Permit Public Notice

Application for Missouri State Operating Permits

In accordance with the state Clean Water Law, Chapter 644, RSMo, Clean Water Commission regulation 10 CSR 20-6.010, and the federal Clean Water Act, the applicants listed herein have applied for authorization to either discharge to waters of the state or to operate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility. The proposed permits for these operations are consistent with applicable water quality standards, effluent standards and/or treatment requirements or suitable timetables to meet these requirements (see 10 CSR 20-7.015 and 7.031). All permits will be issued for a period of five years, unless noted otherwise in the Public Notice for that discharge.

On the basis of preliminary staff review and the application of applicable standards and regulations, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, as administrative agent for the Missouri Clean Water Commission, proposes to issue a permit(s) subject to certain effluent limitations, schedules and special conditions. The proposed determinations are tentative pending public comment.

Persons wishing to comment on the proposed permit conditions are invited to submit them in writing to the appropriate regional office of the Department of Natural Resources. The applicable contact name and mailing address can be found on the cover page of each draft permit enclosed. Please include the permit number in all comment letters. Also, copies of all draft permits and other relevant information are available for inspection and copying at the respective regional office.

Comments should be confined to the issues relating to the proposed action and permit(s) and the effect on water quality. The DNR may not consider as relevant comments or objections to a permit based on issues outside the authority of the Clean Water Commission, (see Curdt v. Mo. Clean Water Commission, 586 S.W.2d 58 Mo. App. 1979).

All comment deadlines are stated in the individual draft documents. The department will consider all comments, including emails, faxes and letters, received before making a final determination on the application. If the department receives a large number of public comments on an application, the department may hold a public meeting or hearing. The Department will hold the meeting or hearing to receive additional public comments on the proposed permit or determination. Public hearings or issuance of the permit will be conducted or processed according to 10 CSR 20-6.020.

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Permit Number Applicant County Public Notice
Start Date (YR/MO/DAY)
Public Notice
End Date (YR/MO/DAY)
MO0048097 Alma Sewage Treatment Lagoon Lafayette 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0125580 Ballantrae Estates Stone 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0111759 Cedar Grove Village Warren 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0084581 Clet's Trailer Court Butler 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0129631 Faith Family Fellowship Howard 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0086274 Lakeside Manor WWTF Jefferson 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0127124 Montgomery City Clear Creek WWTP Montgomery 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0025275 Portageville WWTF New Madrid 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0049590 Red Maples MH Community Callaway 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0130745 Shepard WWTF Butler 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MO0127809 Village of Leslie WWTF Franklin 2016/12/02 2017/01/03
MOG49T06 Base Rock Materials, Inc. Ste. Genevieve 2016/12/02 2017/01/01
MO0125130 6100 Building St. Francois 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0128422 Barbour Concrete Company Jackson 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0116611 Bloomsdale Elementary School WWTF Ste. Genevieve 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0131130 Eagle Bay Residential Development Morgan 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0137171 Horseshoe Bend No. 7 WWTF Camden 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0057363 Little City MHP Boone 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0096831 Monsees Lake Estates HOA WWTF Pettis 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0119938 PCSD #1-Wyndridge Estates WWTP Pulaski 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0003140 Polynt Composites USA, Inc. Clay 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0088927 Richwoods R-VII School District Washington 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0098132 WireCo WorldGroup - Sedalia Pettis 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MOG940000 Fuel Spill Cleanup Various 2016/11/23 2016/12/23
MO0118788 Arrow Ridge Subdivision WWTF Camden 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0123790 Centropolis Landfill Jackson 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0103454 Copper Ridge Condominiums Camden 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0023213 Dexter East WWTF Stoddard 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0128953 Fairground Apartments WWTP Osage 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0135593 Fastlane Taylor WWTP Marion 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0050199 Horse Shoe Bend MHP Franklin 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0114812 Kansas City International Airport Platte 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0129127 Klondike Park WWTP St. Charles 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0113794 Lake Hills RV MHP Benton 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0127906 Laurie WWTF Morgan 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0115053 Redbud Apartments Taney 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0130851 Rocky Comfort Elementary McDonald 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0115665 Village at Indian Point WWTF Stone 2016/11/18 2016/12/19
MO0123552 Ajinomoto Windsor Foods WWTP Wayne 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0125989 BoonDocks Lawrence 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0123641 Branson Mountain Village Stone 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0136034 Columbia WTP Boone 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0138380 Crown Pointe WWTF Camden 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0111139 Double M Mobile Coach Ranch Benton 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0130923 Les Bourgeois Winery Boone 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0050296 New Franklin WWTF Howard 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0094935 Qulin WWTF Butler 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0025313 Salisbury WWTF Chariton 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0138461 Trouw Nutrition USA LLC Premix Plant Newton 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0003999 USDOI, Columbia Env. Research Center Boone 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0048895 Vaughn's Gaslight Village Stoddard 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0052132 Wardell WWTF Pemiscot 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0040347 Woodridge Apartments Jefferson 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MOG670000 Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines & Storage Tanks Various 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MOG251000 Non-Recirculating Heat Pumps Various 2016/11/10 2016/12/12
MO0002828 Dairy Farmers of American, Inc. Cabool Texas 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0085472 DCSD Treatment Plant 1 St. Charles 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0021750 East Prairie WWTF Mississippi 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0028584 Emma South WWTF Saline 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0102245 Ginger Cove Subdivision Camden 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0055123 Hornersville Municipal Lagoon Dunklin 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0118761 MBM, Terre Haute Farm Putnam 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0118737 MBM, South Meadows Farm Sullivan 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0041114 Meadville WWTF Linn 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0131067 Murphy Family Ventures, Bellamy Pyramid Vernon 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0131059 Murphy Family Ventures, Dover Pyramid Vernon 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0131041 Murphy Family Ventures, Doylesport Pyramid Barton 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0131032 Murphy Family Ventures, Ozark-Osage Pyramid Vernon 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0099457 Palymra WWTP Marion 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0138401 Pilot Flying J Number 768 Jackson 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0108308 Pleasant Hope WWTF Polk 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0102628 Racquet Club Treatment Plant Camden 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0138371 Rock Hill Quarries Company St. Louis 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0136077 Rogers Wrecking and Salvage Laclede 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0118745 Smithfield Hog Production, Badger/Wolf Mercer 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0118494 Smithfield Hog Production, Locust Ridge Sullivan 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0118168 Smithfield Hog Production, Somerset Farm Mercer 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0105325 Summer Haven Condominiums Miller 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0100471 Windjammer Condominiums Camden 2016/11/04 2016/12/05
MO0098132 WireCo World Group-Sedalia Pettis 2016/11/04 2016/12/05