 Pembroke Heights Jefferson
MO0091359 Pembroke Park Apartments Jefferson
MO0123366 Pendleton MHP Callaway
MO0123366 Pendleton Mobile Home Park Callaway
MO0136093 Pendleton WWTF Warren
MO0091715 Penermon WWTF Stoddard
MO0112372 Perrine Apartments Johnson
MO0091871 Perry County Higher Education Center Perry
MO0115304 Perry County Landfill Perry
MO0111821 Perry WWTP Ralls
MO0098957 Perryville Airport WWTF (Sabreliner) Perry
MO0051144 Perryville Southeast WWTF Perry
MO0126187 Persimmon Point and Drawbridge Estates WWTF Jefferson
MO0112852 Peschang's MHP Cole
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MO0107450 Petro Stopping Center #18 Callaway
MO0116891 Pettis County R-XII School District Pettis
MO0122751 Pevely Farm Interim WWTF St. Louis
MO0126969 Pevely, Hunter's Glen Jefferson
MO0040142 Pevely WWTP Jefferson
MO0137022 Pezzetti Camden
MO0126730 Phelps Co. PWSD #2 - College Hills East Phelps
MO0126748 Phelps Co. PWSD #2 - College Hills North Phelps
MO0125059 Phelps Co. PWSD #2 - Country Club Terrace Phelps
MO0125032 Phelps Co. PWSD #2 - Forest Lake Subdiv. Phelps
MO0125482 Phelps Co. PWSD #2 - Summerfield Subdivision Phelps
MO0119121 Phelps Co. PWSD #2 - The Pines Subdivion WWTF Phelps
MO0129704 Phelps Co. PWSD #2- Twitty Industrial Park Phelps
MO0099911 Phenora Subdivision North Boone
MO0129097 Phillips Property WWTF Jefferson
MO0125237 Phillipsburg WWTF Laclede
MO0132471 Phipps Mobile Home Park WWTF Phelps
MO0119792 Piatt MHP Warren
MO0102300 Pickering Place Inc. WWTF Cass
MO0130133 Pickering WWTF Nodaway
MO0137049 Pick N Pull Greene
MO0117129 Piedmont Industrial Park Wayne
MO0047341 Piedmont WWTF Wayne
MO0099155 Pierce City WWTP Lawrence
MO0124427 Pike Creek Sewer District Butler
MO0093076 Pilot Grove East WWTF Cooper
MO0093068 Pilot Grove West WWTF Cooper
MO0116351 Pilot Travel Center #317 Newton
MO0098191 Pilot Travel Center #385 St. Clair
MO0110019 Pine Ford Village MHP Jefferson
MO0112895 Pine Valley Resort WWTF Taney
MO0127591 Pinecrest Camp Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Madison
MO0096679 Pineville WWTF McDonald
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MO0129810 Pink Hill Acres Inc. Demolition Landfill Jackson
MO0130206 Pinnacle Point at Coffman Bend WWTF Camden
MO0133825 Pinnacle Shores WWTF Stone
MO0116190 Pioneer Point WWTF Stone
MO0105562 Pioneer Trail Jefferson
MO0098647 Piramal Glass USA, Inc, Flat River Glass St. Francois
MO0107221 Pisgah Baptist Church Ray
MO0002593 Pittsburgh Corning Corporation Pettis
MO0128635 Plato R-V School District WWTF Texas
MO0132730 Plato WWTF Texas
MO0026298 Platte City WWTF Platte
MO0119148 Platte - Clay/Holmes Creek Sewer Co, LLC Clay
MO0091057 Plattin Primary School Jefferson
MO0030805 Plattsburg WWTF Clinton
MO0098124 Players Club of St. Louis St. Louis
MO0123757 Pleasant Acres Subdivision Camden
MO0058629 Pleasant Hill WWTP Cass
MO0113204 Pleasant Hope Pork, LLC Polk
MO0108308 Pleasant Hope WWTF Polk
MO0123056 Pleasant Lake Estates Cape Girardeau
MO0110680 Pleasant Oak MHP Warren
MO0131393 Pleasant View Addition Nodaway
MO0105937 Pleasant View Apartments Franklin
MO0119628 Pleasant View Home Owners Assoc. WWTF Cedar
MO0124311 Pleasant View School Greene
MO0125750 Plummer Family Theatre St. Francois
MO0130150 Pocahontas WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0119211 Poco Risco Subdivision Camden
MO0124575 POET Biorefining - Macon Macon
MO0124524 Point Charles Estates Camden
MO0124842 Point Randall Resort Camden
MO0103519 Point Subdivision Camden
MO0112445 Point Subdivision Stone
MO0133965 Pointe Seven WWTF Stone
MO0041238 Polo STP Caldwell
MO0111571 Pony Bird Inc. Jefferson
MO0043648 Poplar Bluff WWTP Butler
MO0030121 Port of Kimberling marina Complex Stone
MO0116998 Port Perry Service Company Perry
MO0125288 Port Royale Condominiums Camden
MO0133582 Port Velero Subdivision Camden
MO0107328 Portage Des Sioux WWTP St. Charles
MO0025275 Portageville WWTF New Madrid
MO0122271 Porter Mill Bend Estates Camden
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MO0087025 Potosi Elks Lodge #2218 Washington
MO0099431 Potosi WWTF #1 Washington
MO0099732 Potosi WWTF #2 Washington
MO0127566 Potosi WWTF #3 Washington
MO0123501 Powell Gardens WWTF Johnson
MO0126705 Prairie Creek WWTF Platte
MO0132781 Prairie Heights WWTF Pettis
MO0022837 Prairie Home WWTF Cooper
MO0125172 Prairie Meadow Lincoln
MO0134139 Prairie Pride Inc. Vernon
MO0122416 Prairie Valley Disposal Landfill Crawford
MO0125172 Prairie View MHP Lincoln
MO0121045 Prairie View Regional Waste Facility Barton
MO0132098 Prater - Backsen WWTF Camden
MO0101636 Preston WWTF Hickory
MO0137651 Prestressed Casting Company Christian
MO0108197 Prime Time Oasis Truck Plaza Pulaski
MO0028762 Princeton WWTF Mercer
MO0129691 Private Gardens Clay
MO0044121 Procter and Gamble Cape Girardeau
MO0136565 Proformance Powertrain Products Greene
MO0098299 Propst Trailer Court Cole
MO0118745 PSF, Badger/Wolf/Brantley Farms Mercer
MO0118079 PSF, Coffey Feedmill Daviess
MO0118079 PSF, Coffey Truckshop Daviess
MO0118486 PSF, Green Hills Finishing Site Sullivan
MO0118753 PSF, Hedgewood Finishing Site Mercer
MO0118494 PSF, Locust Ridge Finishing Site Sullivan
MO0118150 PSF, Peach - Perkins Farm Mercer
MO0118168 PSF, Somerset Farm Mercer
MO0118737 PSF, South Meadows Finishing Site Sullivan
MO0118761 PSF, Terre Haute Farm Putnam
MO0118478 PSF, Valley View Finishing Site Sullivan
MO0117421 PSF, Whitetail Finishing Site Putnam
MO0111716 Pulaski County Sewer District #1 Pulaski
MO0119938 Pulaski Co. SD #1 - Wyndridge Estates WWTF Pulaski
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MO0129755 Purcell WWTF Jasper
MO0125831 Purdin WWTF Linn
MO0043222 Purdy WWTF Barry
MO0100587 Purina Mills Research Center Franklin
MO0111511 Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC Buchanan
MO0055158 Puxico WWTF Stoddard
MO0087718 PWSD #2 Water Treatment Plant St. Charles
MO0082945 PWSD #3, Hickory Hills Subdivision-North Lagoon Johnson
MO0130630 Quaker Glass Manufacturing Maries
MO0116467 Quail Creek MHP Polk
MO0123986 Quail Meadows MHP WWTF Newton
MO0128139 Quail Run Lincoln
MO0126381 Quail Run MHP Lincoln
MO0101508 Quail Run MHP Phelps
MO0114081 Quail Valley Lake Subdivision WWTP Cole
MO0130389 Quarry WWTF Phelps
MO0093785 Queen City WWTF Schuyler
MO0094935 Qulin WWTF Butler
MO0130834 R and B Rentals Johnson
MO0121231 R and E Sanitary Facility (closed facility) St. Charles
MO0125148 R and J Properties Boone
MO0104876 R and R Market Jackson
MO0122998 Race Track Bay WWTF Camden
MO0133922 Racer Girls Butler
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MO0095397 Rackers WWTF Cole
MO0102628 Racquet Club Treatment Plant Camden
MO0111261 Radcliffe Place Subdivision St. Louis
MO0113271 Rainbow Acres Subdivision Johnson
MO0133248 Rainbow Lake Estates WWTF Franklin
MO0002259 Rainbow Trout Ranch Inc., WWTF Ozark
MO0131695 Raines MHP WWTF Newton
MO0135551 Ranae Aldein WWTF Lincoln
MO0132098 Randall and Elizabeth WWTF Camden
MO0124486 Randy's Market Boone
MO0119075 Rapco International Cape Girardeau
MO0085821 Rapid Roberts #122 Newton
MO0108405 Ravenwood Estates Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0117749 Ravenwood Subdivision Camden
MO0021458 Ravenwood Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Nodaway
MO0116386 Raspberry Hill WWTP Christian
MO0119954 Raymondville WWTP Texas
MO0120669 Razorback LLC Lawrence
MO0118249 RBC Manufacturing Corp. Benton
MO0058645 RCSD, Godfrey Gardens Jefferson
MO0106461 RCSD, Kimmswick WWTF Jefferson
MO0111899 RCSD, Suburban Auto Auction Jefferson
MO0096881 RD Sewer Company, LLC Stoddard
MO0099759 Red Barn Restaurant Cape Girardeau
MO0129585 Red Cedar Point WWTF Stone
MO0128104 Red Creek Estates WWTP, Phase 1 Callaway
MO0122378 Red Hawk Estates MHP Lincoln
MO0049590 Red Maples Mobile Home Community Callaway
MO0134571 Red Oak Estates WWTF Taney
MO0103128 Red Oak Resorts, LLC Camden
MO0115053 Redbud Apartments WWTF Taney
MO0135488 Redford Construction, Inc Cass
MO0133507 Redwood Court Association, Inc. Camden
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MO0094137 Reeds Spring WWTF Stone
MO0109916 Reel and Trigger Resort Benton
MO0126438 Reflections Condominiums Camden
MO0002101 Regal Beloit Electric Motors Inc. Greene
MO0108073 Regatta Bay Condominiums Camden
MO0136417 Rehme at the Lake Camden
MO0001341 Reichold Inc. St. Louis
MO0087360 Reiner Rentals Crawford
MO0084018 Relax Motel Butler
MO0131911 Renewable Environmental Solutions, LLC Jasper
MO0104019 Renick WWTF Randolph
MO0022098 Republic WWTP Greene
MO0129674 Revere Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Clark
MO0117013 Rhineland WWTP Montgomery
MO0092517 Rich Hill WWTF Bates
MO0023299 Richland WWTF Pulaski
MO0021822 Richmond North WWTF Ray
MO0100200 Richmond South WWTP Ray
MO0088927 Richwoods R-VII School District Washington
MO0133337 Rick Marshall WWTF Camden
MO0120073 Rickmeyer Qualified Spousal Trust Randolph
MO0098329 Ridgecrest Housing Camden
MO0134619 Ridge Creek Estates WWTF Phelps
MO0120626 Ridge Oaks Mobile Home Park WWTF Morgan
MO0132977 Ridgeview Estates Dallas
MO0107271 Ridgeway Residential Care Franklin
MO0048224 Ridgeway West Wastewater Lagoon Harrison
MO0116548 Riebold Lagoon Johnson
MO0054941 Ripley County R-III School District Ripley
MO0085618 Ripley County R-IV School Ripley
MO0025852 Risco Municipal WWTF New Madrid
MO0124117 Rising Sun Subdivision WWTF Morgan
MO0000035 River Cement Company - Selma Plant Jefferson
MO0114464 River Downs West Subdivision Christian
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MO0137359 River of Life Church Platte
MO0087513 River Valley Country Club Lewis
MO0087513 River View Gold Club Lewis
MO0125652 Rivercene Bed and Breakfast Howard
MO0123293 Riverview Gardens WWTF St. Francois
MO0113905 Riverwood II Estates Johnson
MO0124150 RK, Collision Repair Center Cass
MO0104426 Ro Anda Beach Condominiums Camden
MO0135160 Roadhouse Bar and Grill Pulaski
MO0132578 Roadrunner RV Park WWTF Howell
MO0113476 Roadway Express Inc. Greene
MO0114031 Roadway Mini-Mart Pettis
MO0125113 Robinson Trio Camden
MO0114642 Robyn Point Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0095222 Rocheport WWTF Boone
MO0032620 Rock Lane Resort Stone
MO0119172 Rock Port I-29 WWTF Atchison
MO0132497 Rockport Subdivision WWTF Lincoln
MO0046078 Rock Port WWTF Atchison
MO0108162 Rockaway Beach WWTF Taney
MO0128244 Rocket Station Marion
MO0103748 Rockville WWTP Bates
MO0110931 Rockwood Baptist Church St. Louis
MO0123960 Rockwood Creek Mobile Home Village WWTF DeKalb
MO0120375 Rockwood Harvest Assembly of God St. Louis
MO0117307 Rockwood Pigments NA Inc. St. Louis
MO0113735 Rockwood Valley Middle School St .Louis
MO0095486 Rockwood Resort Stone
MO0130851 Rocky Comfort Elementary School WWTF McDonald
MO0137294 Rocky Fork WWTP Boone
MO0132390 Rocky Mount Roadhouse Morgan
MO0113697 Rocky Ridge Mobile Home Park Phelps
MO0108383 Rocky Top MHP Stone
MO0117978 Roger Hines Duplex Development Jasper
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MO0136077 Rogers Wrecking and Salvage Laclede
MO0102679 Rogersville WWTF Webster
MO0087181 Rogue Creek Utilities Washington
MO0047031 Rolla, Vichy Road WWTP Phelps
MO0050652 Rolla Southeast WWTP Phelps
MO0047023 Rolla SW WWTP Phelps
MO0127582 Rolling Drive Subdivision WWTF Morgan
MO0125202 Rolling Hills Subdivision Johnson
MO0108685 Rolling Meadows MHP Taney
MO0118656 Rosecrans Memorial Airport Buchanan
MO0091367 Rosebud North Lagoon Gasconade
MO0091375 Rosebud South Lagoon Gasconade
MO0055344 Ross Elementary School Pemiscot
MO0118346 Rotary Youth Camp Jackson
MO0127990 Route 66 Inn Crawford
MO0135402 Route 66 St. Clair Motel WWTF Franklin
MO0114723 Roxborough on the Lake WWTF Stone
MO0119903 Roxie's Country Buffet Morgan
MO0087211 Roy - L Utilities Inc. Montgomery
MO0134481 Royale Estates Owners Association Stone
MO0131415 Royal Oak Enterprises Inc. Howell
MO0049484 Royal Oaks MHC Cole
MO0130460 Royale Palms Camden
MO0118451 Ruckman Farm Gentry
MO0123625 Runaway II Resort Camden
MO0115908 Russell MHC Lincoln
MO0106348 Russellville Wastewater Lagoon Cole
MO0104876 Russo's Pizza Jackson
MO0108154 Rustic Acres Resort WWTF Taney
MO0101311 Rustic Haven Steakhouse and Saloon Crawford
MO0093424 Rustic Oaks Subidvision WWTF Cole
MO0136361 Ruth Mercer Elementary School Benton
MO0121096 Ryan's Lake Subdivision Callaway
MO0119741 Rye Creek Landfill Adair