Permit Public Notice

Application for Missouri State Operating Permits

In accordance with the state Clean Water Law, Chapter 644, RSMo, Clean Water Commission regulation 10 CSR 20-6.010, and the federal Clean Water Act, the applicants listed herein have applied for authorization to either discharge to waters of the state or to operate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility. The proposed permits for these operations are consistent with applicable water quality standards, effluent standards and/or treatment requirements or suitable timetables to meet these requirements (see 10 CSR 20-7.015 and 7.031). All permits will be issued for a period of five years, unless noted otherwise in the Public Notice for that discharge.

On the basis of preliminary staff review and the application of applicable standards and regulations, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, as administrative agent for the Missouri Clean Water Commission, proposes to issue a permit(s) subject to certain effluent limitations, schedules and special conditions. The proposed determinations are tentative pending public comment.

Persons wishing to comment on the proposed permit conditions are invited to submit them in writing to the appropriate regional office of the Department of Natural Resources. The applicable contact name and mailing address can be found on the cover page of each draft permit enclosed. Please include the permit number in all comment letters. Also, copies of all draft permits and other relevant information are available for inspection and copying at the respective regional office.

Comments should be confined to the issues relating to the proposed action and permit(s) and the effect on water quality. The DNR may not consider as relevant comments or objections to a permit based on issues outside the authority of the Clean Water Commission, (see Curdt v. Mo. Clean Water Commission, 586 S.W.2d 58 Mo. App. 1979).

All comment deadlines are stated in the individual draft documents. The department will consider all comments, including emails, faxes and letters, received before making a final determination on the application. If the department receives a large number of public comments on an application, the department may hold a public meeting or hearing. The Department will hold the meeting or hearing to receive additional public comments on the proposed permit or determination. Public hearings or issuance of the permit will be conducted or processed according to 10 CSR 20-6.020.

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Permit Number Applicant County Public Notice
Start Date (YR/MO/DAY)
Public Notice
End Date (YR/MO/DAY)
MO0001082 Ameren Missouri Taum Sauk Energy Center Reynolds 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0093165 Atlanta WWTF Macon 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0136379 Bass Pro Shops Fabrication Shop Christian 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0128619 Cornett Cove WWTP Camden 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0094943 Crocker WWTP Pulaski 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0137821 Detroit Tool Metal Products Laclede 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0086592 Flying M Ranch INC. Franklin 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0000311 Former MCW Pike 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0122726 Fort Osage Park WWTF Jackson 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0107182 Galena WWTF Stone 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0106810 Holts Summit WWTP No. 1 Callaway 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0039675 Houston WWTF Texas 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0097527 Jacksonville WWTF Randolph 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0000931 Kingsford Manufacturing Company Maries 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0050610 Mansfield WWTF Wright 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0039012 MAWC, The Highlands WWTF Callaway 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0113964 Mid-American Coaches, Inc. Franklin 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0106577 Sennawood Village WWTP Jefferson 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0112950 Specialty Granules Iron 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0106658 Springfield Sanitary Landfill Greene 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0093564 St. James WWTF Phelps 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0044121 The Procter and Gamble Paper Cape Girardeau 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0130184 Tyson Poultry, Inc. - Monett Barry 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0100749 Valle Lake Sewer District WWTP Jefferson 2017/05/26 2017/06/26
MO0004821 Ameren Missouri - Osage Energy Center Miller 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0119300 Cape Girardeau Terminal Scott 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0130524 Dogwood Animal Shelter WWTF Camden 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0133175 Eagles Point Subdivision WWTF Stone 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0002411 Eaton Hydraulic Jasper 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0132853 Estates at Deer Hollow St. Louis 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0029742 Fort Leonard Wood WWTF Pulaski 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0027570 Gainesville WWTF Ozark 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0129534 Heartland Presbyterian Center Platte 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0130958 Indian Spring Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0107026 Lincoln County Egg Farm Lincoln 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0106852 Mississippi Lime Company Ste. Genevieve 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0127892 Orscheln's High Pointe Apartments WWTF Osage 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0132781 Prairie Heights WWTP Pettis 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0111716 Pulaski County Sewer District #1, Weeks Hollow WWTF Pulaski 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0098329 Ridgecrest Housing WWTF Camden 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0138371 Rock Hill Quarries Company Demo Landfill St. Louis 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0131075 Table Rock Sunset Condominiums WWTF Stone 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0117251 U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Leonard Wood Pulaski 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0097896 USACE, Big Cedar Lodge - Long Creek Camp Taney 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0100749 Valle Lake Sewer District WWTP Jefferson 2017/05/19 2017/06/19
MO0090531 Baisch Nursing Center Jefferson 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0086576 Bel Air Estates MHP Subdivision Jefferson 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0109398 Big Shot Family Attraction Park Camden 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0128619 Cornett Cove Camden 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0119181 Dawt Mill WWTF Ozark 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0132454 Eagle Crest Camden 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0130508 Green Acres Mobile Home Park Camden 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0129518 Holcim Ste. Genevieve Plant Ste. Genevieve 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0118877 Johnson County Egg Farm, LLC Johnson 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0129984 Lazy Acres Subdivision WWTP Pike 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0033286 Maryville WWTF Nodaway 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0053546 Northwood R-IV School Dent 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0105937 Pleasant View Apartments Franklin 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0087301 Sandia Heights Mobile Home Subdivision Jefferson 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0106577 Sennawood Village Jefferson 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0118478 Smithfield Hog Production, Valley View Farm Sullivan 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0132021 Twin Oaks Estates RSF Johnson 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MOG823000 Land Application of Domestic Wastewater Various 2017/05/12 2017/06/12
MO0021466 Albany WWTF Gentry 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0112411 Bent Tree Harbor Subdivision Benton 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0130656 Branson Cedar Resort WWTF Taney 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0028061 Braymer WWTF Caldwell 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0025305 Chaffee WWTF Scott 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0126667 Climax Springs R-4 School Camden 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0138436 Cross Trails Court WWTF Ste. Genevieve 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0099945 Holts Summit Acres Apartments Callaway 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0131695 IRIS Road LLC WWTF Newton 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0132403 LCPWSD #3 Cornerstone Estates WWTF Laclede 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0093548 Osceola WWTF St. Clair 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0026336 Savannah WWTF Andrew 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0105597 Secluded Forest Subdivision WWTF Jefferson 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0105970 Wedgewood Village-Plat Two WWTF Jefferson 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MO0097411 Willibrand Acres Cole 2017/05/05 2017/06/05
MOG491354 Hutchens Construction Seligman Facility Barry 2017/05/05 2017/06/04
MO0126349 Advance WWTF Stoddard 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0124770 BNSF - West Quincy Yard Marion 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0103390 Cairo WWTF Randolph 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0138631 CGCRCSD, Fruitland WWTF Cape Girardeau 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0117862 Coffey WWTF Daviess 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0112640 Columbia Landfill and Yard Waste Compost Boone 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0048771 Conception Abbey Lagoon Nodaway 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0109193 Country Aire MHP WWTF Texas 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0131717 Haley's Way WWTF Morgan 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0088072 Hillcrest Manor WWTF Cape Girardeau 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0127655 Hillsboro Jamestown MHP WWTF Jefferson 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0127370 Kingdom City WWTF Callaway 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0023221 Macon WWTP Macon 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0106861 Mt. Vernon Terminal Lawrence 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0113743 RSD, LaSalle Springs Middle School WWTF St. Louis 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0113735 RSD, Rockwood Valley Middle School WWTF St. Louis 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0125407 RSD, Wildwood Middle School WWTF St. Louis 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0103942 Walker WWTF Vernon 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0045403 Westfield Nursing Center New Madrid 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0093025 Woodland Terrace Apartments Audrain 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MOR203495 CMC Rebar Polo Caldwell 2017/04/28 2017/05/30
MO0002348 Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC Jasper 2017/04/07 2017/07/07