Standard Sewer Specifications and Details

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has reviewed the following standard sewer specifications and details.  This review and approval process was requested by stakeholders in order to improve efficiencies in review times of sewer extensions.

Whenever an applicant applies for a sewer extension within the municipal boundaries of those with approved standard specifications and details, a copy of the specifications is not required for a complete application.  If an approved municipality updates its standard specifications and details, it must submit a revised copy for review and approval by the department.

This approval is invalid for projects required to comply with the requirements contained in 10 CSR 20-4, “Grants and Loans.”

If your municipality wishes to take advantage of this service please contact the department.

Approved Municipalities

City of Branson West

City of Cape Girardeau

City of Carl Junction

City of Carthage

City of Liberty

City of Nixa

City of Ozark

City of Republic

City of Wentzville

Public Water Supply District No. 2 of St. Charles County

Municipalities Under Review

Rock Creek Public Sewer District

Additional Information